Last Wish System

Chapter 641

Chapter 641

Chapter 641: The End of the Second Calamity

"What are you meaning . Don't tell me that you want to kill that traitor? I know that you are angry with him, but it is better if we leave now . There will be time to vent your anger later . Maybe this is just an excuse, and you want to recover that girl? You showed to be very protective before . "

Gleb thought quickly about Lesta's words, and he found two possible reasons . In fact, he felt that both were correct .

After all, Pavel's betrayal was something that decided the result of the whole war, so Gleb could understand that it was a huge stain in Lesta's pride . Devy's part was even easier to understand .

"You all don't need to know the reasons, go there and fight . This is an order . "

Gleb sighed as he knew that there was no way Lesta would admit his intentions .

"No way! That is suicide . I am definitely not going . Lesta, you need to obey us and get us out of this place now . Your disciple was a traitor, so you aren't qualified to give us orders anymore . "

Another of the investigators spoke with rage . He wasn't the only one angry with Lesta for Pavel's betrayal, but since they still needed to rely on him to leave that battlefield, no one mentioned the topic before .

"Alright, you don't need to follow my orders . "

Lesta spoke, and the investigator smiled with arrogance .

A second later, that investigators had been crushed into nothingness .

"Someone else chooses to not obey?"

Lesta asked without any expression on his face . He didn't seem angry, happy, or sad, just indifferent as if nothing happened . The death of one of his companions didn't have the slightest effect on his mood .

The others knew that Lesta was merciless, but they never expected that he would start to kill them if they refused to obey .

Moreover, they were under Lesta's protection, which meant that their lives were on Lesta's hands . As long as they were in that are under Lesta's control, they couldn't disobey at all, or they would die .

"Gleb will remain here . The rest of you need to go . Now!"

Going to face Yale and the others was definitely seeking death, but not obeying Lesta was immediate death, so that time, everyone obeyed .

The remaining investigators had two targets .

One was Devy, who was hiding behind Ange . They believed that if they used Devy as a hostage, Lesta would agree to their demands .

The other was Pavel . If Pavel was killed or at least injured enough, Lesta might feel that it was enough or even give the last blow himself .

However, they were all annihilated in an instant .

The culprits were the fake Shiba and Devy .

The fake Shiba crushed them to nothingness while Devy cut their heads with a huge scythe .

Gleb couldn't believe what he was seeing .

Shiba's case was one thing since he was Yale's disciple, and he already killed the Ice Goddess before . It was surprising how easily he killed them, but Gleb could understand it .

However, he couldn't explain Devy's case .

If Devy was as Lesta said, a harmless girl that couldn't injure others, she shouldn't have been able to do that . Anyway, she was releasing the aura of a True Goddess and a terrifying one, so everything that Lesta said about her was a lie, or he had been tricked by her .

Anyway, Gleb knew that she wasn't their ally . If she was that strong, she could have killed someone while they were distracted instead of attacking those on the side of the rebels .

"Lesta, why even she is betraying us . Did she also manage to trick you?"

Gleb asked that because his life was still in Lesta's hands, but he couldn't believe that Lesta had been tricked by the two closest to him .

Thus, he was avoiding to think about what he feared to be the truth, that Lesta was the one who planned the annihilation of the rebels from the start .

He didn't know if Lesta and the Council of God were collaborating or not, since Lesta made an oath, so the Council of Gods shouldn't be on good terms with him, but Lesta always said that he was on his own side, so the chances of doing it for his own purposes were high .

"Don't act like a fool Gleb . I know that you already guessed it . "

Lesta smiled while speaking, confirming to Gleb that Lesta hadn't been tricked at all .

"Why? I won't tell something naive as to why you have betrayed us, you always remarked that we just shared a goal anyway . However, I want to know why you did this . "

Gleb didn't know why he was still alive, but since he hadn't been killed, maybe Lesta needed him for something . At that moment, he trashed away his pride . If Lesta had conditions in exchange for his life, he would agree to anything .

"My reasons? Obtaining the best possible result for myself out of this Second Calamity . This is also the best for this multiverse . You are smart, but to think that you still haven't guessed anything about me, I am a bit disappointed . "

Lesta's face changed to one that shocked Gleb .

"Yale? Impossible . Your auras are too different . Your Divinities were suspicious, but after investigation, you two weren't the same person . "

Changing the face was easy for people like them, faking auras completely was far more difficult .

"This is my real face, but you are right, I am not Yale . At least not the Yale that you know . Lesta is one of my many names, but the name I used since I came to this time is Alter Yale . Well, Yale and I are basically the same existence on different timelines, so we can be considered the same person, but our experiences are different, so our auras don't match . "

As soon as Lesta revealed his identity, Devy also changed her face . After that, she looked like Ange . The reason was that she was Ange from Alter Yale's timeline .

"It seems that I can already show you my identity . "

The fake Shiba smiled before a cloak covered him .

"I am known as the Mysterious Expert; do you remember me?"

Lina was far more shocked than Eini since she didn't know that the Shiba with them was fake . However, Eini understood why she didn't feel that Shiba was fake despite being fake .

After all, the Mysterious Expert was created mainly by the fusion of five existences in another timeline, with Shiba being one of them . She also knew that Yale and Lina were two of the others .

"Gleb, are you surprised? I can access Alter Yale's memories since his timeless shadow is put on my incarnation, and I always wanted to see your reaction . It would have been too boring if no one reacted to this . "

Lesta and the other two were only incarnations, but someone with the True Dimensional Divinity could make incarnations that didn't seem different than a real living being .

The difference was that instead of being controlled by the one who created them, there was a shadow of the Timeless Border put there .

They couldn't exist on their own, but Yale had found a loophole using incarnations . They couldn't exist permanently either, but even after the incarnation dissipated, they would only return to the Timeless Border until a new incarnation was made .

Moreover, the power was linked to the one who created the incarnation, so Lesta and the Mysterious Expert were as strong as any incarnation of Yale . Devy was on an incarnation created by Ange, so she was linked to her . She had been quite weak before dying compared to Ange, so she liked being powerful .

"You plotted everything from the beginning . This has been just a game for you, right?"

Gleb was extremely frustrated . He never believed that something like that was possible . Yale had played as the commander on both sides of the war by himself . Lesta might have a different consciousness, but he was following Yale's orders .

"Of course . There was no way to avoid this Second Calamity, so better have it all under my control than just let it run wild . As Lesta said, this is all for this multiverse . Lesta, kill him . Put an end to the Second Calamity . "


Gleb still couldn't understand why Yale let die so many people related to the Council of Gods, but it was the fact that no one close to Yale died . Anyway, he was killed by Lesta before he could think more about that .

"You two . It is time . All my incarnations will disappear now . I will summon you back later if I can . "

As Yale spoke, all the incarnations related to him started to disappear, but everyone was surprised that the one they thought to be the real Yale was also an incarnation .

At that moment, on an isolated dimension where only Yale existed, he opened his eyes as he heard a series of notifications .

[The user's aura is undergoing changes . Pattern following Theory A . ]

[Based on Theory A, the user is undergoing a breakthrough to Transcendental God . ]

[Conditions meet . The system will begin the execution of Command Z . As stated in Command Z, the cancelation of the Command is impossible . Starting execution . ]

"Now, it is time for the real final battle . "

Soon after he spoke, another notification appeared .

[Congratulations . Successful breakthrough to Transcendental God . ]

Immediately after that, Yale's true body disappeared, and he reappeared in a place he had never been, a place supposed to not exist on the multiverse but existed anyway .

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