Last Wish System

Chapter 643

Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Goodbye

"Something like that isn't even surprising . We knew long ago that you were stealing those soul essences for some purpose . Using them to create something capable of fighting us physically was the easiest guess . Can't you be more original? This is even disappointing . "

Yale didn't feel the slightest surprise when that humanoid appeared, and the same applied to Kroh .

They had carefully analyzed everything they thought that could happen, and they devised far stranger cases than in reality . The consciousness of the Dimensional God was acting following the simplest guesses instead of the strangest ones .

Of course, Yale and Kroh didn't plan to lower their guard just for that reason .

Since there was an opponent, Yale took out Lar and prepared to battle . He hadn't used her in the Second Calamity because he was reserving her for the last battle .

Lar was Yale's weapon, so as long as Yale was wielding her, the attacks could still erase the consciousness of the Dimensional God .

Kroh didn't have the capability of erasing the consciousness of Dimensional God directly, but his mere presence was enough to put pressure since the time was harming his opponent continuously .

However, Kroh and Yale still attacked together . Not being able to erase the opponent's consciousness didn't mean he couldn't harm him at all .

The humanoid made of soul essences could only exist in that space, but he could use all the power that the Dimensional God had in the previous multiverse, so it was incredibly strong . After all, the Dimensional God of the previous multiverse obtained a lot of Divinities .

The humanoid of soul essences was powerful, but Yale and Kroh weren't any weaker than it .

"You two are good at fighting, but it is obvious that you fear the possibility of destroying the soul essences of those related to you . "

He noticed that Yale and Kroh weren't giving their all, especially Kroh .

Yale had been careful that no one close to him ended up there, but Kroh's old friends were among those soul essences .

"Then, I just need to take those soul essences back, and you won't be able to use them . "

That was their intention from the beginning . Since the other party had the soul essences of Kroh's friends, without retrieving them first, there was no way they could battle without restrictions .

"As if that was possible . I don't even know how many there are or who they were before becoming soul essences . It is impossible that you can retrieve them all, so you can't save Kroh's friends!"

If he could detect to whom belonged to each soul essence, he would have kept Kroh's friends as hostages from the beginning .

He knew that someone with the True Resurrection Divinity could identity the soul essences dispersed among the universe, but he also knew that something like that didn't apply to that dimension .

The Dimensional God could believe that Yale and Kroh would manage to steal some random soul essences, but that wouldn't change anything .

"We won't know until we try . "

As Yale shouted, Kroh rushed to the back of the humanoid and tried to steal several soul essences from it, but since the whole dimension was part of their opponent, Kroh failed .

However, a second after that, the voice on the dimension cried out .

"That hurts! Bastard! To think that you would use such a powerful attack when trying to steal the essences, what if you destroyed them?"

That had been a risky bet . A risky bet that their opponent would be able to predict Kroh's actions and defend .

The movements of the humanoid stopped thanks to Kroh's attack since the consciousness controlling them couldn't bear the pain that time was provoking to him .

An instant later, Yale cut the humanoid and stole a huge chunk of soul essences from it .

Of course, even that big chunk was still an extremely small part of all the soul essences there .

"You two were tricking me! You really don't care about harming the soul essences or not . "

The Dimensional God recovered after Kroh's attack, but after recovering, he saw that yale had successfully stolen that big chunk of soul essences from the humanoid .

"If we can recover them, then perfect . If we can't, erasing you takes priority . "

Yale's voice was somewhat cold, but it wasn't as cold as he used to speak when being angry .

"Kroh, take them . "

Yale threw the soul essences to Kroh .

"I will recover them anyway . You can't take them out or hide them, so holding the soul essences will restrict you in the fight . "

To the Dimensional God, Yale throwing those soul essences to Kroh seemed to be able to battle properly since Yale was the only one that could erase him .

"Goodbye . "

When the Dimensional God heard Yale's voice, he noticed that Kroh had disappeared .

"What happened?"

He couldn't find Kroh or the soul essences .

"They left . I threw them outside this dimension . You can't kill Kroh, so as long as Kroh had those soul essences, you can't kill them either . Now, Kroh will collect the soul essences of those still alive related to us . That puts their lives in Kroh's hands but also means that you will never be able to put your hands on them . No matter if I win or not, you will never be able to put your hands on my family and friends . "

As long as the soul essences were intact, everyone could be resurrected endlessly by Kroh . Yale had also taught him the True Resurrection Divinity .

Kroh and Yale didn't know how the soul essences were when not dispersed on the multiverse, so they hadn't been able to do the operation before .

"So, you just took a bunch on random soul essences to have an example to use . You and Kroh are heartless . "

He noticed the intentions of the other party .

"You can't say that others are heartless when you are practically the definition of being heartless . Anyway, all of Kroh's friends and those related to us were all there . It seems that we fooled you . "

Yale had a big smile on his face .

"What? Impossible! No, that aura, the True Miracle Divinity? When did you get it? How is that I didn't know?"

Alrein had taught the True Miracle Divinity to Yale, but Yale had it always sealed to prevent it from being noticed . Not even the system noticed that he had it .

"I know that defeating you is almost impossible, so our main objective was preparing for the case that you possessed me . Now that is finished . even if I lose here, Kroh will make your life a hell . "

Even with the effect of time, Yale knew that wouldn't be enough, and since he couldn't leave, he could only send Kroh out to protect the rest .

"Bastard, I will devour your consciousness!"

Since Kroh wasn't there anymore, the Dimensional God made the humanoid rush to Yale to devour his consciousness . Once the body lost its consciousness, the Dimensional God would put his consciousness inside .

"That is if I don't erase you first . "

Yale concentrated all his power on his attack . He knew that his opponent was decided to devour him even with the risk of being devoured back instead, so he could only make the same and bet it all .

Yale's attack broke the humanoid to pieces, but Lar also broke . Fortunately, she could be repaired easily by Tofesh later as long as Yale managed to win, so she sacrificed all her defense to maximize offense in that last attack .

Yale was in the same position after finishing the attack for a while . He was alive, but there wasn't any trace of consciousness on his eyes .

"I won! I have yet to digest this consciousness, but it doesn't have a will anymore . Be ready Kroh, I will be the one to make your life a hell . "

The Dimensional God laughed with craziness . He really feared the last attack that Yale made . It even destroyed that humanoid that was his best protection .

"Three . Two . One . I won . "

It was just an unconscious mutter, but Yale's voice was clear, and he regained consciousness just after that .


The Dimensional God was sure that he had eaten Yale's consciousness, so he couldn't explain how he regained his consciousness back .

While the Dimensional God spoke, a sound of notification that Yale knew very well sounded though the whole dimension .

[Countdown finished . As stated in Command Z, the current user's consciousness will be fully erased . This process can't be stopped . ]

Yale smiled when he heard that notification, and the dimension started to crumble .

"Why? Cancel it, damn!"

Those were the last words he managed to say while trying to stop the erasing process .

"You haven't been speaking to me . It was an artificial intelligence given to the Last Wish System, and that is what you stole . I was deeply sealed until the end of Command Z or when you stole the Last Wish System from me . "

The erasing process of the Last Wish System was too quick . It was impossible to devour the Last Wish System before to prevent it .

That was Yale's plan from the beginning . He wanted the Dimensional God to steal his consciousness to devour it when the countdown was close to zero .

Too early and he could have devoured it, too late and Yale's consciousness would have been erased, but the system would have also erased the Dimensional God upon possessing Yale .

As long as he endured enough, the worst was a tie .

"Goodbye, Last Wish System . Thank you for your help until now . "


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