League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 12 - Master Yi, the Tank

Chapter 12: Master Yi, the Tank

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With one player down on the enemy team, Yu Luocheng led everybody to assault the second-tier Tower, reducing it to a pile of rubble in one go.

When that was done, the four enemy players seemed as though they didn’t intend to let Wang Qin and his team walk away just like that. Their Garen came charging in courageously with Decisive Strike at the ready, making a beeline towards Miss Fortune, who was a little too far in front!

Even with one man down, they still dared to start a team fight!

Well then, as the ancient sages would say: Let’s do it!

As a Support, Yu Luocheng’s primary duty was to keep his ADC safe. If Garen was looking to pick on Miss Fortune, Blitzcrank would answer with iron fists!

Stepping forward into harm’s way, he used his E-skill, ‘Power Fist’!

And then, the situation became even more entertaining. Seeing Blitzcrank, Garen immediately turned tail and fled back the way he’d come.

Seeing this, Yu Luocheng was taken aback for a moment. Hadn’t he just been storming in, all wrath and fury, as though nothing could quench his thirst but blood?

And yet he’d cut off halfway the moment he’d clapped eyes on Blitzcrank, as meek as a child fearing his father’s retribution. Are you really Garen?

“Haha, this Garen, he’s scared of Yu Luocheng! What a laugh!” someone from amongst the Class 8 spectators hooted.

Indeed, this whole game, Blitzcrank had beaten the fear into Garen!

“Come on, grow some balls!” Lin Xu of Class 3 hollered, so loudly that he could be heard on the other side.

Garen’s player, Xue Ben, was wrought with anguish. Having been yelled at by Lin Xu like that, there was nothing for it but to attack.

Checking to see that Miss Fortune was still alright, Yu Luocheng suddenly caught sight of someone from his own team rushing forward!

He nodded in approval. Yes, his Top-laner Zhao Kesong was playing Garen the right way. This was the moment for him to charge!

No, that wasn’t it. The heavily armored Garen was still standing behind Miss Fortune. So who was that, running out there?

Taking another look, Yu Luocheng nearly lost control of his bladder.

The one leading the charge was none other than Cao Sheng, on the Wuju Bladesman!

Master Yi, slight and slender of frame, dove into the fray with his Q-skill, ‘Alpha Strike’.

For goodness’ sake, he was using Q to jump onto the enemy Jax! Was their Master Yi a double agent? This was basically feeding them free kills!

Sure enough, Master Yi’s reckless aggression instantly made him the target of all four enemy players, who unloaded their skills on him in a crushing torrent.

Barely a second after his Alpha Strike concluded, Master Yi flopped dead to the ground, obliterated by the concentrated fire!

Dead, just like that!

This Master Yi had done nothing besides that one Alpha Strike.

Remembering how Master Yi himself would describe this skill as, ‘Many foes, one strike.’

Someone here would like to say, ‘It’s because there were too many foes, that you only got in one strike! ‘ 1


In a single moment, the situation had now become 4 vs. 4.

However, besides taking all their skills upon himself, Master Yi had also succeeded in drawing the entire enemy team a bit too close together in front.

Now that it had come to this, they had to fight!

Following the demise of Master Yi, Annie stepped up!

Wang Qin’s skills had earned him some tiny bit of respect from Yu Luocheng. With his ultimate skill, he crushed both Graves and Jax beneath a bear’s massive behind, Stunning them both.

Yu Luocheng wanted to hook Graves over, but Garen got in his way. Deciding to forego his skills for the moment, he rushed in to draw some fire away from Annie, lest she be the next one to get deleted.

Annie unleashed a full skill combo, and Graves was at death’s door. He was only still alive thanks to his high natural defenses—any other ADC would already be dead.

At critical health, Graves hurriedly threw out a few skills, and then used Flash to pull back.

Wang Qin wisely opted not to give chase, instead withdrawing a little as he waited for his skills to cool down.

“Ahahahahahaha!” Miss Fortune’s ultimate skill, ‘Bullet Time’, came out a little late. A little sooner and Graves might not have gotten away.

Bullet Time really covered quite a bit of real estate! Even a noob like Zhong Xiaoyun couldn’t help but hit somebody!

The bullets swept through the area, cutting Jax down to his last legs as well. However, he fearlessly pounced upon Annie nevertheless, raining vicious blows.


Now that the team fight had begun in earnest, all hell was breaking loose, and each moment everyone was fighting someone else.

For Yu Luocheng, the worst thing was how Zhao Kesong waited until the team fight had been going on for a while before bringing Garen into the fight. He was truly an idiot without equal.

To be able to play a durable Tank like Garen in such a particular way, it was certainly remarkable!

Jax was the first to fall, but with his last breath, he’d managed to take away half of Annie’s health. Graves had also done her quite a bit of damage with his skills.

Immediately afterward, Annie was the next to fall, cut down by the scythe-blade talons of Kha’Zix!

Its E-skill, ‘Leap’, refreshed its cooldown instantly with each kill. Somewhat reduced in damage potential, Kha’Zix used its Leap to pounce upon Miss Fortune, too far in front as usual.

Zhong Xiaoyun fell back hurriedly, fearing that Kha’Zix might kill him off with a single skill combo.

Truth be told, he had no need to flee. He had a good assortment of gear now, and if he stood his ground and fought, he could win out against Kha’Zix, with only two-thirds of its health left. It had already used its ‘Taste Their Fear’ skill on Annie, and could no longer deal enough damage to take down Miss Fortune as well.

Furthermore, throughout the entire team fight, no matter how chaotic the situation, Yu Luocheng had kept a close eye on Kha’Zix.

As such, the moment Lin Xu’s Kha’Zix pounced upon Miss Fortune, doubtlessly ready to do all kinds of nasty things to the gunslinging bombshell, Yu Luocheng put an Exhaust on it right away!

This Exhaust spell instantly deflated any unwelcome arousal!

For champions with high burst damage like Kha’Zix, Exhaust was a jagged blade across the hamstring.

Poor Kha’Zix could do little more than scrabble at the hem of Miss Fortune’s sleeves, doing just the tiniest bit of damage to her, and nothing else.

With another Rocket Grab, Yu Luocheng yanked Lin Xu’s Kha’Zix away from her, thoroughly eliminating any hope it had of killing her.

It was just too tragic that Zhong Xiaoyun didn’t know to take advantage of that opportunity and attack Kha’Zix. The fight could have been ended right there.

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