Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Complications

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After a series of hard work, Ling Tian finally made some progress with the Divine Bone-Shrinking Art. As such, Ling Tian had one less thing to worry about. Estimating that it was about time, Ling Tian got more excited. Every day, he rested his ears against his mother’s stomach in order to listen to the sounds from outside. Every time he heard his mother’s voice, he inevitably felt a sense of closeness to her. Perhaps these are the blood ties between mother and child, Ling Tian thought.

Out of boredom, Ling Tian placed his ears upon his mother’s stomach again today and heard chatters from the outside. He heard a frail voice, “Madam, you don’t have to worry. This subordinate has a prescription for you here. As long as madam drinks it, both you and your child would definitely be safe and the child will be born smoothly.”

Ling Tian immediately thought to himself, Madam? Subordinate? Mmm, it seems that this life which I’ve been reincarnated to isn’t too bad and has a certain status. At least I will not suffer too much after I’m born. Ling Tian was overjoyed. As he heard the frail voice mention the medicine, Ling Tian immediately realized that the medicine would most likely expedite his birth! If not, why would he have said “you and your child would definitely be safe and the child will be born smoothly”?

If Ling Tian was outside, he would definitely have shouted out loud, “It isn’t good to use medicine to expedite birth! It’s best to just let nature take its course!”

He suddenly felt a tremor; his mother must have received the packet of medicine. Following which, he heard a gentle voice, “Thank you Sir Su. Men, serve Sir Su some tea!”

“Madam is too polite. If there is nothing else, this subordinate will take his leave.” The frail old voice sounded.

“Sir Su, have a good trip. Men, send Sir Su out.” The voice trailed off.

Ling Tian sighed, It seems that she will definitely take this medicine for sure.

After a few hours, Ling Tian who was in meditation felt a weird medicinal energy flowing into his body through the umbilical cord. In that instant, he felt that something was wrong. His whole body began to feel weird. Ling Tian was immediately shocked, Goodness, don’t tell me it’s poison?

As he circulated his Qi, Ling Tian carefully inspected the medicine and almost cursed, “This is no medicine to expedite birth. It is no fetus-protecting medicine! Its only use seems to be to stimulate the fetus to move around more in the womb! Ordinary infants would definitely not be able to endure the effects of this medicine and move around vigorously. It doesn’t matter if they are born already or not; in the womb, there is an umbilical cord attached! If he were to have any vigorous movements in the womb, he would definitely get tangled up with the umbilical cord. If that’s the case, the process of childbirth will definitely be extremely complicated. The tragic loss of both lives definitely can’t be avoided then!

This medical officer with surname Su definitely does not have good intentions! Ling Tian made sure to commit this voice to memory! Thankfully, the child in my mother’s womb is me, this young master. If not, I would definitely end up becoming a ghost without even knowing why. This would even affect my mother’s life! This is something unacceptable!

He neutralized the poison in this body calmly as he became suspicious. It is impossible for this doctor to harm my mother for no rhyme or reason. Besides, unless he doesn’t want to live anymore, a professional medical officer should not have any conflict with my mother who belongs to a noble family! But from his voice, he did not sound too young. After struggling to stay alive for so many years, it doesn’t seem like he would commit suicide.

From the above few reasons, the only thing that was certain was that that doctor with the surname Su definitely had a mastermind behind him! For the first time, Ling Tian felt that being born into this family, his life wasn’t going to be so simple! Since there was an enemy who wanted to kill this unborn infant, it was clear just how vicious he was! Ling Tian was worried. Just what kind of living conditions would he face in future?

In Ling Tian’s memories, all doctors with the title of medical officer were definitely imperial doctors serving the royal family in the olden days.

If his guess was right, the family which he belonged to was definitely not a simple one! That could be deduced from the way the medical officer with surname Su was so respectful! As an imperial doctor serving the royal family, his status was above over 99% of the people in the world! But he was still so respectful to Ling Tian’s mother! It could be seen just how large his family was. In this world, his family was definitely one able to affect the balance of power in the country!

This also meant that his mother and father’s status in the family was not low at all! It was extremely likely that they were the bloodline of the ruling party in the family! Because the enemy in hiding would actually use the imperial doctors to deal with this unborn infant!

Ling Tian was certain that the real motive of his enemy, who instructed the imperial doctor to poison him, would be to kill him before he was born!

But just why would they deal with a harmless infant like me? Don’t tell me my very existence threatens them? As Ling Tian deliberated over it, he concluded that there was only a single explanation for his hidden enemy to deal with him!

Since his very existence threatened their interests, just who could an infant like him possibly threaten? The biggest threat he posed seemed only to be inheriting his family in future. However, if he were to continue along this line of thought, Ling Tian helplessly realized that the direction he was headed was wrong from the beginning!

If he were to think along the lines of him being the next family successor, then the person who wanted to harm him was definitely within his family. But how is it possible for someone within my family to command an imperial doctor? Don’t tell me my family is so large to such a frightening extent? Then, Ling Tian began to think in the direction of the royal family. But the more he tried to think about it, the more he was confused.

As he thought about it, Ling Tian almost felt like his brain was exploding and could not help but curse: This young master hasn’t been born yet and you are giving me so much troubles already. Once I’m born, won’t I be frustrated to death every day?

No matter how he thought about it, he just could not figure it out. Thus, he gave up and fully focused on absorbing the XianTian Qi.

This XianTian Qi was not the pure XianTian Qi which martial arts cultivators wanted! The difference between pure XianTian Qi and XianTian Qi is extremely huge. Only after absorbing XianTian Qi into the body with a superior cultivation method and circulating it around the body a few times will there be a possibility of it being transformed into pure XianTian Qi. However, not everyone who absorbs XianTian Qi would be able to refine pure XianTian Qi. Besides the fact that XianTian Qi is extremely scarce, the XianTian Qi in the atmosphere has many impurities within it, making it extremely difficult to deal with them individually. Furthermore, one would have to block the HouTian breath in order to refine pure XianTian Qi. Just this point alone would become the biggest barrier differentiating a martial artist from a XianTian expert.

But Ling Tian was not concerned about those two problems at all. First, being an infant, the XianTian Qi which he was absorbing was completely pure. Even if he wanted to absorb something else, it was impossible!

Second, Ling Tian, who was in his mother’s body, did not have a HouTian’s breath at all. Thus, there was no need to block it at all.

If those were the only two reasons, then it wouldn’t be much. However, Ling Tian was an anomaly who was reincarnated with the memories of his past life. In those memories, there were cultivation methods and experiences of pure XianTian Qi!

With all of these encounters, Ling Tian became a weirdo who should not be born at all! He was actually able to achieve a pure XianTian Qi foundation in his mother’s womb! With such a foundation, it was impossible for Ling Tian to be an ordinary person even if he wanted to. His life was destined for a bright and colorful path! It seemed as though the heavens planned to compensate all of his losses from the previous life in his current life. He couldn’t be ordinary even if he wanted to!

After some time, Ling Tian, who was circulating pure XianTian Qi in his body, suddenly felt a tremor as all the sticky amniotic fluid surrounding him was slowly disappearing. At the same time, he could vaguely hear the hurried footsteps of those outside. Ling Tian knew that the time for him to be born had finally arrived!

Thinking about this, Ling Tian flipped his body around according to the experience from his past life, with his head facing down. At the same time, he used all of his strength to circulate the Divine Bone-Shrinking Art to shrink his head and make it skinnier.

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