Lady Cultivator

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Kidnapped

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Mo Tiange felt like she was getting dizzy.

What’s wrong with me?

But she couldn’t figure out the reason. She only felt that Li Yushan, whose smile became increasingly strange, seemed to be swaying in her eyes.

Her body finally tilted to the side and she fell to the ground.

Li Yushan, who was sitting across from her, was watching the whole thing with a profound smile.

After a long time, Mo Tiange finally woke up.

She was bewildered. The roof was continuously swaying as if it was approaching her.

Where am I?

She wanted to turn around and take a look at her surroundings, but right after she did, she was instantly shocked.

I’m inside a carriage!

Li Yushan was sitting beside her, watching her with a gaze that was filled with greed, cruelty, and exhilaration. Mo Tiange felt her blood turn cold in an instant.

With a shocked tone, she asked, “What’s going on?”

Li Yushan smiled. But this smile didn’t have the slightest hint of friendliness it used to have. It was gloomy and cold.

“Fellow Daoist Mo.” He stared at her like a cat watching a mouse while fiddling with a disc that resembled a Feng Shui compass. He said, “Turns out Fellow Daoist possesses a body with Pure Yin Constitution – no wonder you could cultivate so well in the secular world. You really make people with poor qualifications like me jealous…”

“You…” Mo Tiange was so shocked she couldn’t say anything.

“Are you wondering how I found out about it?” Li Yushan asked. His lips curved into a smile when he saw her panicked state. “Fellow Daoist Mo is very smart, far smarter than others your age. But unfortunately, you’re too young and thus are very inexperienced. Do you remember what you said to me?”

Mo Tiange was confused.

Li Yushan sneered and reminded her, “Didn’t you say your mother couldn’t be saved because of a constitution problem?”

Mo Tiange nodded.

He said, “Fellow Daoist Mo must not have known that there’s only one kind of mortal constitution problem that we can’t cure – that’s the disharmony between Yin and Yang. Mortals, men or women, have both Yin and Yang constitutions in their bodies. It’s just that in men, Yang is stronger than Yin while in women, Yin is stronger than Yang. As the saying goes, ‘pure Yin won’t grow, pure Yang won’t live.’ If a mortal has only one of them, their life will be short. If a man was born with Pure Yin Constitution or a woman with Pure Yang Constitution, they would die soon after birth. Since your mother lived until she gave birth to you, she must’ve possessed a Pure Yin Constitution body!”

Mo Tiange stared at him in horror. She thought she had been very careful. She never thought that a simple sentence could reveal the truth!

Li Yushan spoke again: “There has always been the possibility of Pure Yin Constitution being passed down to future generations. Of course, the odds aren’t high and most of the time, those people wouldn’t live long enough to give birth to a child. I wasn’t really sure you inherited Pure Yin Constitution. However, I thought that since your cultivation progressed so well in the secular world despite the five spiritual roots you possessed, you most likely do have it. Now, I’m sure of it.” He lifted the disc in his hand. “The Spirit Disc confirmed that you indeed possess Pure Yin Constitution!”

Mo Tiange stared at the disc in his hand and glared at him. “What do you want to do?”

Li Yushan looked up and smiled. The glint in his eyes as he stared at her made her hair stand on end. He said, “Fellow Daoist Mo must’ve already known what Pure Yin Constitution means, right? The cultivation of those who possess it can progress much faster than ordinary people and whoever becomes their Dual Cultivation partner will benefit greatly. Furthermore, they are the best Human Furnaces…”

She couldn’t help but move away when she saw his scary expression. All of a sudden, she remembered she could cast a spell. She wanted to use Wind’s Breath, but in the next second, she was once again petrified with horror.

I can’t move my spiritual aura!

Li Yushan sneered and said, “You don’t need to try. I fed you the pollen of Fragrant Jade Flower. This kind of flower can temporarily seal your spiritual aura.”

“You…” Mo Tiange glared furiously at him. “When my father finds out, he won’t forgive you!”

“Your father?” Li Yushan threw her a contemptuous gaze. “Do you really think I haven’t asked around? Everyone else said your father left ]before you were born and hasn’t come back or sent any letters. You don’t even have any general knowledge of cultivation. Presumably, you’ve just been cultivating randomly using the cultivation technique your father left behind, right?”

His guess wasn’t really wrong. However, he never would’ve guessed that the cultivation technique Mo Tiange had was provided by her Ancestor.

Mo Tiange was thoroughly filled with despair once she heard his words. Although she wholeheartedly wanted to leave the Mo family, she hadn’t wanted to leave like this. She really regretted saying so many things to an unfamiliar cultivator. What the Ancestor said was completely true – the path of cultivation was unpredictable! Yet, it was already too late for regrets…

Li Yushan affectionately stroked her head and said, “You don’t need to be so scared. Harvesting the essence of a Human Furnace is done by intercourse, so I need to wait until you grow up. Besides, although other female cultivators can’t improve their cultivation once they become Human Furnaces, you don’t need to worry about that. With your constitution, restoring spiritual aura would be very easy. Moreover, the higher your cultivation level is, the more I’ll benefit, don’t you think?”

What he said wasn’t consoling at all. It was nothing but a threat. He would let her live well only if she obediently did as she was told.

Her face turned even paler. In the end, she couldn’t help but fearfully whisper, “What’s a Human Furnace? Are you going to suck my spiritual aura?”

Li Yushan was stunned for an instant before finally bursting into laughter. Between his laughs, he shook his head and said, “How could I ever think that such a little child would understand? But it doesn’t matter. You’ll understand when the time comes.”

Right after he finished speaking, he used his hands to hold Mo Tiange’s head up. He felt quite satisfied after scrutinizing her for a long while. This little girl is quite pretty, she’ll surely grow up into a beauty.

Being watched with such a wicked stare made Mo Tiange tremble. Without spiritual aura, she was nothing but a ten-year-old child.

Li Yushan really enjoyed her terrified expression. He said to himself, “Now that I have you, I’ll always have a chance of entering the Foundation Building realm! In another five to six years, before I’m forty years old, I can definitely cultivate until the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm and enter a cultivation group!”

A euphoric expression appeared on his face as he spoke.

He was born into an ordinary family in the Tong’an district. When he was a child, he happened to run into two cultivators fighting each other. A technique manual dropped out and he picked it up. Just like that, he embarked on the path of cultivation.

In the beginning, he was very ignorant. It was only after he unexpectedly sensed spiritual aura about a year after he began that he finally knew the thing he picked up was a cultivation technique which would allow him to cultivate until he became an Immortal.

Later, he learned about the existence of the cultivation world and left his family to go to Kunwu.

Having seen the various means of cultivators in Kunwu and realizing that the world was much greater than he ever thought, he was no longer willing to be a mortal. He chose to travel around in the hopes of coming across a fated chance so he could enter a cultivation group. Then he could advance into the Foundation Building realm, then the Core Formation realm…

Unfortunately, after all these years, he was still a wretched individual cultivator with inferior spiritual roots. He hadn’t come across any fated chances and there were no schools nor sects willing to accept him…

His eyes suddenly brightened. Everything will be different now! After this little girl grows up, she can become a Human Furnace then I can practice the Dual Cultivation method and harvest the essence of her body!

“HAHAHA…” His demented laughter made Mo Tiange shrink into the corner of the carriage. Although she wanted to ask where they were going, she couldn’t summon the courage.

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