Last Wish System

Chapter 642

Chapter 642

Chapter 642: The True Enemy

"I had my guesses about this place, but it is simpler than expected . Aren't you bored to live here?"

There was a mocking expression in Yale's face when he spoke, but that was just an act, it was possible to see that it was just hiding absolute hatred .

"I knew that you discovered my existence long ago, but you still came here, what a fool . "

A voice resounded on the whole dimension as if the dimension itself was speaking .

"I am perfectly aware of the danger, but you also know that this is our only chance . "

Yale was mentally prepared from the beginning .

"True, but this is also the best chance for me . That Space God was a good pawn, but he was just the Space God . If I needed to steal someone's existence, yours is far better, Dimensional God Yale . "

The voice seemed happy that Yale was the one there .

"I know, but you are dreaming if you think you will be able to steal my existence easily . Right, Dimensional God of the previous multiverse?"

Yale had guessed the identity of that voice long ago, but his previous words confirmed it .

"As expected, you guessed it, but that doesn't matter . I will devour your consciousness first and then possess your body, soul, and your whole existence . After that, I will kill everyone related to you and destroy this shitty multiverse . Then, I will be able to create a new multiverse where everyone lived for my sake . "

What the voice said didn't surprise Yale at all .

"I won't let you do it . If I am guessing right, you were the one who destroyed the previous multiverse when trying to advance to Transcendental God . Still, your method was flawed, or someone messed with you at the critical point, so you lost everything, remaining as a mere consciousness here . However, you allowed a new multiverse to start with the hope of finding a new existence . Sadly for you, there wasn't any Dimensional God born among the original Gods, so you set your plans on the Space God . "

Yale's description was pretty accurate . He was the first to obtain the Dimension Divinity, so he had been able to pry on many secrets that he shouldn't have been able to know . However, he couldn't confirm anything since the information he obtained wasn't clear .

"It was a great surprise that you obtained the Dimensional Divinity . Having that Second Calamity with you versus the Space God was perfect for me since I would get an existence to steal anyway, but you surprised me, leading both sides simultaneously . I admit that I wanted you to win since you are more compatible with me than the Space God . "

He would have been able to steal the Space God's existence, but he would have been weaker than stealing Yale's existence, so it was easy to see why that voice would want Yale to win despite the other being his pawn .

"Indeed, our compatibility is the best since I became a Transcendental God using the Dimensional Divinity, and I did it properly, not like you . You can't wish a better existence to steal than mine, but at the same time, I am the only one who can erase your consciousness . I could have used some other Divinity to advance, and you would have been weaker when stealing my existence, but then my chances of erasing you would have been zero . "

The only way to have a chance was by taking the highest risk .

Even if that failed Transcendental God took possession of someone else's existence and became weaker than he wanted, he would still be an existence that couldn't die, and he could provoke a huge chaos anyway .

"You are right, but I am this dimension . There is no way you can erase me from outside, but at the same time, you can't do it from inside . You can just wait to be devoured by me!"

The voice knew that Yale wanted to erase him, but he prepared the trap to teleport there anyone who became a Transcendental God . Outside, he couldn't interact directly with others, but once they are inside him, he could do anything .

"Don't be so sure . I know your weakness . Time! That is why you didn't bring Kroh here when he advanced to Transcendental God, your compatibility is the worst . "

Even without that reason, Yale knew that time was the voice's worse enemy since he appeared in that dimension . It was similar to the Timeless Border, but the truth was that it was the opposite . It blocked the time completely . The Time Divinity couldn't be used there .

"Well, you aren't wrong, but time is banned here, so you knowing it is useless . "

The voice was confident . At that moment, it wanted to break Yale's confidence slowly with words to make him easier to devour later . After all, when trying to devour a consciousness, there was also a risk to be devoured instead . Although he didn't feel that he was likely to happen, he was cautious enough to first break Yale's mind .

The mistake when advancing to Transcendental God had been too huge, and it had been provoked by the Time God who battled with him until the end, so the time could erase his consciousness if he didn't ban it from that place .

"Is that so? I am sorry, but time does exist here now, my old enemy . "

Another voice appeared in that space as a figure materialized there .

"Kroh! How? You shouldn't be able to enter this place! Even if you recovered those memories, it should be impossible!"

The voice was really shocked to see Kroh there . Only Transcendental God could exist there, so Kroh met the requirements, but he believed that he was the only one capable of bringing people inside, and he didn't bring Kroh to that place .

Kroh was a Transcendental God and one that used the Time Divinity to advance, so he was the time itself . If Kroh was there, the ban on the Time Divinity was automatically erased .

"Surprised? Did you really think that I chatted so long with you without reason? You were trying to break my confidence, but I was just trying to distract you until being able to bring Kroh here . he had been hiding inside my private dimension this whole time, the one at war was just an incarnation . "

That was why Kroh couldn't attack at the Second Calamity . If he did it, the camouflage of the incarnation would have been noticed by their true enemy, and if he knew that Kroh was hidden in Yale's private dimension, there were more chances that something could block Kroh from appearing there .

Yale still had difficulties in bringing Kroh out even without their enemy knowing about it .

"Let me tell you that I haven't recovered any memories, that is impossible . I am the incarnation of time . When I lost against you and lost my memories, it meant the restart of the multiverse without you . The dimensions crumbled for your mistake, and the time was erased due to my memories, so you felt like creating a new multiverse, right?"

Kroh was the same Time God that battled the Dimensional God of the previous multiverse and provoked the failure on the breakthrough . However, he lost at the end and almost died .

It wasn't until the new Time God used the Name Kroh that the previous Dimensional God noticed that he wasn't dead .

Even when the First Calamity was successful thanks to the Dimensional God's ploy of making the True God have such a huge defect, he didn't have the guts to call Kroh to try to possess him . He had a huge trauma facing Kroh .

If it hadn't been for Kroh, he would have already been the owner of everything that existed .

He had blocked the path to Transcendental Gods, only when a lot of deaths of Gods happened, that block would allow a single person to advance .

He put the block because he loved chaos, but he also feared that a lot of Transcendental Gods would attack him simultaneously without it . He couldn't interact directly with the multiverse, but since the reset was mostly his fault, he managed to alter the rules a bit .

The First Calamity was his loss since Kroh used it to advance without noticing it, but he was confident in the second one .

However, he hadn't expected that Yale would manage to bring Kroh inside after being the next to advance .

"Alright, I underestimated you two, but this is isn't enough . Kroh may be here, but without the True Dimensional Divinity, he couldn't move at all, wait, what?"

The voice noticed that Kroh was moving without problems . He couldn't move like Yale, who used the Dimensional Divinity to advance to Transcendental God, but he could move well anyway .

"Who said I hadn't obtained the True Dimensional Divinity, Yale is very good at teaching, you know?"

It wasn't even difficult for Kroh to obtain the True Dimensional Divinity, but he hadn't used it a single time outside of places specially prepared so no one could know what happened inside like isolated dimensions within the Timeless Border .

"Good, but not enough . Did you believe making you kill permanently so many Gods were without reason? See my body of soul essences . "

A humanoid that was ten meters tall appeared . It was fully formed of soul essences .

A soul essence was spread through the multiverse upon death, but if it was stolen, the multiverse couldn't consider that person alive, so even time traveling was useless to prevent death .

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