Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Sex Tape

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The ceremony began at seven in the evening.

Mu Xiaoya was still hyped walking on the carpet. She whispered to the man standing beside her, “Yanhuai, the audience cheered the loudest when I showed up.”

“That’s right, my super star.” Mu Yanhuai smiled. He looked around and said, “So strange. Where’s Ye Shengge? She hasn’t been picking up her phone.”

Mu Xiaoya looked a bit disdainful after hearing that what he said, “Could you not mention her name, Yanhuai?”

“She went to ask whether the judges chose you or not.” Mu Yanhuai frowned.

“Who else are they going to choose?” Mu Xiaoya sneered. “I really don’t think she’s that big of a deal. I could’ve become famous even without her.”

Mu Yanhuai smiled and looked to the stage.

Time passed until finally it was the time to reveal who the best lead actress was.

The selected videos of the candidates were shown on the screen, but it blinked twice when it came to the final candidate, Mu Xiaoya.

And then, Mu Xiaoya’s blushing face showed up on the screen.

Everyone was shocked, and the hall sank into silence. Some people even started to wonder when Mu Xiaoya had starred in such a sexual show as she always played innocent roles.

Even Mu Xiaoya didn’t realize what had happened at first. She was surprised to see her face on the screen. Although that video was soundless, her face had already manifested everything that she was doing.

And then, the man at her side also showed up on the screen. Only his profile was shown, yet Mu Yanhuai immediately recognized that face.

It was… himself!

“Turn it off!” Mu Yanhuai stood up abruptly and shouted, “Turn it off now!”

Mu Xiaoya also realized what had happened, and her face turned pale.

All the celebrities, journalists and audience also realized what was happening on the screen, and countless people took out their phones or cameras to capture them.

It was a sex tape!

It was Mu Xiaoya’s sex tape, the sex of tape of the rising star and the candidate for the best actress!

As for the guy in the video, nobody had known who he was, but when they saw Mu Yanhuai yell in a heart-wrenching way, they all realized that the man in the video could be the ‘sibling’ of Mu Xiaoya, Mu Yanhuai!



The video was on for more than ten seconds as Mu Yanhuai rushed backstage to find out what was going on with the system.

Ye Shengge sat in the audience and chuckled seeing Mu Yanhuai lose his mind.

It was too easy for her to switch the video of Mu Yanhuai using the network.

However, it was only the start.

Ye Shengge had left with a pack of beers and gone to the river shore while the hall was in chaos.

She had a very high tolerance for alcohol, however, she had gotten tipsy after drinking only a little bit.

She took out her phone, and it was a bomb on Weibo. The sex tape of Mu Xiaoya was reposted tens of thousands of time within a few minutes by countless accounts. Everything went viral quickly in the internet era.

She felt great having her revenge, but her heart still ached as she was thinking about the emotions and energy she had wasted.

She thought that Mu Yanhuai would give her a home, but she was wrong. In the end, she was still all alone.

Because of the birthmark on her face, she could never realize her dream, and there was no way she could find another Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya.

Ye Shengge turned off her phone, forcing a smile.

She didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially Mu Yanhuai.

Which meant she couldn’t go back to her apartment tonight.

She then decided to take a taxi to an intercontinental hotel.

She couldn’t even walk straight as she was walking into the elevator.

The alcohol hit her very fast on that night.

Ye Shengge pressed the button for her floor, closed her eyes and rubbed her temple.

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