Last Wish System

Chapter 637 Two Group Battles

Firene, Aizu, Nevah, and Nurvey were exhausted.

Their battle had already lasted a long time, and they were still in a stalemate, but they were already reaching the limits of their endurance.

In the battle, both sides had been similar in strength, but the other side was better at long battles.

Aizu and Nurvey never had a battle that would last so long, so they were the first ones to feel exhaustion.

However, it had been ages since Firene had such a long battle, so she also started to fall behind her opponent after some time.

The one showing the best endurance was Nevah due to how constantly had been running for her life in her previous lives, so she was even better than Firene at enduring on a battle for a long time, but in the end, she was also starting to show signs of tiredness.

Compared to them, their opponents were just slightly tired. It was obvious that they were far more used to long battles.

It was also a problem of versatility. Firene and Aizu weren't used to use more than three divinities when battling, while their opponents switched between as many of them as possible.

They weren't comparable to the Battle God, but they were more versatile than Firene's group.

Nurvey and Nevah didn't even have a variety to choose, so they had the same problem.

Of course, it wasn't entirely their fault. Nurvey, Nevah, and Aizu were far younger than their opponents, so they didn't have time to obtain more Divinities.

Firene was a different case, but she was the type who always focused on her main Divinity, although thanks to her deceased friends, she expanded her views a bit.

Using the same Divinities made them far more predictable, so their opponents didn't need to use too much energy to dodge and block. On the other hand, since they were unpredictable use to variety, Firene's group got tired easier.

"You are already doomed. You are too inexperienced to beat us. However, since you are cute, you can become my subordinates, and I will forgive your lives."

The woman licked her lips while looking at her exhausted opponents.

She loved to have cute subordinated, and in fact, she hoped to meet Wyba and Barha to kidnap them since she was crazy for their cuteness, but she didn't manage to find them.

In terms of hobbies, she wasn't that far from those of Nurvey and Nevah, but she took too extreme approaches. If she couldn't get a cutie for herself, she would rather kill her to prevent others from getting her.

On the other hand, she hated all males, so she would never show any mercy against them.

"In your dreams."

As the leader of the team, Firene was the one who replied, but the rest agreed with the decision.

They wouldn't fall so low as to become someone else's subordinates just to save their lives.

Moreover, they were just exhausted, not defeated, although they were conscious that being defeated was just a matter of time.

"A pity. You would have fit my collection pretty well, but if you aren't mine, then you need to die."

The sudden attack was far stronger than before, and they weren't able to react properly since they were exhausted, but someone else blocked the attack.

"You aren't touching my young miss."

Awat had just been in weapon form the whole time, but after he saw that Nevah wasn't able to react in time, he changed to human form to block the attack.

"Are you a weapon spirit? I know that weapon spirits are technically genderless, but you aren't cute enough with those male looks. Disappear from my sight."

The woman attacked again, sending Awat away, but she didn't stop there.

She ignored Firene's group and attacked Awat non-stop. The woman's subordinates were surrounding Firene and the others to prevent that they could help.

"Awat, come back!"

Nevah shouted while trying to follow him, but she was blocked. Although their group of four wouldn't be delayed by too much time given that they only had three opponents and the strongest one wasn't there, that time was critical to helping Awat.

"I am... sorry... Please survive..."

Those were Awat's last words before being broken in pieces and losing his human form.

He wasn't dead yet, but he was already powerless. A single hit would be able to destroy him completely.


Nevah shouted while attacking the three women surrounding her and the other three.

She managed to injure one of them and rush towards Awat, but she wasn't fast enough given the distance between where she was, and there Awat was.

Nevah liked ordering Awat around, but if she didn't care a lot for him, he would have never gotten a spirit. Even when she had died in her previous lives, she always put Awat's safety as a priority.

However, that time she wasn't able to do anything to help Awat.

"Disappear! You, filthy weapon!"

The woman shouted as she was about to execute the last attack, but that last attack didn't manage to reach Awat.

Someone else had received that attack in Awat's place.

"Who is this guy? I don't care. You dared to interrupt me, so you must die!"

The woman just saw that a random guy clashed with the attack and saved Awat's life. It didn't seem that the man flew to that place willingly, but she didn't care, so she decided to kill him first.

That man was already injured before being hit by the attack directed to Awat, but after being hit by it, he was so weak that the woman killed him easily.

Although she killed that man quickly, that delay was enough for Nevah to reach Awat's fragments and collect them.

"You! Why did you kill my subordinate, aren't we allies?"

An angry man shouted, but the fact that he was also being sent flying backward didn't make his words sound serious enough.

There had been another two men flying backward beside him.

"Allies? If you put on my way, I will kill you all."

The woman had recognized the other party, but although they had the same status, she didn't care since he seemed to be in dire straits.

A second later, a lot of long-range attacks hit the woman and her subordinates together with the man that had been flying backward.

The one that had been hurt by Nevah's anger some moments before couldn't avoid them, and she ended up critically injured. Nurvey used that chance to kill her.

"Awat has done a great job. He protected you until the very end. Let me repair him."

Nevah heard a voice that she recognized, and Awat's weapon body was repaired in an instant.


Nevah knew that Tofesh was someone really capable regarding repairing weapons with spirits, but she couldn't believe that she had so much luck as to find him at that moment.

Of course, it wasn't a matter of luck.

The universe had been shrinking, so everyone was nearer to others than before, and when Tofesh group noticed the presence of a battle near them and that Firene's group seemed to be at problems if they continued at that pace, they redirected the battle to send their opponents there.

The man blocking eh attack directed to Awat was also Tofesh's doing.

The coordination between Tofesh, Clair, Diane, and Zack was just too good, their opponents hadn't been able to overcome their combination and had been forced to be at the defensive.

Even in that situation, it wasn't easy to kill any of their opponents, so it had been a great surprise that one died at the hands of the leader of the group. The unexpected attack of Zack and Diane also let Nurvey kill one, so the two groups of rebels had lost a member each.

"His spirit will just sleep a bit. Since his state was just badly damaged, it was easy to repair."

Tofesh felt at ease that Awat was alright. It wasn't as if weapon spirits were affected by permanent death but would have been a traumatic experience for Nevah since she didn't know.

"You dared to kill one of my cute subordinates. No matter how pretty you are, I will kill you!"

The woman stopped caring about the three men and focused her anger on Nurvey, but she wasn't able to approach her as she was stopped by a huge number of arrows. Arrows should be useless in their environment, but those weren't normal arrows, but arrows created with the True archery Divinity.

A second later, Clair forced the woman to step back by attacking her with a sword, which provoked that she didn't notice that Tofesh wasn't at Nevah's side anymore, but just at the place, she went to avoid Clair's attack.

The woman was hit by the huge hammer and was sent back like happened with the members of the other group.

Those four were just too good manipulating the movements of their opponents.

The battle changed a lot after Tofesh's group joined Firene's group.

The rebels were uncoordinated and were fewer in numbers, while Firene's group just needed to attack with all their strength when Tofesh knocked their opponents back.

In just five minutes, the woman that had been Firene's opponent was the only one alive, but she was heavily wounded. What she believed to be a certain victory turned around at the moment Tofesh appeared with his group.

She wasn't able to say anything before Firene killed her without any mercy.

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