Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1474 - 1474 Veto

Chapter 1474 - 1474 Veto

1474 Veto

[Kang Qingzhi? I know her! I heard that she didn’t participate in the competition last year because she was sick. Fortunately, she recovered this year. I can finally see a beautiful woman participate in the competition.]

[That’s right! Kang Qingzhi is returning to the competition, and Twilight announced his comeback. Could it be that these two people know each other?]

[Kang Qingzhi actually managed to invite Twilight to make a comeback? She’s too awesome! Twilight has such high standards. Someone who can be valued by him must be extraordinary! I have to support Kang Qingzhi in this competition!]

[I understand now! Twilight suddenly made a comeback for Kang Qingzhi. He returned to be a judge for the competition because he wants to see Miss Kang win the championship with his own eyes!]


After a while, Kang Qingzhi’s and Twilight’s names appeared on the trending list. Among the overwhelming comments, there was a comment that was especially eye-catching.

[Actually, I have another guess. There’s a contestant on the finals list called Bright Moon. Her real name is Qiao Xi. You should remember that during the cultural relic restoration event some time ago, Twilight stood up for Qiao Xi and even got injured saving Qiao Xi! Could it be that Twilight suddenly came back because of Qiao Xi?]

However, this comment only appeared for a minute before it was quickly rejected. No one believed that Twilight came back because of Qiao Xi. The internet was filled with Kang Qingzhi’s name.

Qiao Xi put down her phone and suddenly said, “Sister Xue Yi, help me investigate Twilight.”

Xue Yi was a little surprised. “Don’t you know him? Didn’t he protect you last time and even call the police to arrest He Wenxian?”

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth curled up with interest. “I’m not too sure of his identity either, so I really want to know why he helped me and who he came back for.”

However, Qiao Xi had a feeling that no matter what Twilight’s comeback was for, it should not be for Kang Qingzhi. If all of this was directed by Kang Qingzhi, Kang Qingzhi would definitely be drowned by the netizens’ spittle when Twilight exposed her.

Kang Qingzhi dared to publicize it online. Did she know who Twilight was?

After a moment of silence, Xue Yi was a little puzzled. “Twilight is famous in the perfume world. He suddenly left the perfume world a few years ago. It seems a little strange that he suddenly came back!

“He always wears a mask and doesn’t interact with anyone. The internet says that he came back for Kang Qingzhi. Would such a cold man come back for a b*tch? I don’t believe it!”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows. “Actually, I don’t quite believe it either. I keep having the feeling that…”

She felt that Twilight and Kang Qingzhi were not the same kinds of people. She could tell from his eyes.

However, the news was spreading like wildfire online. Why wasn’t Twilight explaining himself?

At the Kang family’s residence.

Kang Jichuan was the first to discover the rumors online. He realized that Kang Qingzhi’s Twilight’s names appeared at the same time. He hurriedly showed the comments to Kang Ru.

As soon as they saw the name Twilight, they recalled that there seemed to be a Mr. Twilight at the cultural relic restoration event last time. He seemed to be related to Qiao Xi.

Before Kang Jichuan could figure it out, Kang Ru frowned and asked, “Qingzhi, who is Twilight? Do you know him?”

Although Qingzhi was just an adopted daughter, she had always been the daughter of the Kang family. If she was related to indecent people, it was inevitable that she would embarrass the Kang family.

Kang Qingzhi was silent for a few seconds, and her eyes were filled with surprise. “Dad, are you asking about Mr. Twilight?”

Seeing her like this, Kang Ru and Kang Jichuan knew that she knew Twilight.

Kang Qingzhi smiled sweetly. “Dad, Brother, Mr. Twilight is a genius in the perfume world. He’s an internationally recognized perfumer. We’ve invited him to the perfume competition many times, but he has always refused to come. Unexpectedly, he suddenly came back to be a judge in the competition. Moreover, Mr. Twilight has the right to veto!”

The most outstanding perfumer in the world?

Kang Ru continued to ask, “This person is not bad. How do you know him?”

Kang Qingzhi blinked her round eyes, her face filled with confusion. “Actually, I’ve never seen Mr. Twilight. I heard that he’s famous in the cultural relic restoration and perfume world. His identity is mysterious, and he comes and goes without a trace. I rarely go out, so we naturally never had the chance to interact.”

Hearing Kang Qingzhi’s explanation, Kang Ru’s expression softened a little. Then, he sent someone to investigate Twilight.

Before he received the news, Old Madam Kang called. Her voice was filled with excitement. “I saw on the internet that Qingzhi knows Twilight?”

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