League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 17 - Faithful Support

Chapter 17: Faithful Support

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Business was lively along the Qinghe riverside.

Since they were only students, they wouldn’t be going anywhere too fancy. Besides, this was the ideal season to relax on the shore, enjoying the river breeze, some good food, and just a smidgen of wine 1 . That was the life!

“Oh, the angel Yang Qianqian is joining us, too?” Zhong Xiaoyun boggled his eyes at the beauty sitting nearby, uncertain of how best to conduct himself.

“Is that alright?” Yang Qianqian wondered.

“Sure, of course!” Even as Zhong Xiaoyun blubbered in reply, all the guys rose to their feet, as though possessed, and began jostling for the coveted position at her side.

Sitting beside her meant being able to take in those sensuous legs from up close, perhaps even bump into them by accident, feel the springy texture of her thighs. A man could catch his death from experiencing such bliss.

“You guys are really too much! Stop acting like a bunch of creeps!” Fang Xiaomei glared at them as she pulled Yang Qianqian protectively to herself, as though fearing that the encroaching wolves might snatch her away and carry her off into the night.

Fang Xiaomei got along well with Yang Qianqian. Even though she wasn’t in Class 8 with the rest of them, her friendship with Fang Xiaomei allowed the guys to become a little closer to Yang Qianqian by association.

Yu Luocheng was the exception. He’d never exchanged a single word with this goddess of legs.

“Alright, let’s all start with a round!”


The gathering of students, gorging themselves on drinks and snacks, got into a merry mood. The conversation mainly revolved around the game from earlier.

As a newly arrived transfer student, Yu Luocheng was closest to Wang Qin. Everyone else was still a stranger to him, but with that game and this supper, the ice was finally beginning to thaw.

This reminded Yu Luocheng of when he’d first begun hanging out in cyber cafés. He’d had a big group of buddies back then, too. They’d play together in the cyber café, then hang out together over cup noodles, and even pick up chicks together.

Sadly, they’d eventually drifted apart and went their separate ways… and before he noticed it, he was already in his third year of high school—he no longer had the liberty to loaf around all day, the way he used to.

Well, this was nice, too. He could always make new friends, and meet new girls, right?


Supper was over, but everyone was still reluctant to part. Either way though, the girls had to depart earlier, and then everyone said their farewells anyway.

“Yang Qianqian, shall I walk you home?” Wang Qin was the first to make the offer, hurrying over as everyone began to disperse.

“That’s alright. I don’t think we’re going the same way,” Yang Qianqian replied.

“What? Of course we’re going the same way!”

When sending a pretty girl home, anywhere was ‘going my way’. Even if one lived in the North and the other in the South, it would still mean going the same way!

As Yang Qianqian regarded Wang Qin, a small laugh escaped her. It was so bewitching a sight that Wang Qin was struck dumb where he stood.

“You should return to your hostel. Don’t think I don’t know that you’re a boarding student.” Yang Qianqian pierced through Wang Qin’s deception straightaway.

“Um… I’m heading to my aunt’s place,” Wang Qin stammered bashfully.

Yang Qianqian decided not to pay any further heed to Wang Qin, turning instead to Yu Luocheng, who seemed to be waiting for a bus.

“Which one are you waiting for?” she asked.

“I’m not waiting for a bus. My place is just nearby here,” Yu Luocheng replied.

“By the riverside?” Yang Qianqian pointed across the bridge.

Yu Luocheng was bewildered. “How did you know?”

“I live around there, too. Have you never noticed me on your way to school every day? I’ve seen you lots of times.” Yang Qianqian was smiling as she said all this.

“Hm, hmm… doesn’t ring a bell.”

Hearing this, Wang Qin wanted nothing better than to choke Yu Luocheng to death. Didn’t he know how to talk to a girl?

“Well then, let’s go,” Yang Qianqian declared serenely, combing her fingers through her hair as it streamed in an errant wind.

The entire conversation left Wang Qin aghast.

He’d taken the initiative to approach the girl, and she’d turned him down. Yu Luocheng hadn’t made a peep, and now he was walking her home!

It didn’t make sense!

Fox in the rabbit hutch, that’s what this was. All throughout supper, Wang Qin had also noticed something odd in the way Yang Qianqian had been watching Yu Luocheng.

Game over. That fair blossom was about to be ruined by swine, and all he could do was watch helplessly. Oh, cruel fate!

Wang Qin hated himself for not spending more time on Blitzcrank. If he’d known that Yang Qianqian was looking for a good Support, he’d never lay hands on that lolita Annie again.

‘Ah, don’t leave me, goddess. Don’t leave me for that wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will only lead you to ruin. I can play Support, too… I’ll support you as Annie!’

“She’s really leaving…” Watching them walking away side-by-side, Wang Qin could hear his heart breaking a little more with each step that they took.

From now on, he’d play a faithful Support!


At first, Yu Luocheng thought Yang Qianqian was just having a bit of fun with him. However, when she followed him onto the bridge, he realized that he really would be walking home with this voluptuous belle.

They walked alongside each other beneath the quiet streetlights. Yu Luocheng was just half a head taller than Yang Qianqian. She was slender, yet shapely. The intermittent lamplights stretched and distorted their shadows, overlapping them atop one another.

It really almost looked as though they were an actual couple, taking a walk together late at night.

“Do you play often?” Yang Qianqian’s eyes fluttered as she gave him a sidelong glance.

“Once in a while.” Yu Luocheng was not much of a conversationalist. In the company of a pretty girl, he always struggled to find something to talk about, but nothing would come up.

“Did you become that good by only playing ‘once in a while’?”

“Heh, heh. Playing games is just another thing that benefits from natural talent.” Yu Luocheng chuckled as he said this.

“Feh, I bet you play late into the night every day. Check out your panda eyes.” Yang Qianqian rolled her eyes, skeptical of his words.

“Alright, you got me. After my parents are asleep, I’ll get up and play a couple of rounds. I spend most of the weekend on the game as well.”

“So you’ll be free tomorrow?” Yang Qianqian asked.

“Afraid not,” he responded automatically.

Yu Luocheng spent the weekends playing Ranked matches. Indeed, he didn’t do much else on those days.

If Wang Qin had been there to hear him say this… never mind strangling him, he’d tear him limb from limb!

When a goddess asks if you’ll be free, even if your schedule is full up, you’ll still tell her you’ll be free. It’s the same principle as ‘going my way’, got it?

“I’ll ask you again: Will you be free tomorrow?” Yang Qianqian was looking him straight in the eye, a slight hint of vexation in her tone.

Besides a gorgeous figure, Yang Qianqian was also really pretty. When she was showing her annoyance like this, her dimples made her look not the least bit threatening—rather, she looked completely adorable. All he wanted to do right now was plant a kiss right on her cheek. He could just imagine how sweet, how smooth, how fragrant it must be!

To think that this goddess would cast her ire in his direction!

As a good and proper man, Yu Luocheng could not back down. He’d already told her that he wouldn’t be free, and that was that. Stout of heart and resolute of will, he faced Yang Qianqian boldly to inform her, “Yeah, I’ve got some time. It’s the weekend, right? Of course I’ll be free.”

This concession seemed to appease Yang Qianqian, and her dazzling smile returned to her. “Then, let’s play together tomorrow. I like to play ADC. With your masterful Support, I’ll get to pawn all kinds of noobs.”

“Sure thing. With me be your side, your reign is assured!” Yu Luocheng thumped his chest as he said this, the portrait of a gallant knight.

“It’s a date, then,” Yang Qianqian giggled.


“What’s your number?”

“I don’t have a handphone. You can call me at my house.”


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