Lady Cultivator

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Spiritual Aura Entering the Body

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Ordinary children might’ve already stopped cultivating if they couldn’t feel any spiritual aura, but Mo Tiange was different. She never thought about giving up.

After her mother died and she moved into the ancestral house, she hadn’t felt any kind of familial love at all. Children’s hearts were sensitive. For her, this was indeed a misery. Living in this kind of environment made her increasingly long for the father she never met. Now, her childish desires became stronger after learning that her father might’ve cultivated the Law of Immortality.

She had no idea that cultivators in the cultivation world only sensed spiritual aura entering their bodies when spiritual aura was extremely rich. Individual cultivators in the secular world usually didn’t have such detailed guidance and wouldn’t know what “spiritual aura entering the body” felt like. Usually, they only discovered the emergence of spiritual aura after a long period of cultivation.

Mo Tiange had cultivation issues, but she had no one to ask. She had no choice but to go to the library and rummage through the books there. Unfortunately, this was a place of ordinary mortals; it would already be lucky if she could find two books that referred to the cultivation world there. Even after rummaging through all the books in the library, she still couldn’t find any useful information in the slightest.

Even though she couldn’t sense any spiritual aura, she still sat cross-legged and cultivated every night. In her leisure time, she thought about the Art of Sunu as well as the knowledge the Ancestor imprinted in her mind. From that, she gained a bit of enlightenment. Although there were still many things she didn’t understand, she believed these things would definitely be useful to her in the future.

In a flash, several months passed. She still couldn’t sense any spiritual aura during her cultivation. However, she made enormous progress in her studies. Cultivation strengthened her memory and her ability to comprehend things didn’t seem like that of a seven-year-old child. Even the Master allowed her to skip class. She was instructed to read and write on her own and to ask him if she didn’t understand anything. Thus, all Mo Tiange did was stay in the library all day long. The other children were completely envious of her, especially Tianjun and Tianqiao.

Once her uncle and aunt found out she was doing very well in her studies, they treated her far better than before and told Tianjun to ask her if he didn’t understand anything. This made Tianjun feel both envious and jealous. He wanted to find an opportunity to bully her, but he didn’t have the nerve. On the other hand, Tianqiao was extremely happy. She always had a headache while doing her homework, but now, Tiange could help her.

It was only Madam Zheng who still treated her the same way as before – she still didn’t look happy when she saw Mo Tiange and pretended Mo Tiange didn’t live in the house.

But Mo Tiange didn’t care about this at all. Ever since she found out about the cultivation world and learned that her father was also someone from that world, she only had one goal in mind – it was to succeed in her cultivation and to leave this place to find her father.

School, work, and cultivation consumed her whole life. Although she sometimes felt sad when she thought about her mother, her desire to find her father overwhelmed everything else.

With the passage of time, she even started to have fewer chances to play with Tianqiao. At the moment, Tianqiao was being forced by her mother to learn needlework. Every time Tianqiao invited her to play together, Tianqiao always stared at Tiange with envy because no one forced her to learn needlework as well. But Mo Tiange thought Tianqiao was the one who was actually lucky – Aunt was strict towards Tianqiao because she actually cared about her.

Another day of cultivation passed without any results. Mo Tiange woke up from her meditation state.

Now she was accustomed to being in this state; her mind automatically entered this state every time she sat down and she would be refreshed every time she woke up.

She noticed that the sky was still dark and the moon was still shining brightly. The moonlight was bright white, almost like a piece of colorless silk. It came through the window and shone on the bed.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but reach out, trying to grasp this moonlight. However, she was dumbfounded by the moonlight on her palms. It made very slow ripples that were both gentle and bright.

She remembered that she once asked her mother whether moonlight could be touched. At the time, her mother smiled and reached out, grasping the moonlight on her palm. She said, “We don’t need to touch it – the beautiful moonlight is here.”

Mo Tiange felt her tears were about to fall again. Soon it would be three months – her mother passed away in the autumn and it was now winter already. She tried really hard not to think about her mother and to focus on her studies and cultivation. However… she still missed her mother deeply.

An endless flow of tears fell from her eyes. She wanted to cry again, just for once.


All of a sudden, from the corners of her eyes, she saw some kind of light. The light got increasingly brighter. Because of that, she forgot she was crying and stared at her wrist in astonishment.

It was the pearl bracelet. It was the one her mother specifically took out before she died that belonged to her father. When she received it, she was unsure where she should put it and just placed it on her wrist. Unexpectedly, right after she put it on, it wrapped around her wrist tightly. The size was just right. She had been wearing it on her wrist like this ever since.

She had been wearing it for so long and never noticed anything abnormal about it until now. She only felt that this bracelet was very pretty. Each pearl was completely white; there wasn’t even the slightest impurity present. Moreover, this bracelet was neither warm nor cold. When she put it on, her heart felt tranquil.

But at this moment, the bracelet on her wrist became increasingly hot, just like it was being burned. The light emanating from it also became brighter and brighter. The light, which was originally faint, slowly grew bigger and spread over her hands and legs until it spread over her whole body.

Mo Tiange only saw a flash of white light before she found herself in a completely dark world.

In this world, there was no light or anything. It was only an empty space.

A glimmer of light suddenly appeared in the darkness. At first, the light was only a dot then it grew into a line. The line grew longer and longer until it suddenly became a shooting star that came towards her from a distant place.

She didn’t even have a chance to shout because the white light came and penetrated her body.

It was cool. She thought she would feel pain, but she didn’t. She only felt cool. That cool aura seemed to begin from her wrist and flowed slowly along her meridians to her shoulders before it finally flowed down towards her dantian.

After that light entered her dantian, it wandered around, forming a circle. Little by little, more light continued to flow into her body, gradually converging into a little sphere. The little sphere didn’t stay motionless. From time to time, light came out of the sphere. The light flowed through her meridians before it returned to the sphere. This happened repeatedly and formed a cycle.

All of a sudden, Mo Tiange opened her eyes.

She cautiously assessed the situation inside her body. As she expected, there was a cool aura in her meridians. The aura kept flowing until it finally entered her dantian.

She was both surprised and happy to learn about this.

Spiritual aura! This is definitely the spiritual aura mentioned in the cultivation technique!

She quickly sat down and once again entered a meditation position, preparing herself to follow the instructions mentioned in the technique, circulating the aura to form the first orbit 1 .

Very cautiously, she guided the spiritual aura towards several acupoints to nourish her body before guiding it back to her dantian. When the spiritual aura was stable in her dantian, Mo Tiange finally stopped.

She finally reached a point where spiritual aura could enter her body.

Having finished moving the spiritual aura through her body, she promptly shifted her gaze towards the pearls on her wrist.

At this moment, there was no longer any white light radiating from them. They were still the same as before – bright white and tightly wrapped around her wrist without emitting any light.

But she was sure it wasn’t her imagination. This pearl bracelet must’ve been a magic weapon her father left behind!

As she thought about it, Mo Tiange became even more excited. Father must’ve already known I’d practice the Law of Immortality, so he left this magic weapon to help me cultivate so I can go looking for him in the future.

However, she still didn’t understand what these pearls were. During the time she wore them, there had never been anything abnormal about them. But today, after her tears fell on them, spiritual aura instantly emerged. Was it because of her tears?

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