Lady Cultivator

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Spirit Absorbtion

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Mo Tiange wasn’t sure how far the carriage had gone, but she had been crouching in the corner throughout the entire journey. For her, every second of it was unbearable.

Li Yushan also didn’t pay her any attention. He was just wholeheartedly sitting in a meditative state to cultivate.

All of a sudden, the carriage stopped. From the outside, the coachman’s voice came through: “Master Immortal, we’ve arrived in Liancheng County.”

Li Yushan opened his eyes and gave a short response. He then pulled Mo Tiange to step down from the carriage.

She tried to avoid his hand but it was useless. She was caught and forced to step down from the carriage.

Liancheng County. Although Mo Family’s Village was under its jurisdiction, many of the villagers had never even once in their lives visited this place. But at this moment, Mo Tiange wasn’t curious to see how Liancheng County looked. She was still in a daze when Li Yushan brought her into an inn.

After Li Yushan asked for a room, he carried her into the room and threw her into the corner. He then started to order a bunch of dishes, completely ignoring her presence.

When she left that morning, she told Tianqiao she wanted to go somewhere. However, even if they found out she was kidnapped, they wouldn’t chase after her. Furthermore, the person who kidnapped her wasn’t at all an ordinary person. Mortals’ lives were nothing to cultivators.

Since she had no one she could count on, she could only depend on herself.

Even though her spiritual aura was sealed, it wouldn’t be sealed forever. Li Yushan himself said that the higher her cultivation was, the more he would benefit. In that case, he would definitely let her continue cultivating; she would certainly have a chance! Besides, he also said there would be a few more years before she would be of use, so she should be safe during this period of time. Thus, Mo Tiange made up her mind – the most important thing was to stay alive. As long as she stayed alive, she would have a few years to escape.

Soon after, the innkeeper brought food to the room. While lifting his chopsticks, Li Yushan said, “You can eat if you want to. If you don’t, I won’t care if you get hungry later.”

Mo Tiange was indeed hungry. However, after thinking about eating at the same table with this man, she instantly felt disgusted. After feeling conflicted for a while, she finally made up her mind. She stood up and slowly walked towards the table.

The food was very extravagant. Although Li Yushan was only a low-level cultivator, mortals still considered him an Immortal and naturally gave him the best treatment.

Li Yushan smiled in satisfaction and proceeded to sip his wine after he saw Mo Tiange eating.

Since Mo Tiange was willing to surrender, he didn’t need to worry about anything. What he needed to do was find a reliable method to control her and raise her for another five or six years… But for now, he didn’t have any intention of continuing to travel around. He just needed to find a place and take his time to cultivate.

When it came to cultivating, he naturally had to go to Kunwu. Kunwu spirit veins stretched endlessly across the entire southern part of the Celestial Pole. Every area in Kunwu was suitable for cultivating. In other areas, in addition to not having spirit veins as great as in Kunwu, the existing spirit veins were all occupied by other people.

Having made a decision, he once again shifted his gaze towards Mo Tiange. He was relieved once he saw that Mo Tiange was behaving herself and obediently eating without making any noise.

Right after they finished eating, Li Yushan once again prepared to sit in meditation and cultivate. Yet he felt a bit worried when he saw Mo Tiange, so he stood up and rummaged through his pocket. He took out several discs that seemed very similar to Spirit Discs in addition to several little flags. With a wave of his hands, all these things were scattered to the four corners of the room.

Mo Tiange had never seen these things before, so she stared at them curiously.

Since he was in a very good mood, Li Yushan generously gave her an explanation: “This is a Spirit-Sealing Formation. Not only can it block any spiritual aura, but it also has a defense function. You shouldn’t have any wishful thinking about escaping.”


Qing Lian mentioned this in his book. The Law of Formation had long ago spread to the mortal world. What the mortals used as war formations were actually a trace of formation knowledge that came from the cultivation world. The strength of the formations in the cultivation world was certainly much more formidable.

In the Distant Past era, the formations were able to transform the world. Even now, there were still some formations that had great power. Some of the cultivation schools and sects were even established with a Great Mountain-Protecting Formation as their foundation.

But now really wasn’t the time for Mo Tiange to be keen on learning. Li Yushan tossed her some bedding and a book he managed to pull from his bundled bag. He said, “Be obedient and wait.” He then started to cultivate, completely ignoring Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange watched him for a moment before unfolding the bedding with a bowed head. She then took the book and started to flip through the pages. The title of this book was “Collections of Spiritual Objects.” Just like the title stated, this book was a record of various spiritual plants and objects as well as pictures of all of them.

In fact, this book was one of the most common things in the cultivation world. This book had always been needed by individual cultivators who came from the secular world. However, Mo Tiange was exhilarated. She hadn’t had access to objects of the cultivation world before. Besides, Qing Lian, the lay Buddhist was also an ordinary individual cultivator; he only wrote about general things and there was no detailed history or use of spiritual plants and objects discussed, not to mention the lack of pictures.

Now that she had this book, the night no longer felt unbearable. When she read, she sometimes shifted her gaze to Li Yushan to see what he was doing.

The room was gradually filled with spiritual aura. The spiritual aura was very thin – so thin that Mo Tiange almost couldn’t sense it. She couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Li Yushan who was sitting on the bed.

As Li Yushan took a deep breath, the spiritual aura slowly gathered on his body.

Mo Tiange watched him and stealthily extended her left wrist, sticking her pearl bracelet out. She then saw the spiritual aura getting absorbed with noticeable speed by the pearl bracelet. Before long, all the spiritual aura inside the room was completely absorbed.

Li Yushan frowned and bewilderment appeared on his face. He continued meditating for a while but still couldn’t feel any spiritual aura. Eventually, he stopped cultivating and opened his eyes.

Mo Tiange hastily retracted her gaze. Unfortunately, Li Yushan already noticed her actions and fixed his stare on her body.

After staring at her for a long time, he raised his chin as a sign and said, “Come here!”

Mo Tiange stayed still.

In his annoyance, Li Yushan sprang towards her, grabbed her by the neck and shouted, “Was that your doing!?”

Mo Tiange turned pale and continuously shook her head.

He glared at her for a long time. It was as if he was looking for something. Nevertheless, even after watching her for a while, he still couldn’t see any abnormalities on her body. In regards to spirit tools, he believed she didn’t have any. Not to mention her, but even he himself only had a small flying sword which happened to be a spirit tool of the lowest grade that he rarely used. Besides, if she used a spirit tool, he would’ve already seen it. As for her technique, he already sealed her spiritual aura, so it was impossible for her to use any spell to make mischief. However, the sudden disappearance of the spiritual aura in the room was an undeniable fact…

Li Yushan threw her back to the ground. He looked completely bewildered as he couldn’t wrap his head around the matter.

It was extremely painful when Li Yushan grabbed her neck and choked her. Now that she was freed from his hold, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but cough repeatedly.

Li Yushan threw her a disdainful glance and sat back on the bed. But this time, he didn’t proceed to cultivate. He sized her up from time to time.

Mo Tiange could only lower her head; tears fell on her clothes.

Seeing her like this, Li Yushan frowned but he was no longer suspicious of her. She was nothing but a little girl whose cultivation was lower than his. Moreover, he sealed her spiritual aura. He really couldn’t believe she could make any mischief in front of him.

He didn’t realize that Mo Tiange had unconsciously grasped her sleeves. At first, she was only pretending to cry so he would no longer feel suspicious about her. Yet, as she thought about her current situation, she ended up crying for real.

She hadn’t even cried after her mother died because she knew her mother wouldn’t want her to be sad and because she knew she no longer had anyone who loved her and that she could only rely on herself. However, she became increasingly afraid as she thought about her present situation. Although she really had no idea what this person wanted to do with her, it definitely wasn’t good. If she couldn’t escape, she would probably be turned into a tool for her whole life. She could neither cultivate nor find her father, so just thinking about this dreadful scenario made her pale.

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