Lady Cultivator

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Three Years

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On a moonlit night, Mo Tiange was sweating profusely after she finally finished her cultivation for the day.

Although she was covered in sweat, she was actually exhilarated. She had smoothly broken through and reached the second layer of the Aura Refining realm! Now she could cast a few simple spells!

The Art of Sunu was a cultivation technique – there weren’t any fighting techniques described. However, in the latter portion of the cultivation technique, a few spells had been added. They might’ve been added by the Ancestor when she passed the cultivation technique to Mo Tiange.

The cultivation level required to cast each spell had also been included. Among all these spells, a single spell could be cast in the second layer of the Aura Refining realm. The spell was called “Wind’s Breath.”

Wind’s Breath was a wind spell formed by waves of spiritual aura. Once she was proficient in using it, she would be able to use it as she wished. Even if she wanted to attack her enemies, her attacks would be invisible.

Mo Tiange wasn’t actually interested in attacking people. However, the Ancestor warned her that the cultivation world was perilous. Even if she didn’t have any intentions of injuring people, she still had to always be on guard. Since she wanted to go looking for her father, she definitely had to go to the cultivation world and ask other cultivators. Learning a few spells to defend herself was absolutely necessary.

But she just made a breakthrough and could sense that there was no spiritual aura left in her body, so practicing the spells right now would probably be useless. Thus, after thinking for a bit, Mo Tiange went to fetch some water from the kitchen, intending to wash her body and rest for a while.

She rarely slept in the past few years. She usually only felt quite exhausted after five or six days of cultivation. Since she couldn’t cultivate in the daytime, she made every second count at night. She would try to hold off on sleeping as long as she could.

However, she also understood that haste made waste, such as now. Since the present situation wasn’t suitable for cultivating, she would properly nourish her spirit first.

It was already dawn when she woke up.

Mo Tiange got out of bed. Her body felt very light.

After folding her quilt, she went to wash her face. When she was done, she came back to the room and looked into a little mirror to comb her hair. First, she divided her hair into two parts, left and right. Each part was then combed into a bun, forming two buns on her head. She was no longer the little girl from three years ago who couldn’t even braid her own hair. The present Mo Tiange could tidily comb her hair into buns. Now, she could take care of herself properly, just as her mother did for her when she was alive.

Having finished making herself presentable, she walked out of her room and walked towards Tianqiao’s room.

Because she no longer had to help Aunt Lin, she could wake up a bit later than she used to. She usually went to Tianqiao’s place and ate breakfast with her.

She didn’t need to lock that small room of hers. After all, there wasn’t anything valuable inside. The land deed left by her mother was in her uncle’s hands; the jewelry and other things were in her grandmother’s hands. She only had about a hundred copper coins in her possession that was the money she saved – the money her aunt occasionally gave her to buy snacks.

As for the cultivation technique, it was etched in her mind. The pearl bracelet she always wore was on her wrist. There was only some used furniture and bedding that couldn’t really be considered valuables. What she considered important were only some brushes, inks, papers and books. Since Aunt Lin and the other servants were illiterate, they wouldn’t even spare a glance at these things.

Tianqiao’s room was in the second courtyard. Needless to say, it was far bigger than hers.

Once she arrived, she saw Tianqiao’s little maid walking out of her room, carrying a basin in her hands. The maid bowed towards her and went on with her work.

This little maid was purchased by her aunt. In fact, their family was only a family of local landlords. Although they did have several servants, they didn’t buy maids to serve them in their daily lives like the families of real rich landlords did. However, her aunt had high expectations and raised Tianqiao like she was the young lady of an influential family. Therefore, once Tianqiao was all grown up, her aunt bought a little maid to be her personal assistant.

Tianqiao was already awake and picking out her clothes when Tiange entered her room. Tianqiao beckoned her over when she saw her and said, “Tiange, come and help me. Take a look – which one should I wear?”

Mo Tiange walked towards her and saw a pile of clothes on her bed. Tianqiao muttered, “Actually, I think all of them are good. But if Mother doesn’t like the one I choose, she’ll tell me to go back and change it!”

Mo Tiange smiled when she heard her words. From the pile of clothes, she picked up a sky blue dress and said, “This one.”

Mo Tianqiao took the dress and beamed. “Your taste is never wrong.”

Seeing the dresser full of clothes, Mo Tiange shook her head. Her aunt was wholeheartedly raising Tianqiao to be a young lady from a prominent, wealthy family. Unfortunately, Tianqiao had a vivacious personality. Tianqiao would be happier if she could live freely like her. But Tiange couldn’t be the one to say this. If she did, people would only think she was envious of Tianqiao.

In the blink of an eye, Tianqiao had already changed her clothes and was smiling at her. She said, “Does it look good?”

Mo Tiange nodded with a smile. The Mo family was famous for giving birth to beauties. Tianqiao was also very pretty. She was only eleven years old, yet her beauty had blossomed. It was no wonder her mother tried to educate her wholeheartedly.

Once Mo Tianqiao properly groomed herself and the two of them started heading towards the dining room, breakfast had already been prepared.

“Grandfather, Grandmother.” The two of them greeted the Old Patriarch and Madam Zheng.

Madam Zheng unconsciously frowned when she saw Tiange standing beside Tianqiao.

Madam Zheng had never concealed her dislike towards this granddaughter who didn’t have any blood ties with her. But after three years, her contempt hadn’t turned Tiange into a timid person. On the contrary, as she grew up, Tiange developed a tolerant and calm personality. She was no longer the girl who was afraid of what people thought like she used to be when she first arrived.

Every time Madam Zheng saw Tiange standing with Tianqiao, she was unhappy because although Tiange’s clothes were far worse than Tianqiao’s, people’s gazes always fell on Tiange first.

However, she wouldn’t show her displeasure in front of the Old Patriarch. Hence, she only nodded indifferently.

“Father, Mother.”

“Uncle, Aunt.”

After they greeted everyone, the two of them finally sat in their seats.

Mo Tianjun was already sitting in his seat. After three years, he was a lot taller and no longer the naughty kid he was years ago. Probably because the two younger sisters stopped going to school, he finally realized they were different from him and he was now more caring towards them. Not only did he stop bullying Mo Tiange, but every time he gave Tianqiao something, he remembered Tiange as well.

“Father, there’s a fair in town. Can I go?” Mo Tianjun asked his father as he added another sentence: “I want to go in the afternoon. I can go to school in the morning.”

The Eldest Young Master of the Mo family shifted his gaze towards the Old Patriarch. Seeing that the Old Patriarch seemed to have no objection, he said, “You can go only after you finish your homework.”

Since he gained permission, Mo Tianjun joyously clapped his hands and said, “I know. I won’t forget my homework.” He then stared anxiously at his mother and said, “Mother, give me some money so I can buy something at the fair, alright?”

The Eldest Young Madam didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with children asking for some money to amuse themselves. Thus, she said, “I’ll give some to you later, but you aren’t allowed to buy random things.”

Mo Tianjun nodded his head repeatedly.

Upon seeing this, Mo Tianqiao hastily said, “Brother, take me with you, alright? It’s been a long time since I left the house.”

Although Mo Tianjun actually wanted to agree to her request, he didn’t dare to. He stared at his parents. As expected, his mother said, “You should stay in the house and focus on studying needlework. What would a girl do at the fair? There will be a lot of people there; the place will be very crowded.”

Mo Tianqiao pouted and said, “Half a day won’t disturb my studies. I’ve been stuck in the house for a while; it’s extremely boring!”

What she said was in fact quite right. Thus the Eldest Young Master pondered it and said, “Let Tianqiao go. Tiange and Xiaoshan can go with her. Tianjun will look after them – it should be alright.”

Mo Tianqiao was exhilarated. She repeatedly said, “Thank you, Father, you’re the best!”

Mo Tiange sighed inwardly. Actually, she didn’t want to go. Unfortunately, her job was to accompany the crown princess.

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