Lady Cultivator

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Mo Family’s Guest

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“Here, eat this. We have to continue our journey.”

Mo Tiange looked up right at the moment two steamed buns were tossed at her. She caught them and held them in her hands.

They were in a desolate area outside the town. It’d only been a day since they left Liancheng County and ran into the two fighting cultivators. Out of fright, Li Yushan had commanded the coachman to quicken his pace. After going on for a while, he finally felt relieved when he realized no one was chasing after them.

The steamed buns were dry. Mo Tiange took a bite but couldn’t swallow it. She lifted her head and saw that Li Yushan was also eating a dried steamed bun. But other than the steamed bun, he still had other cooked dishes like roast chicken, beef and so on. Having realized that she was staring, Li Yushan picked up a chunk of chicken and said, “Do you want to eat this?”

Mo Tiange shook her head. “I want to drink.”

That was the first time she’d spoken these past days. On one hand, Li Yushan was surprised. On the other hand, he was a bit irked. He really couldn’t believe such a young child would refuse delicious food. He thought it must be because she didn’t want to ask anything of him. This showed him that this little girl was extremely stubborn despite her young age. It would be difficult to make her follow his wishes.

When he snapped out of this train of thought, he noticed that Mo Tiange, who seemed to think he didn’t want to give her any water, sat back and silently gnawed on her dried steamed buns.

Although he was extremely annoyed, he had no intentions of letting her die due to dehydration. Thus, he took a water pouch from his bundled bag, threw it towards her and said, “This is yours. After you finish it, you have to remember to fill it yourself.”

Mo Tiange took it and uttered a short sound of compliance.

After a while, the coachman, who had been feeding the horse somewhere close, walked towards them. He respectfully asked Li Yushan, “Master Immortal, where are we going this evening?”

Li Yushan stared at him. “We’ll continue on the road tonight and rest at dawn.”

“This…” The coachman obviously wasn’t happy about it, yet he didn’t dare to disobey Li Yushan. With a lowered head, he said, “Master Immortal, I can’t see the road in the dark night. It would be inappropriate for us to continue on the road.”

This time, Li Yushan didn’t even look at the coachman. He only tossed him a round white stone and said, “Use it, it can shine.”

The coachman nodded his head.

Mo Tiange lifted her head to sneak a glance. Even though she was very curious, she didn’t say anything. For her, the cultivation world was a strange world, so she was curious about everything related to it.

Once he finished eating, Li Yushan dusted off his hands and grabbed Mo Tiange, putting her back into the carriage. He muttered, “It’s a pity I still can’t use the Light Body Technique; there would be no need for the carriage if I could.”

Mo Tiange knew a bit about what the Light Body Technique was. It was a spell that would allow the user to fly and float in the air. The two fighting cultivators they met before were using this spell. However, only those who reached the fifth layer of the Aura Refining realm could use this spell. Therefore, Li Yushan could only use the methods of the secular world to go to Kunwu.

When they were about to continue their journey, a green ray suddenly streaked across the sky, bringing a dense spiritual aura and might. Li Yushan hastily stepped down from the carriage and stared speechlessly at the passing green ray. It was only after the ray disappeared on the horizon that he breathed out, “It’s a Foundation Building cultivator! Why is he in the secular world…” He grumbled for a long time, but this time, he didn’t dare to follow the ray and try to look for an opportunity to gain some benefit like before. After all, for low-level cultivators like them, a Foundation Building cultivator was just like a celestial being.

The carriage proceeded shakily, carrying two little Aura Refining cultivators on the road.

Meanwhile, the passing Foundation Building cultivator didn’t bother with these low-level cultivators. Before long, that cultivator arrived in Liancheng County. After asking for directions, the cultivator went directly towards the small village in the direction of Feiyun Town.

Mo Tiange didn’t know that two days after her disappearance, for the first time in more than ten years, a cultivator actually openly came to the Mo Family’s Village.


A rare sight could be seen in the Mo family’s ancestral house – the young masters of the Mo family gathered together in the main hall. In the master seat, the patriarch was smoking tobacco with furrowed brows.

After a long time, the patriarch finally put his tobacco pipe aside and asked the Eldest Young Master, “Eldest, what do you think?”

The Eldest Young Master also had a frown on his face. With a bit of uncertainty, he asked back, “Father, shouldn’t we try to find her?”

Right after his words landed, a lukewarm snort appeared. “How are we going to find her? She’s been gone for two days. Even if she was kidnapped, where should we look for her? Besides, who’ll go to find her?”

This time, even the Eldest Young Master was silent.

On the day Mo Tiange was kidnapped, Tianqiao noticed she hadn’t returned when it was late, so she anxiously told everyone about the matter. However, it was inconvenient to go looking for someone in the middle of the night. On the second day when there was still no news from her, the patriarch told his eldest son to go to the town and ask around. As a result, they learned that a girl was taken away from the tea stand at the town’s gate by a man. The description of the girl was very similar to Tiange. As for where the girl was taken, no one knew.

Since they confirmed that the child had been kidnapped, the Mo family’s patriarch called all his sons to discuss what they should do next. Although none of them were close to this child, she was still their family, so they couldn’t turn a blind eye to the matter. But these young masters were hesitant about looking for her.

Firstly, it was because they had no idea where she was taken. Secondly, this was the time of spring plowing. Whoever went looking for her would have less work output and would consequently decrease their harvest. Therefore, although they didn’t oppose the idea of going to look for Mo Tiange, all of them were hoping it wouldn’t be themselves who would have to go.

Besides, honestly speaking, the kidnapper naturally would’ve already taken her to another place. It wouldn’t be easy to find them.

The patriarch also understood this. Moreover, this wasn’t the first time a child from the village was kidnapped. Every time it happened, they went looking for the child and would return empty-handed. However, this child was, after all, his granddaughter; it would be unacceptable if they didn’t try to find her. Besides, his son-in-law wasn’t a simple person. If he came back one day, how could they explain the matter to him? But who would go if they were to search for her?

The patriarch swept his gaze back and forth between his sons; his brows were furrowed deeply. Once the young masters saw this, they immediately lowered their heads in fear of being chosen.

The patriarch didn’t have the time to declare his decision because Uncle He ran into the hall and said, “Master, there’s… there’s a guest.”

The people in the hall had no chance to ask for clarification because they saw a man already striding into the hall.

The man was a youth in his twenties. He was wearing a blue robe with a white coat and was carrying a sword on his back. Although they hadn’t examined the man carefully, they already sensed that he was intimidating.

Seeing that the man was carrying a sword, the patriarch promptly stood up and said, “Allow me to ask, Young Master, you…”

The man interrupted him. “Are you the head of this village?”

The patriarch nodded. Having seen the fine quality of the man’s robes as well as the sword on his back, the patriarch knew this man must be an expert swordsman, so he asked respectfully, “May I know your name?”

Instead of answering, the youth proceeded to ask, “Do you have a son-in-law surnamed Ye?”

Once he asked this question, the patriarch, as well as everyone in the hall, looked bewildered. They naturally knew who the man was talking about. However, their sister’s husband had been gone for more than ten years without sending even one letter back. How could he be related to this man?

The patriarch quickly collected his thoughts and answered, “Yes, but ten years ago, he went to do something and hasn’t returned.” He felt a bit apprehensive. In his heart, he knew his son-in-law was a man with a background. He was afraid the youth in front of him was here for revenge.

But who knew that right after the patriarch answered, the youth would instantly smile and cup his hand towards the patriarch as a greeting? Ever since this youth came in, he hadn’t said any words of greeting or showed any courtesy. However, instead of thinking that he was impolite, all of them just assumed he wasn’t an ordinary person. Now, his greeting made the patriarch feel a bit relieved. It seemed this man hadn’t come for revenge.

The youth said, “Village Head Mo, my surname is also Ye. I was entrusted to come and pick up your son-in-law’s wife and daughter. May I know where they are now?”

The patriarch was quite frightened to hear this. He was just thinking that he wouldn’t be able to explain how his granddaughter disappeared if her father came back. How could someone suddenly appear and ask about her? After pondering for a moment, the patriarch cautiously asked, “Young Master Ye, may I know where my son-in-law is? Why didn’t he come with you?”

The smile on the youth’s face disappeared. He sighed and said, “Village Head Mo, it’d be better for me to tell you the truth. Senior Ye has fallen. My martial uncle befriended Senior Ye in adversity. Before his death, Senior Ye entrusted his wife and daughter to my martial uncle, asking my martial uncle to pick them up and take them to his younger brother. It was under my martial uncle’s orders that I came here.”

Everyone in the hall was stunned to hear this. The man had been gone for ten years and hadn’t returned. They wondered long ago if he got himself into an accident. Hence, they weren’t too surprised to hear about his death. On the contrary, it was what this man said about picking up people and taking them away that astounded them.

The patriarch was also bewildered. He asked, “Young Master Ye, my son-in-law and my daughter’s marriage was matrilineal, thus both my daughter and my granddaughter are naturally members of the Mo family. How could you talk about taking them away?”

The youth smiled again, but this time, his smile was filled with pride. “Should they live here? Village Head Mo, are you really unaware that your son-in-law wasn’t a mortal?”

Everyone was even more surprised when they heard this.

Shocked expressions appeared on the young masters’ faces. One couldn’t help but interrupt and ask, “If he wasn’t a mortal, what was he?”

“Of course he was an Immortal.” The youth threw a glance at that person and continued, “Don’t you know that Senior Ye practiced the Law of Immortality?”

Everyone simultaneously shook their heads. All of a sudden, the youth raised his hand and a fireball appeared out of nowhere in his palm. He threw the fireball and right after he did, the sword on his back flew up on its own to pierce the fireball. The fireball disappeared and the sword flew back into its scabbard.

The youth said, “Do you believe me now?”

There were a lot of legends about the Immortals in the secular world. Now that they saw an Immortal’s technique with their own eyes, how could they not believe it? Reverence appeared on everyone’s faces.

The patriarch had long sensed that his son-in-law wasn’t ordinary, so he naturally believed the youth’s words. He then thought about his kidnapped granddaughter. If this young master was really an Immortal, it must be very easy for him to find her. Thus, the Mo family’s patriarch hastily said, “Young Master Ye, we believe you. However, my daughter was unlucky – she fell seriously ill and passed away three years ago. As for my granddaughter, she was kidnapped two days ago. You practice the Law of Immortality, so I ask you, please save her!”

The youth was shocked. He then sighed and said, “When Senior Ye entrusted them in my martial uncle’s care, he already thought Madam Ye might’ve already passed away… Forget it, tell me about your granddaughter.”

The patriarch promptly told him everything that his son got from asking around. When he finished, he was about to beg him again: “Young Master, you see…”

But the youth only waved his hand and said, “I’ll be taking my leave first.” Without further ado, he turned around and left, leaving behind a hall full of completely bewildered people.

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