Lady Cultivator

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Pearl Bracelet’s Secret

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For the next few days, Mo Tiange kept cultivating while trying to find out the secret of this pearl bracelet on her wrist.

This pearl bracelet didn’t look expensive, so no one ever questioned her about wearing it. For those who knew, they understood it was something her mother left behind for her. Those who didn’t know also didn’t think it was strange for her to wear it. In other people’s eyes, this pearl bracelet was nothing but an ordinary pearl bracelet.

Remembering what happened that day, Mo Tiange thought the incident might’ve occurred because of her tears. Hence, she rubbed her eyes hard until several tears fell on the pearls. However, the bracelet didn’t have any reaction at all. This really confused her. Except for crying, she didn’t do anything else unusual that day.

She sat and stared blankly at the pearl bracelet in her hands. It was still as pure as before.

It felt very cool in her hands. The feeling was somewhat the same as the feeling she had when the spiritual aura first entered her body. It was also very hard. No matter what tool she used to smash it, she couldn’t cause even the slightest crack in it.

Since she couldn’t figure out the secret behind the bracelet, she could only sit cross-legged and close her eyes to continue cultivating again.

There was already some spiritual aura in her body. She followed the instructions of the cultivation technique and slowly tried to control the spiritual aura.

Her first attempt wasn’t very successful. The spiritual aura wandered around her meridians and dantian, completely uncontrollable. She could only guide the spiritual aura to move along the orbit until she got the hang of it then she continued to try to control the spiritual aura.

Because she already had spiritual aura inside her body, she could now feel the spiritual aura surrounding her. However, it was very thin and could barely be perceived. As a result, her cultivation was still as futile as before. She couldn’t manage to absorb even the slightest thread of spiritual aura.

Upon realizing this, Mo Tiange stopped cultivating.

Since her cultivation attempts didn’t achieve anything, she wanted to find out the secret of this bracelet first.

She believed it was a magic weapon left by her father. It definitely wasn’t an ordinary object; she just didn’t know how to use it.

All of a sudden, she got a spark of enlightenment. Since it’s a magic weapon, I just need to use spiritual aura to test it!

With this in mind, Mo Tiange resumed her cultivation. This time, she slowly moved the spiritual aura out. A lot of energy was needed to move the spiritual aura inside her body.

By the time Mo Tiange moved the spiritual aura just a bit, she was already drenched in sweat, but she didn’t have any intention of resting. She gathered the spiritual aura, moved it through her meridians, and expelled it from her body.

The moment the spiritual aura touched the pearl bracelet, Mo Tiange was instantly filled with horror.

The spiritual aura suddenly went out of control.

Right after the spiritual aura touched the pearl bracelet, it flowed madly into the pearls, completely out of her control. All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her dantian. The small bit of spiritual aura she managed to gather was actually being absorbed completely by those pearls!

Mo Tiange went pale with fright. She didn’t have the time to think; the pain was so severe that she fainted.

However, she fainted only for a short time.

When she woke up, the sky was still dark and the faint moonlight was still shining through the window.

Thinking about her spiritual aura, she sat up and hastily meditated.

This time, she found that there weren’t any problems with the spiritual aura in her dantian. In fact, the spiritual aura seemed to have increased slightly.

She was somewhat startled. However, the more she thought about it, the happier she became. Do the pearls have to be activated by spiritual aura? But that day, I didn’t do anything – why did the bracelet emit spiritual aura?

She became even more confused as she thought about it. Then she incidentally noticed that the pearl bracelet was emitting a bright luster under the moonlight. An idea came to her, prompting her to move the bracelet around under the moonlight. As she expected, the pearls brightened when moonlight shone on them and they were dim without the moonlight.

That night, did the spiritual aura appear because of moonlight?

Since she already had this idea, testing it would be easy.

After experimenting for several days, she found that the pearls were covered with a hazy luster under the moonlight. When she took a closer look, she found that they seemed to have a layer of white aura.

After a while, the pearls would become dim again. At this time, if she held the bracelet in her hand, spiritual aura would ooze from it and enter her body. It was as if those pearls were absorbing the moonlight, transforming it into spiritual aura and transferring the spiritual aura to her.

She then tried it without the moonlight. Very cautiously, she expelled a very small amount of spiritual aura from her body. In just a short while, those pearls indeed returned the spiritual aura to her body slowly. Moreover, there was a slight increase in the spiritual aura when it was returned to her. Having managed to verify the purpose of the pearls, Mo Tiange was extremely happy.

This pearl bracelet could absorb spiritual aura. Now she didn’t have to worry about spiritual aura – she could use this bracelet to cultivate!

Now that Mo Tiange understood the purpose of this bracelet, her cultivation progressed rapidly. In addition to having an outstanding cultivation technique and a source of spiritual aura, she also cultivated diligently every day. Thus, the spiritual aura inside her body accumulated with the passage of time.

There were three people who realized a change in Mo Tiange. The first one was Aunt Lin since she helped Aunt Lin every day. Now, Mo Tiange was increasingly relaxed and nimble. The second one was Tianqiao. Originally, she was a head shorter than Tianqiao. She was also far thinner and weaker. However, she gradually grew taller to the point where she was as tall as Tianqiao. The last one was the Old Master. Sometimes, if there were parts in the cultivation technique that she didn’t understand, she would ask him and he would explain each word to her. However, he never once asked her where she encountered these words. Sometimes, there seemed to be a lot of hidden feelings in his gazes at her. Sometimes, he seemed relieved. Sometimes, he seemed to be secretly sighing.

As Mo Tiange passed her time like that, she gradually stopped missing her mother or thinking about her present situation. Every day, she only studied, worked and cultivated.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Mo Tiange had grown up fast in these past three years. Now, she was slightly taller than Tianqiao. Her body was no longer fragile. Her face was fair and bright.

She was originally a pretty child. Her sickly and depressed appearance was just the result of being malnourished for years. Nowadays, her face was fair and her skin was smooth. Her persona, in particular, seemed very energetic. People sensed that she was extraordinary when they saw her.

In these three years, she read all the books in the library and no longer needed to attend school. Tianqiao, under Aunt’s orders, also stopped going to school and had to learn needlework and cooking instead. Although Aunt didn’t teach Mo Tiange, she became very smart due to cultivation, so she could understand things a lot faster than Tianqiao even if she was only watching from the sidelines. After a while, Aunt told her that she no longer needed to help Aunt Lin with work. She was told instead to accompany and assist Tianqiao with her needlework.

But all of these things were only adornments in her life. For her, cultivating every night was the most important thing.

In the past three years, she also developed a deeper understanding of the pearl bracelet. Therefore, she also had an easier time with cultivating. After one year of cultivating, the spiritual aura in her dantian increased continuously until a change suddenly occurred. All the meridians in her body appeared to be open. The spiritual aura wandered once through the orbit in her body before it returned and remained still in her dantian.

From the cultivation technique, she knew she had just entered a threshold of cultivation. She had reached the first layer of the Aura Refining realm.

In the following two years after she entered the first layer of the Aura Refining realm, she never stopped cultivating. In the past few days, she even felt that she had reached another boundary and was about to break through another layer.

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