League of Legends: League of Unknowns

Chapter 9 - Watch Me Break It

Chapter 9: Watch Me Break It

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Doing battle in the Bottom lane required paying close attention to the state of the minions, as well as keeping track of enemy skills usage.

Yu Luocheng had seen that Zhong Xiaoyun was not a particularly skilled player, so he waited until Graves had used his Q-skill ‘End of the Line’ before finally making his move.

In order to guarantee the kill, Yu Luocheng Flashed right through the minions!

The golden machine man suddenly looming large in his face, a startled Graves immediately turned to run.

Feng Xiaoqing was clearly spooked. The more he ran, the better it was for Yu Luocheng. Straight away, he fired his Rocket Grab at Graves!

In this situation, it would be virtually impossible for Graves to dodge aside. Yu Luocheng could smell victory!

Of course, if Graves could keep his wits about him, he’d know to zig-zag left and right, rather than just running straight backward. It wasn’t as though he could hope to outrun Blitzcrank’s rocket-propelled fist.

It was the third time in this game that Graves was caught and dragged back to Blitzcrank. In order to prevent Graves from using his E-skill ‘Quickdraw’ to dash anywhere, he used Blitzcrank’s ultimate skill, Silencing Graves for half a second, after which he used Power Fist to knock Graves off his feet.

Having already received Yu Luocheng’s cue in advance, Zhong Xiaoyun immediately unleashed Miss Fortune’s ultimate skill, ‘Bullet Time’!

“Ahahahahahaha!” The chilling sound of that unhinged, manic laughter rang through the din of battle. Bullets fanned out across the area, dealing extreme damage.

The skill combo from Blitzcrank alone had already taken away half of Graves’ health. Under the withering barrage from Bullet Time, the rest of his health quickly disappeared. Graves had been slain in barely a couple of seconds!

Garen arrived at last. Bringing his colossal blade down upon Miss Fortune, he applied a Silence effect of his own which ended the Bullet Time halfway through.

Tragically, it was too late for his good buddy, Graves!

Garen was able to deal substantial damage during the early game. With the minions helping out, Yu Luocheng figured that if Garen applied an Ignite on Miss Fortune as well, her perky butt would be crushed beneath the weight of Garen’s massive sword when he threw out his ultimate skill, ‘Demacian Justice’.

Yu Luocheng immediately used Exhaust on Garen, slowing him and blunting his attack damage. Keeping Blitzcrank close to him, he rained blows down upon Garen until the cooldown timer on his Power Fist skill had elapsed, at which point he knocked Garen up into the air.

Leaping into the air as if jolted by an electric shock, Garen took a few free hits from Miss Fortune, and was now on half health himself.

However, Garen’s player was a little more canny, and didn’t turn to flee just like that. Decisively, he used Ignite on Miss Fortune, and when his Q-skill ‘Decisive Strike’ was ready again, he dove headlong towards her, aiming to set her up for ‘Demacian Justice’!

With one-third of her health remaining, and Ignite eating away at that further, Garen’s ultimate skill could very well be the end of Miss Fortune!

Better still, Zhong Xiaoyun had no conception of how the fight was turning against him. He simply stood in place, continuing to fire at Garen.

“Die!” Garen’s player, Xue Ben, roared from the other side.

This time, he’d get Miss Fortune. If not, he might as well be her bitch!

Yu Luocheng smirked. Rocket Claw had just come off cooldown!

Just as Garen was about to get within range, arms raised overhead to use his ultimate skill, a golden metal claw came hurtling in from behind! Seizing his cloak in its grip, it forcefully tore him away from Miss Fortune!

Kid, you want a piece of Miss Fortune? Have a taste of Blitzcrank Daddy-O’s Rocket Grab ! 1

As Garen was hauled away bodily, Miss Fortune unleashed her wrath upon him, her damage bolstered upon several kills. A moment later, Garen was no more.

Garen had charged in tenaciously, but in the end, he hadn’t been able to finish off Miss Fortune.

“Unh!” Garen cried out, unable to call that colossal golden sword down from the heavens.

“Double Kill!”

Miss Fortune was perhaps the most regal female figure in all of League of Legends. Twirling her muskets, the ravishing pirate queen placed her boot upon Garen and Graves where their bodies were piled together, and declared contemptuously, “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Probably not what everyone expected. Probably not a good feeling for everyone. What she meant was the rush of blowing out their brains in an explosion of gunpowder!

Another two kills, another five hundred gold in the bank. Zhong Xiaoyun stared at his screen in disbelief!

A double kill!

Last week, the enemy had been continuously getting Double Kills off of them. Now the tables had turned, and the feeling was indescribable. Zhong Xiaoyun could feel himself trembling a little, his pulse racing!

“Another two kills!”

“Holy cow, Zhong Xiaoyun and Yu Luocheng are dominating Bottom lane!” Fang Xiaomei cheered happily, barely able to restrain herself from giving the both of them a kiss right now.

“And here I thought Class 3’s ADC and Support would give them trouble. Turns out they’re just a couple of noobs. They’ve given us four kills, just like that!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Who was it last week, who was running their mouths off at us the whole time? Feng Xiaoqing, have you run out of hot air? I guess you were blowing it around pretty hard, huh?”

This double kill had buoyed Class 8’s spirits. The kills were now 4 vs. 2 in their favor, and all four kills had been by the hand of Miss Fortune!

Miss Fortune was a champion well-known for being able to dish out an obscene amount of damage in moments, especially during team fights. For her to have already picked up four kills so early in the round, it was a tremendous advantage!

“Heh heh, it’s all thanks to Yu Luocheng’s amazing hooks.” Zhong Xiaoyun felt bashful to be receiving such effusive praise from everyone.

“Luocheng, you rascal! You’ve been holding out on us!”

“If we’d known you were this good, we would have brought you with us last week. Then those Class 3 wankers would have nothing to sneer about!”

Yu Luocheng gave them a little smile in response. He needed to smash the Bottom lane, so he’d smashed it!


With everyone prattling away like that, Feng Xiaoqing and Xue Ben felt as though their faces were on fire!

What happened to smashing the Bottom lane? What happened to getting twenty kills?

The Miss Fortune was obviously a total noob, but in less than ten minutes she’d gotten four kills off of them. It was the humiliation of the century!

“The two of you play safe, wait for me to come over,” Lin Xu instructed them.

The developments down in Bottom lane had completely defied Lin Xu’s expectations, and he was of a mind to chew off their ears, but he maintained his composure.

“The two turtles up Top!” Lin Xu yelled.

A few times now he’d returned to Top lane looking for more kills, but those two would immediately shrink out of his reach, and he couldn’t get anything out of them.

Turning his attention to the Bottom lane, Lin Xu decided he ought to go down there and help out, before it became a lost cause.

Losing that thousand bucks meant nothing to him. The real problem was all the bragging he’d already done, guaranteeing Yang Qianqian that he would definitely win. If he ended up getting defeated by these Class 8 losers, he would never hear the end of it.

Most importantly, he’d lose the opportunity to get closer to Yang Qianqian through gaming together!

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