Last Wish System

Chapter 638 Shocking Aura

Yale was calmly observing the battles on the whole universe when the combined groups of Tofesh and Firene managed to kill all their opponents.

"Everything is still going as I planned despite what happened there. Awat was too reckless, and the performance of Firene's group has been a bit lacking, but I did well to put Tofesh near in case they were in danger."

If they were really going to die, Yale could save them at the last second. He shouldn't act until the proper moment, but that moment was already near anyway.

However, it was better to follow everything strictly until the end.

"Well, this was also on my expectations. I was waiting for it."

Yale smiled as a Great God of the rebels rushed towards him. It was easy to see that the Great God didn't care for his life at all.

"Yale, a mere Great God like you, dared to act like a big shot here. I will show you that you are just a puny existence. My lord, the Space God, is the one who shall rule the multiverse!"

That man was a subordinate of the Space God, but he was a mere pawn that was doomed to die. However, he was proud to die if that would make his lord happy.

"You and the Space God are both fools."

Yale really felt that both were just clowns. He wondered if there was something like a True Clown Divinity because if it existed, he believed those two had it.

"Die! No Great God can survive this!"

The Great God had an item on his hands, which exploded with a light that surrounded Yale and him.

That item was a prototype a certain woman used to make the rebels accept her before she was sent to Lesta. It was also the only one of her inventions that were on the hands of the Space God.

If that item was wielded by a Great God, it could guarantee that another Great God would die, but the wielder would also die. It was impossible to use it against a True God or make a True God use it. Thus, it was considered flawed and useless by the Space God.

After all, he could easily kill Great Gods. There wasn't any need to sacrifice one of his own Great Gods to do it.

However, he heard that Yale was a Great God, but one that he couldn't kill, so he decided to try using that item.

The Space God was busy battling against Kanai, but he was still paying attention to his subordinate.

He felt that it was possible that Yale would avoid being hit by the item, but since the item successfully hit Yale, he started to laugh.

"I won! That Yale is dead! Lesta, take this! I am the best! I didn't need your help to kill him!"

Kanai just coldly smiled when hearing those words before a voice rumbled thought the universe.

"Nice toy, but useless. Do you hear this Space God? Your subordinate died for nothing. Did you really believe that as long as that thing hit me, I would die? You are underestimating me too much. Not even you are enough to face me, much less your subordinate with a toy. In your whole army, the only one who can endure battling against me is Lesta, and he can't beat me anyway!"

Hearing that voice, the Space God felt as if he was being mocked in front of everyone in the universe.

Yale claiming to be undefeatable could just be considered as bluffing to increase the moral on the side of the Council of Gods, so the Space God wasn't worried by it. However, the part where Yale considered Lesta better than the Space God was a huge blow for his pride.

Before he could say something to try to recover a bit of his pride, an aura left him frozen.

It was an extremely strong aura of a True God, but one that had obtained a lot of True Divinities, which wasn't common at all.

Ange's aura had been restrained since she was in an isolated dimension, and she didn't show her whole power on purpose, so the others hadn't felt such a strong aura until that moment.

"Let me tell you this. I am not a Great God but a True God. I have been one for a long time, but I never felt like announcing it. When I learned that you had that toy, I decided to continue restraining my power as that of a Great God to see how stupid and predictable you are."

Yale was a True God and one that only had True Divinities. Moreover, their number wasn't small at all. If Ange's case was scary, Yale's case was even scarier.

Yale already expected that the Space God would try to use that item on the Second Calamity, so he acted as a bait to prevent that he decided to use it against someone else.

His hiding was so good that not even the system could notice his true strength when he was hiding it.

The strong aura he was spreading for the whole universe didn't have any real effect, it only served to show his power, but psychologically it had a great impact.

Even True Gods from the rebels were scared when they sensed Yale's aura. An aura with so many True Divinities was definitely scary.

Those on Yale's side were also shocked, but that just motivated them because they were Yale's allies.

Of course, some of them, like Shiba and Ange, weren't surprised at all since they knew Yale's true level beforehand.

Yale's aura could even cross the barrier of the separate dimension that Ange created.

"Shit, father and daughter are both abnormal."

The disciple of the Space God was really scared at that moment. Ange started to release her aura when she noticed Yale's one, so the disciple of the Space God was facing both auras simultaneously. His instincts were telling him to flee, but he couldn't no matter how much he wanted to flee.

On Shiba's side, Lina and Eini were motivated when they realized how strong Yale was, but they didn't understand why Shiba let himself being knocked back despite not being surprised at all. There was no way they didn't notice that Shiba's behavior wasn't normal. Of course, that was because they knew Shiba very well, no one else noticed about it.

However, they couldn't stop the battles to ask. Moreover, Shiba reappeared after destroying another planet, and he was still unharmed, so the other two didn't think too much about the reasons for his previous mistake.

The movements of their rivals were a bit more sluggish than before due to the shock provoked by Yale's aura, but that wasn't enough to decide the battle.

"You! Don't think that just because your husband has this scary aura, you will leave this place alive."

The Ice Goddess spoke to try to hide her inner fear.

Lina was about to reply when she was left speechless.

The Ice Goddess had been cut in two, which led to her immediate death.

"Shiba, you..."

She didn't know why suddenly Shiba's aura turned several times stronger than before, nor why did he turn his back to his opponent to kill someone else despite how he had been battling earlier.

"Pavel, kill him now! Kill your enemy! This is your chance!"

The moment the former investigator noticed that Shiba turned back and attacked the Ice Goddess, he sent that message to Pavel.

He didn't feel confident in a three versus two after seeing the change on Shiba's aura, and he was busy dealing with Eini to use the gap on Shiba's defense created after killing the Ice Goddess.

"My enemy will die now."

The former investigator didn't pay attention as he received that message as it seemed useless information.


An instant later, the former investigator spoke while seeing the sword that had stabbed his chest.

"Because as far as I can remember, the one who did a useless experiment that killed my whole family is you. Didn't you tell me to kill my enemy?"

The former investigator had indeed killed a lot of people from the place where Pavel came. Thus, he could believe it.

He planned to escape and kill Pavel, but he noticed that he couldn't move at all.

"You aren't moving. Pavel, you can finish him."

Shiba had frozen the dimension surrounding the former investigator with precision and power that surpassed the Great Dimension Divinity.

"Thank you, senior brother. I knew that following Master Liye was the best decision of my life. Infiltrating on the rebels and following Master Lesta as he ordered have all been for this moment. I lost the count of how many years I waited for this instant."

The former investigator died while still being shocked. He never expected that Pavel was a spy. Before dying, he felt that he understood how Yale obtained information about them.

Pavel was the kid that Yale's incarnation accepted as a disciple back then. The former investigator had been the one in charge of that planet, and it was because he messed up that the death-rate increased so much that the people died without stopping.

The battle between Shiba and Pavel had been just a performance. Yale's aura was the signal to stop.

Lina and Eini didn't expect that kind of development, but there was something that Eini wanted to know more than the story behind Pavel.

"Who are you, and where is Shiba?"

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