Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1475 - 1475 She Lost From The Start

Chapter 1475 - 1475 She Lost From The Start

1475 She Lost From The Start

Hearing the name Twilight, Kang Ru paused for a moment. “I asked Qingzhi just now. She said that she has never seen Twilight and doesn’t know why this matter is spreading online. Qingzhi is a girl, so it’s a little disadvantageous to have a scandal with this man.”

“What do you know?! Twilight is someone even the top nobles in Y Nation can’t invite. He became the most powerful judge even though it’s his first time being a judge. His status in the perfume world is supreme!”

Old Madam Kang was extremely excited, and her voice was filled with joy.

Kang Ru was a little surprised. “He actually refused the invitations of the top nobles?”


“I heard that Twilight has a noble status and is extremely talented in cultural relic restoration and perfumery. Not to mention those top nobles, even the leaders of Y Nation have to show him some respect.”

Old Madam Kang became more and more excited as she spoke. “Someone of such a noble status even specially participated in the perfume competition for Qingzhi’s comeback. Our Qingzhi is really awesome!

“Fortunately, you listened to me and arranged for Qingzhi to enter the finals. If you miss out on this big shot, you’ll definitely regret it. If you build a relationship with Mr. Twilight, Qingzhi will definitely win the championship this time. At that time, the company’s perfumes will also sell well!”

Kang Ru was stunned. Qingzhi just said that she had never seen Twilight before, but Twilight made a comeback because of Qingzhi and even became a judge for the competition. Did that mean that Twilight simply admired Qingzhi’s talent?

It seemed that sending Qingzhi to participate in the competition was the right decision. In that case, if Qingzhi had submitted her work, Xi Xi would’ve been eliminated. Now that Xi Xi had advanced, it was a good thing!

When he thought about it like this, Kang Ru’s guilt toward Qiao Xi completely dissipated. He said excitedly, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll arrange everything and guarantee that Qingzhi will win the championship!”

“Alright! With Qingzhi’s strength, it won’t be a problem for her to win the championship. It’ll be fine as long as Qiao Xi doesn’t cause trouble. I’ve already discussed it with the higher-ups of the company and decided to invest another four billion. Hence, we have to succeed this time!”

This perfume competition was very eye-catching. As long as Qingzhi won the championship, the Kang family’s perfumes would go international. At that time, the money they had invested would be returned.

Old Madam Kang said anxiously, “Get Qingzhi to send me the works that won the competition in the past and the remaining perfume recipes. I’ll get the factory to start production first. After Qingzhi wins the championship, I’ll immediately start selling them.”

Kang Ru knew very well that the Kang family had not been as prosperous as before. Although they had inherited a noble title, they had always been mocked because they did not have any famous businesses. Now, as long as Qingzhi won the championship, the Kang family’s reputation would resound throughout the world. At the very least, no one in Y Nation would look down on them anymore.

It would be best if they could invite Twilight to join their company. At that time, the Kang family’s perfumes would become the top in the world and be internationally renowned.

At this moment, on the second floor.

Kang Qingzhi walked into the new bedroom and sized it up. This bedroom was modified from a storeroom. It was not as good as the rooms the servants lived in on the first floor. Not only was it small, but it also smelled of mold.

Originally, her father wanted Qiao Xi to stay in this room, but Kang Qingzhi knew very well that if she took the initiative to stay here, her father and brother would feel heartache and guilt. Thus, they would try their best to make it up to her in other ways. On the other hand, Qiao Xi, who forced Kang Qingzhi to stay in this room, would be blamed and hated by the Kang father and son.

Kang Qingzhi had known how to make others happy since she was young. In the past ten years, she had been prudent and made everyone in the Kang family praise her endlessly. Hence, Qiao Xi had already lost to her.

As for the perfume competition, she was not confident about it. Why would Twilight help her?

She had long heard of Twilight, but she had never seen him before. Moreover, he was a loner and arrogant. How could he come back because of her?

She had indeed sent someone to publicize the news online to create momentum for herself. She thought that Twilight would clarify things, but she did not expect that Twilight would not do anything at all. Instead, the netizens thought that the two of them knew each other.

Kang Qingzhi smiled proudly. When one was lucky, everyone would help one. Mr. Twilight had probably smelled the perfumes she made and admired her talent, so he did not explain himself.

Unfortunately, Qiao Xi did not have many perfume recipes left. What should she do if she used all of them?

Longwan Residential.

In the study, Gu Zheng looked at the rumors online and curled his lips slightly. He asked in a gentle voice, “Xi Xi, have you seen the news online?”

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