League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 13 - Boss Fight

Chapter 13: Boss Fight

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“Zhao Kesong, go finish off Graves!” Wang Qin yelled in frustration.

Zhao Kesong was a total mess in a team fight. Wang Qin’s furious roar pierced through his stupor, and it was only then that he noticed Graves cowering in the corner, near death.

He dashed over immediately, eager to use his Ultimate on Graves, when all of a sudden a spear thrust forward to intercept him!

A chill settled over the battlefield, and then the spear flashed like lightning!

As soon as Xin Zhao had respawned at the Fountain, he’d rushed over to join the fight, arriving just in time to save Graves from Zhao Kesong’s Garen!

Already low on health, Zhao Kesong suffered a combined beatdown from both Xin Zhao as well as Graves, and fell in a bloody heap mere moments later.

Watching Garen’s fall, Yu Luocheng felt he now understood how his classmates had lost so badly last week.

There was a huge difference in skill from the Class 3 players opposite!

Master Yi threw himself to his own death by focused fire; Garen could hardly survive combat for more than a moment. Both champions died without really achieving anything.

Now the only ones on their team still standing were Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune. At least the enemy Garen had been taken out as well.

This left three enemies for them to contend with: Kha’Zix on half health, Graves at critical health, and Xin Zhao with nearly full health.

Not the most ideal situation!

“Don’t run, Zhong Xiaoyun. Press the attack!”

Yu Luocheng knew the time had come to demonstrate his true abilities!

By now, Zhong Xiaoyun held absolute faith in Yu Luocheng, and stepped up to engage Kha’Zix in combat!

Now that she had some Lifesteal as well, Miss Fortune had a definite advantage, health-wise!

Kha’Zix had just unloaded another round of skills onto Blitzcrank. Faced with Miss Fortune’s vicious assault, the only thing Lin Xu could do was Flash away and run for dear life.

“Xin Zhao, go!”

“Hurry up and get in there, Xin Zhao!”

As the one with the most health left, not to mention being a superb damage dealer, Xin Zhao moved in to take Miss Fortune out.

As always, Blitzcrank was there, keeping her safe behind him.

The fight carried on, and now Blitzcrank was the one on low health. Activating ‘Overdrive’, he tried to get away from Xin Zhao.

“Kill him! Quickly, kill him now!”

“Blitzcrank is on his last HP!”

“Use your Charge! Audacious Charge!”

Yu Luocheng led the enemy’s Xin Zhao on a merry chase. As soon as his skill was ready again, he knocked Xin Zhao high into the sky, and then continued to flee, controlling his champion with deft timing.

No matter what he did, Xin Zhao just couldn’t get within reach of Blitzcrank. His player, Li Zan, was fuming like a boiling kettle!

Even Kha’Zix had finished the cooldown on all his skills, and still Xin Zhao hadn’t managed to finish the job yet.

“Heh, heh. This time you’re done for!” Lin Xu cackled.

He flew Kha’Zix over the wall, and fired a salvo of Void Spikes in a fan!

“Oh no!” Wang Qin wailed.

Once Kha’Zix appeared, everyone knew Blitzcrank was doomed.


There was a flash of light, and just as everyone thought Yu Luocheng’s Blitzcrank was about to meet his end, he suddenly Flashed a few steps forward, putting himself out of the way of Kha’Zix’s W-skill!

Lin Xu gaped as his Void Spikes tore through the empty air!

As the Sheriff of Piltover might say, ‘Want another shot?’

How was this possible?


Before Lin Xu could recover from this shock, Miss Fortune put a bullet right through his brain!

Kha’Zix was barely clinging on to life as it was. This one attack from Miss Fortune turned out to be a Critical Hit, blowing Kha’Zix to pieces.

Blitzcrank was still alive, and now Kha’Zix was dead. If not for Yang Qianqian’s presence on the scene, Lin Xu would be using words from his special vocabulary!

“This bastard has the devil’s own luck. The two of you hurry up and take him down!” Lin Xu hollered.

That was when Xin Zhao found his chance, and charged in at Blitzcrank.

Blitzcrank’s E-skill, ‘Power Fist’, had just come off cooldown. Before Xin Zhao could land a second attack on him, Yu Luocheng sent him up for another breath of sky, and then waddled on.

Poor, hapless Xin Zhao, who’d come in with nearly full health… with Miss Fortune constantly firing at him with impunity, he was down to his last one-third of Hit Points.

“Graves, get him! Just one last hit!”

“Hit him, hit him!”

The students from Class 3 were baying for blood.

Since he was low on health, Feng Xiaoqing had been trying to play it safe, but it was when everyone’s cheers rose up that he realized Graves was only a short jog away from Blitzcrank.

It was a free kill, wasn’t it?

Feng Xiaoqing remembered his humiliation down in the Bottom lane, his boast to get twenty kills this game. Graves hefted his shotgun and surged towards the machine man.

Twenty kills, starting with you, Blitzcrank. The whole world held its breath, as Graves descended upon his mark like a force of nature.

He would soon be within arm’s reach. That would be close enough, and then… one shot, one kill!

As Graves leveled his shotgun at the target, a burnished metal claw shot through the air towards his face!

Which flew faster, shotgun pellets or a rocket-propelled claw? It was a moot point, since the Rocket Grab out-ranged Graves’ shotgun!

The huge metal hand slammed into Graves’ face!

He’d already been half a step away from shuffling off this mortal coil. Before he could even be dragged anywhere, Graves let loose a pained cry of defeat, and collapsed to the ground right then and there.

“What the hell?”

“Are you kidding me? Not only is he not dead yet, he even got a turnaround kill?”

“Do you actually know how to play Graves?”

Class 3 was aghast. Why was this Blitzcrank so tough to kill? He’d even done in two of their guys!

Make that three: Xin Zhao was also a hair’s breadth from kicking the bucket now.

“Damn it all!” At last, Xin Zhao’s player, Li Zan, had slipped off the deep end, and nothing else mattered anymore.

At the limit of the spell’s range, he jammed his finger down on the F key, applying an Ignite on Blitzcrank!

When Yu Luocheng saw his golem wreathed in flames, he knew he’d finally reached the end of the line, and all that was left to do during these last few moments was find a comfortable spot to die.

At long last, Blitzcrank keeled over, falling apart as a heap of scrap metal on the ground.

“Good job. He’s finally dead!”

“Ah, you killed him!”

“Nice Ignite there, Xin Zhao.”

The five players of Class 3—Lin Xu, Xue Ben, Feng Xiaoqing, Li Zan, and Yi Guangwen—let out a long sigh.

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem, had fallen at last!

The whole game, that Blitzcrank had been an ominous presence on the battlefield. With his uncanny hooks and impenetrable metal body, he’d had everyone jumping at shadows.

After all this time, he’d finally been defeated.

Come to think of it… Supposedly, they were playing League of Legends—so how come their battle with Blitzcrank had felt like a boss fight in an online RPG?

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