Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Training in the Womb

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Ling Tian immediately became depressed; out of a moment of excitement, he became a spinning top and spun himself into a godforsaken place. Everywhere around him was filled with a gel-like substance and he became as small as a gourd. Furthermore, his body was being hung up. Such an appearance was just like the preborn Bottle Gourd Babies [1] which he saw in his previous life in animation. The worst part was that his body was completely smooth without any limbs…

Don’t tell me I infringed the heavenly laws? F**k, didn’t I merely test a human spinning top on Yellow Springs Road? Is there really a need to hang me up like that to punish me? Ling Tian almost cursed out of frustration.

Wait… wait… just what is going on? I can vaguely hear someone talking… let me listen carefully. “…husband, our child is moving…” Following which, there was a vague male’s voice, “Let me hear…”

Husband? Just what is going on? Ling Tian was completely dumbfounded. Don’t tell me I’ve reincarnated so quickly? But why is it “husband”? Even if I reincarnate, I should be hearing “hubby”! Don’t tell me… don’t tell me… not only did I reincarnate, but I’ve also traveled to a different world?! [2]

F**K! Such absurd things which only happens in web novels really happened to me? Ling Tian was completely confused.

After checking his whole body carefully, it was indeed the general shape of a human being. The shape was just like the fetus which he studied during high school.

Why did this happen? I… haven’t even passed the Bridge of Helplessness! I haven’t even tried grandmother Meng’s soup. I… I still wanted to sing a song on the Home Viewing Pavilion! Why am I being sent away in such a hurry? Ling Tian cried out. But just when he opened his mouth, a glue-like substance entered. At the same time, the rope which was tied to his body delivered an endless stream of pure XianTian Qi.

Ling Tian sensed the surroundings around him. There aren’t any other living organisms around… Hmm, it seems that I don’t have a twin. So I should be the only child? Ling Tian thought to himself.

After a series of checks, Ling Tian finally confirmed that he had indeed reincarnated. Although he was not sure how he had passed through into a different world, he was sure that he was currently in the womb of a noble pregnant lady. Praise to the goddess! This world is really too amazing. It seems that they are also speaking Chinese outside; that’s convenient. At least I still seem to be on earth, Ling Tian thought.

From his own experience…*cough cough*, from what he could see, it seemed like he was only three to four months old. In other words, it would take another five to six months before he was born. As he thought about how he had to spend the next five to six months in this dark place, Ling Tian could not help but go crazy. I have already been lonely for my past life and now I have to continue living alone? Just where is justice?

Since things are so, I can only accept it, Ling Tian thought to himself. At this moment, Ling Tian suddenly thought about the greatest regret of his past life: After being framed, a single palm to my inner core had destroyed all of my pride and hope! I actually had the chance to convert all of my inner Qi from HouTian to XianTian, but I… [3]

Wait… what did I just think of? Ling Tian’s eyes lit up. Framing…crippled…HouTian… Hahaha, XianTian Qi! Isn’t this rope that is attached to me sending me the XianTian Qi which I dreamt of? Such a golden opportunity and a godsend gift, how can I miss it?

Wahahaha, the heavens gave me a younger sister Lin, a naked younger sister Lin [4]… Ling Tian became completely excited to the point where he almost danced in joy.

Thinking about this, Ling Tian immediately felt that his life would not be so boring anymore. At least he would still be able to cultivate his inner Qi.

Ling Tian first concentrated his attention on the “Divine Shocking Dragon Formula” which was the treasured cultivation method of the Ling family. He recalled the mnemonic and channel routes in detail and ran it through his head. Ling Tian knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him and he would not allow any mistakes!

Reincarnating with the memories of his past life was something extremely amazing! It was just like a billionaire who realized that he reincarnated with all of his money. Oh my god, his starting point was already having XianTian Qi while some martial cultivators will never be able to achieve such a feat! He had such a chance even before he was in a complete human form! If he did not make good use of this chance, it would be a complete waste of the blessings of his ancestors and God.

Up until now, Ling Tian still couldn’t understand why he suddenly reincarnated. However, it was probably related to the moment he became a human spinning top. But all of these were no longer his concerns anymore. The only thing which Ling Tian was concerned with was the weak meridians in his body.

Ling Tian was extremely clear that he was no more than a ball of meat then; at the most, he was a ball of meat with sentience! His predicament was extremely dangerous. After all, if his mother were to fall, it was extremely likely that he would be reduced to a pile of blood and be expelled from her body like she is having menstruation.

Thus, Ling Tian’s priority was to strengthen his body. He had to make sure that he would be unaffected by any medicine and impacts. Even if he was going to go through many tribulations, he definitely needed to hold on till his birth!

In order to strengthen his body, he had to use the XianTian Qi from his mother’s body and the inner Qi cultivation method from his previous life. But the problem was that Ling Tian’s meridians were extremely narrow and frail at that moment. He did not know if infants were always that weak but he felt like he was a complete weakling…

Since he planned to do so, he decided he wouldn’t hold anything back. Ling Tian then carefully circulated the XianTian Qi around the meridians of his body like he was carving on tofu.

As though a century had passed, Ling Tian finally completed the first full cycle in his meridians with the XianTian Qi. All of a sudden, he became extremely fatigued as though he had just crossed a tightrope on a 10,000 feet high cliff holding an extremely fragile jade stone. It’s too tortuous! As Ling Tian woke up, that was the first thing he wanted to curse.

After a full cycle, Ling Tian felt that his meridians were wider and stronger than before and became more confident. Despite his complaints, Ling Tian was extremely clear that the most difficult segment of circulating his inner Qi was the first full cycle. Not only did he have to pay close attention to ensure that he did not take a wrong route, he had to carefully control the right amount of Qi flowing through his meridians to slowly widen them. Then, he could unblock his meridians with the widened channels and finally allow the inner Qi to flow as per the depicted route. As long as any segments went wrong, he would be dead for sure.

At times, Ling Tian thought to himself, If I enter cultivation deviation in my mother’s womb… As he thought about that, he immediately stopped himself! No no no, that’s inauspicious!

Ever since he had a talk with Ling Xue’er on Yellow Springs Road, Ling Tian realized that he had a large change in character. Perhaps it was because the knot in his heart had finally been undone. As such, he was no longer as extreme in his ways as he was in his past life and he also had a more cheerful disposition.

Ling Tian didn’t reckon that Ling Xue’er had lied to him at such a time, since people normally spoke from the bottom of their hearts upon approaching death. Furthermore, not only were the both of them about to die, they were already dead and walking along Yellow Springs Road. There was simply no reason for Ling Xue’er to lie to him!

No matter what, I have already reincarnated. All of those things which happened in the past no longer has anything to do with me! From now on, I must try my best to adapt to my new status. I will definitely work hard in this world to make sure that I have my dreams, character, money, power, martial arts and a beautiful lady!

He then took in a deep breath… Oh, no; he choked on the amniotic fluid in his mother’s womb again. Then, Ling Tian began to use the XianTian Qi to strengthen his meridians again. He had to try his best to make sure that he was invincible from birth. Ling Tian began to fantasize again: Mmm, it seems like there is really such a formidable person in my memory. He seems to be the one from Investiture of the Gods… The moment Ling Tian thought about that, he was shocked. Goodness! Don’t tell me that I am that super deity? But I do not have that metal ring or seven-colored belt… isn’t it said that I would be born with it? [5]

Time passed unknowingly…

Ling Tian did not know how long he had already spent in his mother’s womb. Every day he only cultivated and slept. Ling Tian only knew that after he was born, he would no longer have such a pure XianTian Qi to absorb anymore. Thus, Ling Tian treasured his time a lot. Apart from the time spent sleeping, he spent all of his free time cultivating. The only thing he could feel was his limbs growing out and he slowly grew fatter. With the continuous refinement of his body, his hands and legs gained strength. Occasionally, when he kicked lightly, he was able to hear a drumming sound and the gentle scolding of a lady.

The effects of the pure XianTian Qi were also revealed slowly. In the little body of Ling Tian, all of his meridians had already been opened up and he had a strong inner Qi foundation laid. Occasionally, he touched his own forehead and realized that it was already becoming hard. Ling Tian knew that he would not stay in his mother’s womb for long. In just a while, he might officially be born.

Right at that moment, Ling Tian suddenly thought of a serious problem: I have been training like mad in my mother’s womb. My body is healthy with all my meridians strengthened. But I am still a little too big. From what I know, I am probably around eight or nine catties heavy. How would I be able to go out? Furthermore, my skull is much stronger than that of an ordinary infant. What if I can’t go out?

Dammit! How did things turn out like that? Ling Tian just wanted to cry! Just when he was at a loss, he suddenly had an idea. Mmm, I seemed to have found a martial arts manual that is able to shrink my bones when viewing the Ling family’s martial arts collection previously. The heavens do indeed provide a way! Ling Tian was filled with tears of excitement! Without delay, Ling Tian began to search for the bone-shrinking martial arts from his memories and spent his sleeping time on training. This concerned his life… how could he not be anxious?

Now, Ling Tian only had a single thought: It is still best to be from the side branch! Only the direct descendants had the right to enter the martial hall to view the martial arts manual anytime they wanted. For someone like Ling Tian who belonged to the side branch, he only had a single day per month to enter the martial hall. Thus, Ling Tian first memorized any martial arts or cultivation method which he was interested in the moment he had a chance to enter. He would then only study it after he returned to his own courtyard. As time went on, he also had this habit and memorized many different martial arts and cultivation methods. Now, it was finally the time to use it.

Ling Tian asked himself, if he had been a direct descendant back then who had free access to the martial hall, would he have still spent that much effort to memorize all of the martial arts manuals? Of course he wouldn’t! For the first time in his life, Ling Tian was thankful that he was born in the side branch! Thank goodness… At least the tragedy of both mother and child dying has been avoided…

[1]: This is a reference to an old Chinese cartoon.

[2]: The way wives address their husbands in the olden days was more formal as compared to how they do so now.

[3]: XianTian refers to the natural Qi. After one is born, they would be stained with the HouTian (post-natal) Qi in everyday life. The first step to cultivation would be for them to convert all of this HouTian Qi into XianTian Qi.

[4]: This is reference to an old chinese opera, titled 天上掉下个林妹妹, A younger sister Ling fell from the sky.

[5]: This is a reference to a classic Chinese novel, Investiture of the Gods.

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