Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1476 - 1476 Four Billion Is Just Interest

Chapter 1476 - 1476 Four Billion Is Just Interest

1476 Four Billion Is Just Interest

“Yes, I’m quite happy,” Qiao Xi replied indifferently.

“Happy?” Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow. He was originally thinking about how to coax Mrs. Gu, but she was already very happy after reading those rumors.

Qiao Xi said with a smile, “Of course, I’m happy. Twilight admires Kang Qingzhi’s work, but her works are all the perfume recipes I left behind five years ago! My work five years ago is enough to make Twilight look at me in a different light, so he should admire me now! Shouldn’t I be happy to be valued by a genius in the perfume world?”

Gu Zheng looked away imperceptibly and chuckled happily. “Xi Xi, your train of thought is indeed very special.”


“Kang Qingzhi won the championship for two years with the perfume recipes I left behind five years ago. All these years, I’ve been improving at lightning speed, but she’s still staying where she is. The perfume recipes from back then are equivalent to practice works for me. Kang Qingzhi is probably the only one who treats those things as treasures.”

After Qiao Xi finished speaking, she added, “Twilight doesn’t have good taste either. A dignified genius of the perfume world actually took a liking to those perfume recipes.”

Gu Zheng’s expression was indifferent. “You’ve also met Twilight once. Why don’t you ask him about Kang Qingzhi?”

“No need.” Qiao Xi waved her hand.

Whether Twilight knew Kang Qingzhi or not had nothing to do with her. The rumors online were what she wanted to see the most. Kang Qingzhi was at the peak of her glory now. When the matter was exposed, she would be in a sorry state.

“I heard that the Kang family invested another four billion!” Qiao Xi sighed. “As expected, human nature is greedy. Kang Jichuan took so much of my blood. I’ll consider this four billion as… remuneration for me!”

Song Shijing clicked his tongue. Four billion yuan? Young Madam was so vicious!

The next second, the president smiled gently, but his voice contained cold killing intent. “How can they pay just four billion for your blood? This sum of money can only be considered interest. We’ll settle the rest in the future.”

Song Shijing: “…” Alright! He had misunderstood Young Madam just now. In terms of viciousness, who could compare to the president?

At this moment, the two shadow guards Gu Zheng had sent out were walking to the door and happened to hear Qiao Xi’s words. One of them, An Long, muttered softly, “Isn’t Young Madam the daughter of the Kang family? How could she bear to ask for four billion from the Kang family? I reckon Mr. Kang will definitely regret acknowledging this daughter.”

The study fell silent. Song Shijing’s body stiffened, and he could not wait to rush over and kick An Long out.

Gu Zheng’s eyes were filled with coldness, and the temperature around him had dropped a few degrees. However, Qiao Xi had an indifferent expression as she held Gu Zheng’s hand. “Don’t be anxious. I want to hear what else he’ll say.”

An Long stood outside the door, not knowing that Gu Zheng, who was inside, had heard his words. He continued to complain to his partner beside him, “Even if Kang Qingzhi has offended Young Madam, she can’t vent her anger on the Kang family’s company! The Kang family has invested so much money into their business, but she wants to destroy their company. That’s four billion! The Kang family will suffer such a huge loss. What benefits can she get?

“Tell me, why did the president marry such a vicious woman?!”

When An Long finished speaking, the other shadow guard, An Chen, still did not respond. When he saw Gu Zheng in the study, his breathing seemed to have stopped.

Gu Zheng’s eyes were calm as he leaned lazily against the chair. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as if he had heard something funny, but Song Shijing knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

An Chen wanted to remind An Long, but he was stopped by Gu Zheng with a wave of his hand. He could only brace himself and listen to An Long continue to express his opinion.

“Actually, before I came back, I heard about Mrs. Gu’s background. She’s the daughter of the Kang family who led a wandering life outside. They’ve just reunited. With this identity, the president is out of her league! Moreover, she’s not favored by the Kang family and is even targeting the Kang family. Is she trying to perish with her family? I really don’t know what she’s thinking!

“No matter what, Mr. Kang is her family, but she actually—”

Before he could finish, a cold female voice suddenly came from inside the door. She asked with a smile, “Then what do you think I should do?”

An Long was so scared by the sudden voice that his entire body trembled. When he turned around, he realized that Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng were in the study. Seeing that An Chen had already knelt down beside him, he knelt down reluctantly. “President.”

The two of them lowered their heads. An Chen was trembling with fear. He had been the president’s shadow guard for so many years, so of course, he knew the president’s character. His current appearance was clearly a sign that he was about to flare up.

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