League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 18 - Come Over Some Time

Chapter 18: Come Over Some Time

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Time passed in a blur as the two of them chattered away, and before they realized it, they were already all the way across the bridge.

“This is far enough. I’ll be off, now.” Yang Qianqian had paused at a crossroads to say this to Yu Luocheng.

“How about I just send you all the way home?” Yu Luocheng tried to be a man.

Of course, the following scene was playing out in Yu Luocheng’s mind: First he’d follow her back to her place, and then she’d reveal that nobody else was home. It was scary being all alone, could he stay with her?

As a faithful paragon of justice and virtue, he would then have no choice but to inconvenience himself with this burden. Once he was alone with her, they would… you know, they would… well, they’d play League of Legends all night long!

Bleh, what a joke. If this was what he was hoping for, then they might as well just go their own ways, return to their own homes. Heaven’s sake!

“There’s no need,” Yang Qianqian replied. “My dad will typically be waiting for me around here. If he spots me walking around with some good-looking fellow, he’ll be sure to carry out a full interrogation and background check on you.”

Yu Luocheng scratched his nose. That first part had been quite delightful, hearing her call him a ‘good-looking fellow’; but why did the last bit sound kind of mean?

“In that case, how about we hang around here and chat a little longer?” Yu Luocheng ventured, reluctant to let her go.

“No, thanks. Bye!” Yang Qianqian gave him one last look full of affection. And then, with a flick of her cascading tresses, her petite derriere bobbing this way and that, she strolled off into another residential district.

Yu Luocheng followed her with his eyes. To speak the honest truth, he was overcome with a desire to feel up those legs of hers. How could they be so long, so luscious…

When she was out of sight, Yu Luocheng remembered himself, and headed for home. It wasn’t too late yet, so he figured he could still get in a couple of Ranked games. He’d have to play with Yang Qianqian tomorrow, and she was probably still pretty low in level. That would be a good opportunity for him to try out the new champion, ‘Thresh, the Chain Warden’. 1


Yang Qianqian’s shadow stretched away from the streetlights, displaying substantial curves in the profile.

She walked without apparent hurry, and eventually reached the fenced compound of a house, where she rang the doorbell.

As she waited for the door to open, she stood there pouting, recalling the conversation from a while earlier.

“What a forgetful guy. Hmph. And always leering—the absolute worst,” Yang Qianqian muttered sourly.

After a bit more thought, a sly smile crept back into her expression. “Perhaps it’s best that he doesn’t remember. It’ll be fun to tease him a little, especially considering how he used to make fun of me for being short.”

Yang Qianqian was no longer short, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she towered over the other girls, what with those legs that went all the way up. It must be that Yu Luocheng had crossed her somehow in the past, for now this ravishing beauty thirsted for a long-awaited vengeance!

“Yang Qianqian, how unusual of you to pay a visit to your aunt. You haven’t been here in so long. Back then you used to come and play every day, but now that you’ve grown up, I hardly ever see you anymore. Ah, you grow more beautiful with each passing day. Look at these delicate features—and such a fine body…”

From the house, a middle-aged woman emerged to receive her, beaming widely and prattling on at the sight of Yang Qianqian.

“Aunty, you don’t have to keep on flattering me like that. I was just having a bit of supper with friends, and we ended up staying out a bit too late, so I’ve come to stay the night with you,” Yang Qianqian announced.

“Heh, heh. Look at you, girl. You’ve become quite the little liar,” the woman chastised her laughingly. She looked towards the crossroads down the street, saying, “You were clearly out on a date with a guy. There’s no need to invent some story about supper with friends.”

“It wasn’t like that,” Yang Qianqian protested. A blush began to blossom upon her cheeks.

“You won’t admit it? I saw it all from the window upstairs. At first, I wasn’t even sure that girl was you. Ah, don’t worry—I shan’t tell your father. Yang Qianqian is a big girl now, after all, and so beautiful… of course there would be guys after you. If you meet one that you like, you should get to know him better. Just don’t get so distracted that it affects your grades.

“Who was that boy just now? He seems kind of familiar, but I can’t quite recall which family he’s from.” The woman said all of this in a rush.

Yang Qianqian’s ears were on fire now. Among the girls, she was considered to be particularly mild-tempered, but to become the subject of such wild gossip and speculation from her elders, it was too much even for her to bear.

“Aunty, it’s really not what you think…”

“Alright, alright. I won’t say anymore. Oh, perhaps you could invite him over for dinner some time. You know I’m an open-minded woman.”

“Aunty!” Yang Qianqian was miffed now. It was one thing leading to another!

Tittering away, her aunt scrambled to placate her.


Dappled morning sunlight filtered through the curtains and fell across the bedside, applying a dash of cheer to a pair of yellowing flip-flops on the floor.

Slippers, slippers, burning bright, // In the rays of morning’s light.

Do you know what a man considers a nice surprise?

What a man considers to be a nice surprise, obviously, is to wake from sound slumber to discover a tiny pair of lacy panties beside his pillow. Soft and springy, bearing hints of what those panties had been wrapped around, how lovely it must be. And then come the memories of the previous night, when the man had been exploring those blissful pleasures first-hand, and then his hand reaches out, unconsciously, across the bed…

But do you know the true meaning of horror?

That would be awakening to discover a set of flowery undergarments tangled up in your bedsheets, but upon extracting them, ever so gently, you find that they were sized to contain something enormously massive! A waistband twice the circumference of your own! Then you would shudder to recall the previous night’s misadventures, with the woman lying by your side…

Yu Luocheng was only a boy in high school, and naturally had experienced neither such jubilations nor calamities. Nevertheless, as he awoke, he experienced a change of moods similar to what has just been portrayed.

First, he saw the time: Crap, ten o’clock!

Instantly, his expression was that of the latter man—the one who discovers those oversized undergarments!

Then he remembered that it was a Sunday. That meant no school. It was a sense of relief, similar to waking from a nightmare of colossal proportions, only to be greeted with those petite, pretty panties after all.

Phew, safe ! 2


Brushing his teeth, washing his face, and having breakfast… Yu Luocheng went through his usual morning routine.

He observed a secret ritual when playing League of Legends: Before embarking upon Ranked matches, he would always take a shower and put on a fresh change of clothes, wash his hands and put on some deodorant.

Essentially, the more he improved his appearance, the better his chances of victory!

There was some scientific basis behind this!


As he was washing his hair, the phone rang.

Li Yun hurried out of the kitchen, wiping her greasy hands upon her apron before picking up the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hello, aunty. I’m a friend of Yu Luocheng’s.” A sweet, delicate voice could be heard on the other end.

Li Yun’s eyes lit up. From whence had this fair maiden come, seeking the scion of their household first thing on a Sunday morning?

Her eyes flicked towards the bathroom, where Yu Luocheng was just now wiping his hair with a towel. She nodded inwardly. It stood to reason. Her young Yu Luocheng had grown up so dashing and fine, and such a sensible boy, too. To have girls falling for him was only to be expected.

“Sure, let me get him now.” Li Yun nodded at the phone, then hollered for Yu Luocheng.

“Young lady, such a nice voice you have. You must be quite the little angel.” As Yu Luocheng hung up his towel, Li Yun seized the moment to conduct an inquiry.

“Not at all. Aunty’s voice is lovely, too. You must be the young and gorgeous sort of mother.”

Li Yun burst out laughing. This gal had a mouth on her! If Yu Luocheng had really been dating her in school on the sly, one day when his father wasn’t around, he simply had to bring her over for a meal.

Without a word exchanged between either of them, Li Yun and Yang Qianqian’s aunt were both hatching the same conspiracy!

“Hello. Looking for me?” Yu Luocheng had no clue who was on the line.

“It’s me, Yang Qianqian!” came a voice tense with feminine pique.

“Right, sure. What’s up?”

“I’ve lost two games waiting for you to log in!” she huffed.

Hearing her voice, Yu Luocheng could easily imagine Yang Qianqian’s pouting face. It had to be the most fetching sight.

“Ah, my bad. I overslept.” It was only then that Yu Luocheng remembered he wouldn’t be playing Ranked today. He’d been bound into the service of this titillating angel.

This girl definitely belonged to the sweet dream of the tiny panties, and not the nightmare of the billowing bloomers!

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