League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 16 - Unholy Abomination

Chapter 16: Unholy Abomination

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The battles that followed were completely one-sided.

It was an unquestionable, utter defeat for Class 3!

The players slumped in their seats, like used eggplants in the house of a lonely woman.

Meanwhile, it was a party over on the Class 8 side.

After their humiliating defeat last week, they’d come right back with a shining victory, and had given their hated enemies a beating even worse than they themselves had received. The frustration they’d endured for an entire week had been returned a hundredfold to the people of Class 3, with a ringing slap right across their sneering, cocksure faces!

“You’ve lost!” Wang Qin was outright grinning, and he wasn’t doing anything to hide it. After all, what could bring greater happiness than the sight of Lin Xu’s face contorting with displeasure?

Lin Xu rose to his feet and fished out his wallet morosely. He tossed some money on the table, saying, “Here, one thousand. Just my snack money for a week, big deal.”

Wang Qin knew Lin Xu was loaded, but he also knew he couldn’t bear any form of humiliation. Come Monday, when everyone was talking about this game after school, Lin Xu would be looking for a hole to crawl into and die.

Most importantly, of course, Wang Qin had successfully quashed this rich son of a bitch’s designs to hog their goddess, Yang Qianqian, all to himself!

Scooping away the money quietly, his gaze soon turned to the girl in question.

The money had always been a secondary concern. The ultimate prize for winning this match was the chance to get closer to this long-legged angel!

Proximity brings opportunity, that’s just common sense. Yang Qianqian was obviously an avid player of League of Legends—perhaps if they started playing the game together, some sparks might begin to fly?

His heart singing with delight, he checked to see if Yang Qianqian was already gazing at him with eyes full of adoration.

‘Stay cool, you gotta stay cool in moments like these. Get your game face on, and show her the best side of yourself. Smile, let’s have a smile!’ In his mind, Wang Qin considered a dozen different ways to meet Yang Qianqian’s eyes.

Eh, what was this?

Wang Qin hadn’t been able to resist stealing just a peek at Yang Qianqian after all, but found that she wasn’t looking at him, the victorious warrior, at all.

Well, who else could she be looking at? Surely there was no one here more deserving of her attention than him!

Following her gaze, he discovered that her sparkling eyes were affixed upon Yu Luocheng.

In fact, everyone was crowding around Yu Luocheng at the moment, showering him with praise while at the same time expressing their scorn for the Class 3 students.

Get a load of this guy… he almost had to be dragged here kicking and screaming, and Wang Qin had taken that to mean he was just some noob, but the moment he’d showed up, he’d taken the show by storm!

If not for Sun Yang getting dragged off by his mom earlier, Wang Qin would never have found out that the Yu Luocheng who sat beside him in class was a player of such skill!

Playing it innocent with a Level-13 account, he’d really fooled everyone!

But damn, he might just have let a fox into the rabbit hutch! This bastard was totally stealing his thunder!

For a moment, Wang Qin sensed that Yu Luocheng might be a far greater threat than Lin Xu ever was…

An unholy abomination!


“Let’s get going! How about we all have supper together, to celebrate?” Samantha Fong called out.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“The hell with that, let me get this straight: Before, you said we’d never beat Class 3, and you didn’t really want to throw in with us. Now there might be a party to be had, and suddenly we’re all good friends?”

“Hahaha, say goodbye to your one thousand bucks—let’s feast!”

“Let’s feast!” Whatever Huang Yu was high on, it looked like it really worked.

They left Rising Dragon Cyber Café in a massive horde, everyone still gabbling away about the game just now.

Unsurprisingly, every moment worth talking about invariably concerned one of Yu Luocheng’s flawless hooks. He was the star of the night, and everyone was stumbling over their own feet to offer him their adulation.

After the Class 8 students had left, the ones from Class 3 eventually drifted off one-by-one.

Having lost like that, Lin Xu was in no mood to treat anyone to anything tonight. Not that anyone would have the appetite to eat, even if he did.

The crowd had dispersed, but Lin Xu remained standing before his computer, still thinking about the taunts and the mockery he’d received. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, until he finally pounded a fist into his keyboard!

‘Wham!’ The keyboard flipped into the air, and crashed onto the floor.

“Hey kid, what’s the big idea?” A young man with dyed hair and a checkered shirt walked over.

There was a pause, and then Lin Xu’s temper cooled right away. When he answered, there was a hint of reverence in his tone. “Brother Mi.”

“I heard you kids hollering over here for a while earlier. What happened?” The young man he’d called Brother Mi inquired.

“We lost. We were playing against those guys from Class 8…” Lin Xu muttered dejectedly.

Brother Mi frowned. “How could you lose, after all that I’ve taught you? Your current level of ability should have been more than enough to slaughter those students.”

“Somehow, Class 8 pulled out some guy named Yu Luocheng Yu. He was amazing with Blitzcrank. He totally handed us our asses,” Lin Xu explained.

The traitor by his side named Feng Xiaoqing nodded empathetically. “Right, that’s right. That Blitzcrank was something else. He had us all running scared. Those hooks he threw, you have no idea—”

“Good at Blitzcrank?” Brother Mi laughed raucously. “I guess you’ve never seen the World’s Greatest Blitzcrank. I’ll show you guys some day—that’s what you call a good Blitzcrank. I bet you noobs were just running all over the place, making yourselves easy targets. If I were playing Blitzcrank against you, I’d be landing every hook, too.”

“Of course, Brother Mi. But I can’t take this lying down,” Lin Xu declared.

“How about this? Challenge them to another match some time, and I’ll play on your team. That will put them in their place. No matter how good that Blitzcrank thinks he is, I’ll be sure to clean his clockwork!” Brother Mi replied.

“These matches are exclusively between the students of our classes. We can’t bring in outside help.”

“Fool, just allow them to call whomever they want, too.”

Lin Xu nodded. It seemed like a good idea. Allow both sides to field outsiders, and then stage a rematch!

He knew that he’d fallen a long way from Yang Qianqian’s good graces, but he couldn’t let them get away with tonight!

“But what if they bring in some pros of their own?” Feng Xiaoqing piped up.

Brother Mi narrowed his eyes at Feng Xiaoqing, and sneered, “Let them. If they can find someone in Lecheng 1 better than me, I’ll be their bitch.”

Lin Xu glared at Feng Xiaoqing for speaking out of turn. “Don’t you know? Michael here is the leader of the team which won second place in the League of Legends Tournament of Lecheng Cyber Cafés!”

“I see, I see—so Brother Mi would definitely be able to tear them all a new one!” Feng Xiaoqing spluttered hurriedly.

Just a bunch of schoolchildren. What could they know about League of Legends? Brother Mi was not concerned in the slightest.

He would show them what a true expert looked like, demonstrate to them the difference in their abilities. It wouldn’t do for them to be impressed just by a Blitzcrank who’d made a few lucky hooks.

Heh, heh… They’d basically never come across a real player before. Since he had some free time on his hands, he was willing to come down to their level and open their eyes!

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