League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 8 - Bot-Lane Must Fall

Chapter 8: Bot-Lane Must Fall

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With the help of a Health Potion, Blitzcrank’s health was almost replenished to full.

Their team’s minions had almost reached the enemy’s tower. Gauging the time that had passed, Graves should have made it back by now.

And so, Yu Luocheng began by making a show of going to hide in the brush.

Once he was out of sight, he slipped into the river and made his way to the tribush, then proceeded until he was behind the wall just North of the enemy’s first tower. (The enemy was playing from the left side of the map.)

The golden golem known as Blitzcrank pressed close to the wall, like a cheetah waiting patiently for its prey. Ah, here he came now… (Tip: Without any wards or allies present, the other side of a wall would be hidden from view.)

“Zhong Xiaoyun, move closer towards me,” Yu Luocheng suggested.

Without objection, Zhong Xiaoyun obeyed, farming minions as he pushed further down the lane.

Sure enough, some moments later, Graves re-appeared.

Yu Luocheng watched intently. As his minions laid siege to the tower, they also granted him vision into enemy territory, allowing him to spot Graves. However, with the obstruction of the wall between them, Graves was clearly oblivious to Yu Luocheng.

A ranged minion was on the last scrap of its health.

Graves was moving in to finish it off!

Take aim… Rocket Grab!

As Graves stepped forward to shoot the minion, a golden metallic hand came soaring over the wall beside him!

Helpless as a bunny, Graves was snatched over to the other side of the wall, and then he ate a powerful uppercut from Blitzcrank, right in the groin.

Holding his crotch in agony, Graves tossed up into the air!

This was when Zhong Xiaoyun brought Miss Fortune around to unleash a slew of skills all at once: ‘Double Up’, ‘Guns Blazing’, and ‘Make It Rain’. This drained his mana to zero.

In return, coupled with a barrage of basic attacks, it also drained Graves’ health to zero!

Having already died once before, Graves was a couple of levels behind Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune. His paltry amount of health was no good in the face of this savage assault.

As Graves tried to escape with his E-skill, Quickdraw, one last shot from Miss Fortune struck him on the behind. With a howl of ecstasy, he flopped to the ground in the most ungainly pose, his life extinguished.

“Damn it!” Feng Xiaoqing yelled once again from the opposing side.

The Class 3 spectators were also in shock!

“What happened? You died again? Didn’t I warn you to be careful?” The Class 3 Garen player hissed in contempt.

“Hell! How was I to know he was hiding behind that wall?” Feng Xiaoqing’s face was all red, his frustration clear to see.

Two deaths in a row. The shame was unbearable! He’d been planning to get two dozen kills this game. To make things worse, the whole class was here to bear witness to his disgrace.

“This Blitzcrank is pretty good.”

“No, the champion is over-powered. He can hook people even when they’re under the tower!”

There had been several Class 3 spectators watching the Bottom lane. Seeing Yu Luocheng’s magnificent hook, they were dumbstruck with awe!

“Which side are you guys on?” Feng Xiaoqing turned back and glared at them.

Everyone shut their mouths in a hurry.


“Well done. Good job, Bottom!” Wang Qin boomed again.

There were a thousand bucks on the line, as well as Class 8’s pride as gamers. These two deaths, one after another, meant that their Bottom lane was gaining the advantage!

“Yu Luocheng, that was a beautiful hook. I never knew it was possible to hook somebody like that.”

“That’s right, that’s right. And you were so accurate, too!” a Level-17 black dude said.

He was a famous black guy in Class 8, who often hung out with them. It was just too bad that he was only mediocre at the game.

“Hey, did you guys hear somebody say just now that if he got hooked again, he’d be a monkey’s uncle?”

“Haha, that’s right! Hey, any monkeys in the house? Whose uncle is this?”

The Class 8 students wasted no time taking advantage of this fault, and milked it for all it was worth.

Feng Xiaoqing was turning a sickly green, but he didn’t dare to retort, so he just had to put up with it. All he could do was buy himself a Vampiric Scepter when he’d respawned.


“Double Kill!”


These words suddenly appeared on-screen. It was a wake-up call.

Yu Luocheng had just gone back to get some new equipment. However, when he took a look at Top lane, he found their team’s Garen and Master Yi lying dead in the middle of the street, the minions trampling their bodies underfoot.

“Crap, Lin Xu’s Kha’Zix has gotten two kills!” Wang Qin bellowed.

Wang Qin’s Annie had been facing off against Kha’Zix in Mid lane. After Kha’Zix returned to base, Wang Qin had continued farming. However, rather than returning to his lane, Lin Xu had run up to the Top lane, where he helped his two teammates there to take down Zhao Kesong and Cao Sheng—and claiming the last hit on both kills!

Kha’Zix was the sort of champion that, once it had picked up a number of kills, would dominate the mid-game.

Their Bottom lane had been winning, but who’d have thought that their Top lane would then suffer two deaths at once, both taken by Lin Xu? Wang Qin hadn’t even been given the chance to rejoice, and now the situation was already looking grim.

“Enjoy your little victory while you can! In a moment, our Lin Xu will be paying Bot a visit. Tell Miss Fortune to put on some nice underwear—she’s about to get her *ss pounded!” Lin Xu’s fans began hooting and jeering.

Yu Luocheng returned his view to his own champion, and escorted Miss Fortune back to their lane.

This time, he was leaving the base with a Sightstone, intent on maintaining watchful vigilance around the Bottom lane. That way, they wouldn’t have to be constantly worried about Kha’Zix descending upon them.

Anyway, before Kha’Zix evolved its wings, it wasn’t actually that big of a threat.

“The two of you at Top, play safe. That one was my fault for not warning you,” Wang Qin said.

“Right.” Zhao Kesong and Cao Sheng both nodded.

“You’re both doing great. Both of you managed to stay alive up until Lin Xu showed up,” Wang Qin added.

“Heh, heh. Well, our boss told us to play safe, after all.”

Yu Luocheng himself couldn’t quite agree with Wang Qin’s judgment.

True, both their players in the Top lane had done a passable job of keeping themselves alive, but in terms of levels and gold, they had fallen way behind.

After seven minutes, their combined Creep Score only totaled twenty between the two of them. With the difference this produced between themselves and their opponents, it was no different from having been slain anyway.

‘It looks like we’ll have to play more aggressively. Top is no good to us now, so at the very least I have to cripple their Bot.’ Yu Luocheng could feel the game getting away from them.

After returning to their lane and cleaning up a few more minions, both Yu Luocheng’s Blitzcrank and Zhong Xiaoyun’s Miss Fortune had reached Level 6, while poor Graves was still stuck at Level 5.

Yu Luocheng estimated that Graves still needed maybe another five more minions to level up.

Graves had a fearsome Ultimate skill, and Garen’s was even more so. If both of them reached Level 6, the resulting power spike would allow them to overtake Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune. Therefore, Yu Luocheng had to deal them another blow before they made it that far.

“Zhong Xiaoyun, I need you to work with me.”

“Right!” Zhong Xiaoyun nodded frantically.

Not even Zhong Xiaoyun himself noticed how his previous doubts about Yu Luocheng’s skills had now been replaced by absolute trust and obedience.

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