Lady Cultivator

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Foundation Building and Aura Refining

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The youth surnamed Ye arrived at Feiyun Town in the middle of the night. Taking advantage of the dark night, he forced his way to the tea stand to see the owner.

After that, he went to the only inn in town and dragged the innkeeper out of his bed.

“Young Master, the man you’re talking about indeed stayed at my inn for about half a month, but he left two days ago. Several days ago, there was indeed a little girl who came looking for him. She returned right as he was about to leave and the two of them left together. As for where they went, I really don’t know.”

“Do you know anything about the man’s origins?”

“I don’t. I only know that he was slightly mysterious and seemed to be traveling around.”

The youth pondered the matter for a moment then asked, “Do you know how he left? Did he ride a horse or did he use a carriage?”

“Well… That guest came to the town on a hired carriage. Oh, I remember! His coachman once said that this guest wasn’t a mortal. But I don’t know why he would say that.”

The youth had reached a conclusion. This person wasn’t an ordinary kidnapper. He was a cultivator! But he still didn’t know why this person kidnapped the little girl.

“Young Master, I can guess where they went. We only have one road and it leads to Liancheng County. Wherever this guest wanted to go, he would have to pass through Liancheng County first.”

The youth nodded and tossed a piece of gold at the innkeeper. Right after he turned around, he leaped out the window and flew away, surprising the innkeeper so much that he dropped the gold in his hand. This person isn’t a mortal!

At this moment, the youth remembered the carriage he saw on the road. Back when he used his divine sense to sweep the carriage, he found that there were two low-level cultivators inside. He thought they were only ordinary individual cultivators who roamed the secular world, so he hadn’t paid any attention to them. But now that he thought about it, they were most likely the people he was looking for. However, he felt a bit confused. There were two cultivators and one mortal in that carriage. The mortal was definitely the coachman, so did that mean the little girl was also a cultivator?

He used his flying sword to fly back towards that road with this question in mind.


Although it was completely dark inside the carriage, there was a faint light outside. Mo Tiange curiously peeked through the window to look at the round stone the coachman put inside the lantern.

This stone was a moonstone. In the cultivation world, moonstones weren’t really considered valuable. Many cultivators put them in their caves as decoration. However, in the secular world, it was considered a very rare treasure.

She couldn’t resist the urge to stick her pearl bracelet out. But after she did, she found that the moonstone was useless. It seemed that the moonstone didn’t run based on spiritual aura.

The pearl bracelet in her wrist felt cold. Under the moonlight, it seemed to emit a misty white light as if it was absorbing spiritual aura. Unfortunately, even if it absorbed spiritual aura to capacity, she still couldn’t use it. Because her meridians were clogged, spiritual aura couldn’t enter her body.

She sighed helplessly and lifted her gaze to stare at the bright round moon in the sky. In the next second, however, she was completely frightened.

The moon… Someone’s flying in front of the moon!

She didn’t have any time to think about how that was possible because the silhouette suddenly rushed downward. The coachman sitting in front instantly pulled on the horse reins, causing the carriage to be jolted for a moment before it finally stopped.

The jolt roused Li Yushan from his sleep. He furiously shouted, “What are you doing!?”

The coachman’s frightened voice came from outside the carriage, “Master Immortal, t-t-there’s someone…”

“Who!?” Li Yushan opened the carriage door and stuck his head out. However, he was also frightened right after he did that.

A youth was standing in front of their carriage.

This kind of momentum… this youth is definitely an expert in the Foundation Building realm!

He hastily stepped down from the carriage and cupped his fists as a respectful greeting. “Junior Li Yushan greets Senior.”

The youth nodded and said, “There’s still another person inside – why doesn’t she come out?”

Li Yushan promptly turned around and pulled Mo Tiange down from the carriage. He said with a smile, “This is my younger sister. This child is insensible; I hope Senior can forgive us.”

“Your sister?” The youth frowned and shifted his gaze towards his hand. “Since she’s your sister, how can you treat her like that? Aren’t you afraid of injuring her?”

Li Yushan was startled. He stared at the arm he just grabbed and immediately let go, revealing a pained expression on his face. “Junior is an oaf; out of anxiety, Junior just…”

“Really?” The youth swept his gaze back and forth between the two people.

Li Yushan repeatedly nodded. His face was full of adoration. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen a senior in the Foundation Building realm before – it was just that none of them ever paid any attention to him. Hence, he had only seen them several times from afar. Li Yushan’s heart was filled with envy. This youth was young, yet he already entered the Foundation Building realm. His envy grew even stronger when he noticed that the youth’s robes seemed to be clothes from an influential sect.

Unfortunately, his spiritual roots were lacking. It would be difficult for him to enter a cultivation group, not to mention the Foundation Building realm. Thus, he respectfully cupped his hands again. “Does Senior need anything? Please don’t hesitate if Junior’s service is needed.”

Instead of answering, the youth watched him with a sharp gaze for a long time. In the end, his gaze fell on Mo Tiange’s body. With a warm tone, he asked, “Little girl, can you tell me your name?”

Mo Tiange stared at him then at Li Yushan. Although she really wanted to escape Li Yushan’s clutches, she was afraid this new person would be another bad person. This big brother seemed very kind, but in the beginning, Li Yushan was also like that. It was really impossible to judge a person’s character from their appearance.

Li Yushan anxiously interrupted, “Senior, this is really my younger sister…”

The youth uttered a cold snort even before Li Yushan finished speaking. The youth raised his hand and Li Yushan was instantly thrown to the ground.

Li Yushan was completely shocked. He didn’t have the chance to speak before the youth sneered, “Don’t think I don’t know that you kidnapped this child.” After the youth said that, he ignored Li Yushan and spoke directly to Mo Tiange. “Little girl, is your surname Mo? Do you live in the Mo Family’s Village in Liancheng County?”

Mo Tiange was stunned. How could this person know this?

The youth spoke again, “No need to be afraid. I came on your father’s behalf to pick you up. You can tell me everything.”

What the youth said shocked both Mo Tiange and Li Yushan. However, one was shocked and happy, while one was shocked and horrified.

Li Yushan only knew she lost contact with her father. How could he guess that her father would send someone back now? Moreover, the person he sent was a high-level cultivator! Li Yushan couldn’t help but regret his actions. If only he waited a few more days, he might’ve been able to get some benefits!

Mo Tiange naturally couldn’t hold back her excitement. She asked, “My father – where is he? Are you coming to pick me up so I can go to my father?”

The youth laughed and said, “You’re the little girl from the Mo Family’s Village.”

Mo Tiange nodded her head. “I am.”

Having found her safe and sound, the youth finally breathed a sigh of relief. He looked closely at Mo Tiange for a moment before asking, “This person kidnapped you? Has he mistreated you?”

Mo Tiange nodded. “It was him. He pretended to exchange knowledge with me and he sealed both my meridians and spiritual aura. He also said he wants me to become some Human Furnace thing…”

The youth’s expression instantly changed. He glowered furiously at Li Yushan who had been thrown to the ground. “What a scum of the cultivation world! You actually wanted to involve such a small child in your scheme!”

The matter of Li Yushan kidnapping the Mo girl was an undisputable fact. He realized he had offended an expert and hastily shouted, “Senior, wait! Listen to me!”

The youth sneered, “Fine! Speak! What kind of hidden difficulties do you have that you’d do this!?”

“Senior, this was indeed my fault. But this little girl is really a rarity in this world! Senior should know – she has Pure Yin Constitution, so for Dual Cultivation—AHHH!” After being hit by a strong gust of wind, Li Yushan spat out a mouthful of blood.

The youth stared coldly at him. “You’re still trying to trick me! You really are an immoral person! Letting you live is pointless!”

Realizing that the youth in front of him was going to kill him, Li Yushan turned pale out of fear. He hastily took out a talisman from the collar of his robe and burned it before springing up from the ground into a frantic dash. His speed was abnormally fast.

Although the youth didn’t move, the sword on his back flew out of its scabbard and dove forward in an instant. Soon after, Li Yushan screamed and fell to the ground. Then the sword flew back and returned to its scabbard.

The youth uttered a cold snort in the direction of Li Yushan’s corpse.

Mo Tiange was terrified. She imagined turning Li Yushan into minced meat when she had the strength, but to suddenly watch such a bloody scene, she felt terrified instead of satisfied.

She finally realized there was a great difference in strength between the Foundation Building realm and Aura Refining realm. She loathed Li Yushan but couldn’t escape his clutches even when she wanted to. However, in front of this Foundation Building senior, Li Yushan was nothing but an ant that could be exterminated with a wave of his hand.

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