Last Wish System

Chapter 639 A Separate Dimension

Eini's question surprised everyone, Pavel included. There wasn't anything on the plan saying that he would battle a fake Shiba. His master said that Pavel would be facing Shiba, so he didn't think that Shiba was fake while they battled.

However, he noticed that the Shiba he had been battling and the one who killed the Ice Goddess differed in power, but he thought that since their battle was a performance, Shiba wasn't giving his all when battling. Thus, he felt that Shiba was really good at hiding his power, but he never considered the possibility that someone changed places with Shiba.

"What are you saying, I have been hiding my power, that is all. I am sorry for keeping it secret, but sometimes hiding something from allies helps to trick enemies."

Shiba tried to ignore what Eini said as if she was just upset for Shiba hiding something from her, but Eini wasn't planning to let the matter go with just that explanation.

"Don't lie to me. You really look and act like Shiba, but although I can't say the reason, something tells me that you aren't him!"

Eini wasn't able to explain the reason because she couldn't detect anything that differed from the usual Shiba, but she still had that feeling that the man in front of her wasn't her Shiba. There wasn't any proof, but she firmly trusted her intuition. She spent most of her life with Shiba, so she was confident about her intuition regarding Shiba.

"If I tell you something that only both of us know, will you believe me?"

They were a married couple, so they knew each other very well and shared things between them. It wasn't difficult to verify his identity by telling something that no one else should be able to know.


Eini felt that if Shiba was able to tell something that only they two knew, everything would have just been her paranoid for the shock of the situation. She couldn't deny that she was a bit upset about Shiba having secrets.

"Your Shiba is currently undergoing a very important mission following Yale's orders. I am taking his place temporally. Everything is going like Yale planned from the start, but I bet he didn't expect that you would notice this. I am sorry, but you need to act as if I am Shiba for now. I will reveal the truth later."

Eini couldn't believe what she heard. She didn't expect that fake Shiba to admit it so bluntly, but she expected even less that everything had already been planned beforehand.

However, she knew that if Yale managed to make someone impersonate Shiba so perfectly that only his wife could notice something by intuition, despite being unable to find a proof, there should be an important reason for the real Shiba leaving.

"I am sorry for doubting you! I was too shocked by your increase in power."

Eini decided to obey and act as if Shiba really convinced her. The matters of the Second Calamity were serious, she didn't dare to provoke problems by having a childish behavior.

However, Eini swore that she would demand a proper explanation latter. If Shiba was going to leave for a secret mission, she felt that she needed to know it, although she knew it was somewhat unreasonable since it was a secret mission. It was quite a contradictory feeling.

"Don't worry. It is my fault for hiding it from you. I should be the one apologizing. Sorry."

The fake Shiba pated Eini's head, which made Eini feel strange. She felt exactly as she felt when Shiba did it, which made that the impersonation was far too scary.

She didn't know about the real identity of that person. However, given by how strong he was, it couldn't be a random person. Moreover, she believed that since he used something that she was almost sure that was the True Dimensional Divinity, Yale should have been deeply involved in teaching him, which made sense since Yale made the plan.

She didn't know why Shiba and Yale hadn't spoken with her and Lina about the plan, but she didn't plan to demand explanations until the Second Calamity finished. She believed that they would have a lot of time to give explanations later.

While the fake Shiba and Eini spoke, the universe was shrinking quickly, and the number of alive people was reducing very quickly.

However, it wasn't that everyone was being killed.

A lot of allies of the Council of Gods, including those close to Yale, had disappeared and reappeared on a different dimension not too long after the fake Shiba appeared.

That was because the one controlling that dimension and bringing people inside was the real Shiba. It wasn't false that he hid his power before. He was a True God and obtained the True Dimensional Divinity a bit before the time limit for his training was over. However, he wasn't as strong as the fake Shiba. He wouldn't have been able to kill the Ice Goddess so easily, although it wouldn't be impossible either.

However, his power was reserved for maintaining that dimension. As long as he was inside, it would be impossible to find that dimension from the outside unless the other party also had the True Dimensional Divinity, and even in that case, it wouldn't be easy to enter forcefully.

His job was to protect everyone in that place.

He was also planning to bring Lina and Eini there after a while. There was too much attention to them at that moment to make them disappear from that universe, but he decided to let them see the truth since he was informed that Eini discovered the fake Shiba.

Although the number of people in that dimension was increasing, they were all sleeping. They would sleep peacefully until the Second Calamity finished.

The end of the Second Calamity wasn't something that must be shown. There was a part that was needed to remain in the darkness.

Once inside the dimension, they wouldn't be able to leave without killing Shiba or obtaining Shiba's permission, but just to prevent issues, everyone who wasn't Shiba was forced to sleep once they were brought there.

The first ones in going there were those who didn't want to battle more or couldn't. Of course, those directly related to the Time Faction had priority over others.

Wyba and Barha were bored from battling, so they were among the first ones Shiba teleported there.

The same applied to Bashi's group since they had been avoiding battles after their defeat. Shiba also didn't want to have his son on that battlefield for more time.

When Shiba started doing his work, Ange was still battling the disciple of the Space God, but although they were in a separate dimension, it was a dimension Ange created inside the battlefield, so she was able to notice the changes outside.

"It seems the time is over. You need to die now."

While preparing a big attack, Ange spoke those words with a cold voice that wasn't normal on her. That was a tone that Yale and Lina used quite a bit when being serious.

The disciple of the Space God could only think about fleeing when he saw Ange preparing. That was his only option to survive since he wasn't confident in stopping Ange from attacking.

However, he couldn't flee. He would have done it long ago if he could. He had already noticed that he wasn't Ange's match at all. He believed that unless his master appeared there to help, no one would be able to stop Ange.

Of course, he was partial and thought that his master was the strongest and that he was only second to his master, so he ignored the possibility of someone else being better.

The problem was that he knew that his master wouldn't appear, and he felt Yale's aura before. If his master appeared, he firmly believed that Yale would do the same.

Thus, he decided to use Devy as a shield because it seemed the safest option to survive in his situation. He could only bet that Ange would stop her attack to not harm Devy.

He didn't know what to do after Ange stopped her attack, but at least he would have more time.

When he was going to grab Devy, he heard Ange's voice.

"That is useless, you are already dead."

The voice was cold and calm, but she didn't seem to be ready to attack, so the disciple of the Space God believed that she wouldn't attack if he managed to grab Devy despite what she was saying.

"Come here, my human shield!"

He screamed those words thinking that he already succeeded, but then, he felt that his field of view was somewhat wrong.

However, when he noticed that his head had been separated from his body by the girl who he considered harmless, it was already too late for him. It was a quick death.

"Someone like you should have died long ago. If it weren't for the instructions of my father, I would have killed you long ago."

Devy also spoke coldly. She had been wanted to kill the disciple of the Space God for a long time, but she had needed to restrain herself for the sake of her father.

"I told him that he was already dead, but he didn't listen."

Ange stopped her attack since her target was already dead, but she didn't look shocked that Devy killed him, nor seemed to have intentions to battle against her.

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