Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Finally Born

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Ling Tian felt as though he had almost expended all of his energy and almost passed out from exhaustion, while his mother was also letting out cries of pain. Finally, as mother and child worked together, Ling Tian finally heard an excited cry, “It’s out, the child is out! Goodness, he’s huge!” Following which, Ling Tian relaxed as he thought, Goodness, I am finally born! I am really… so tired! Then, he lost consciousness and fell asleep.

In the delivery room, the midwife wiped her face full of sweat and looked at the infant which was just born. Then, she took a cold breath as she thought to herself, Goodness gracious me, this child is huge! So heavy! I’m afraid he is at least 10 catties heavy!

She then looked towards the young unconscious mother lying on the bed with a sense of lingering fear. Looking at that slender body and beautiful face, she couldn’t help but pray, “Such a large child and such a delicate mother. Both mother and child could actually be born safely. It is really the blessings of the heavens… Amitābha!”

The news of the safe labor disseminated quickly as the worried men in the living room rushed in without waiting for another second. The first one was a 1.9 meters tall man with a square face and sharp eyebrows. From the way he looked, he should definitely be a person with great authority! Now, that face which was supposed to be filled with an imposing aura was filled with anxiousness, worry and tenderness. The moment he entered the delivery room, she rushed to the side of the young mother and asked with concern, “Ting’er, are you alright?”

Ling Tian who was wrapped up in swaddling clothes had already woken up and taken in his first breath of fresh air. Then, he suddenly felt his nose itch and involuntarily let out a large sneeze. The next moment, he heard someone laughingly scold him, “This little fellow, there isn’t anything wrong when someone else carries him. But when I carry him, he actually sprayed me a face full of mucus! Haha…” There was no anger in the voice but only delight, pride, and more importantly, satisfaction and gratitude! It was as though it was a great pride and honor for him to be sprayed a face full of mucus and saliva by his own grandson.

As Ling Tian heard this voice, it was enough for him to draw an impression of this old man who had a face full of mucus but was filled with smiles. Furthermore, Ling Tian could be sure that it was definitely accurate.

As he gradually opened his eyes, he saw an old face with wrinkles by the corners of the eyes, a head full of white hair and a wide smile, with the corner of his lips almost touching his ears…

This was no different to the person in his impression, laughing like an idiot! Ling Tian could not help but despise him in his heart as he revealed a smile.

“Wahahaha! Look, he is smiling! My grandson is smiling! Hahaha! He is indeed my grandson, smiling the moment he sees his grandfather! Wahaha…” The old man laughed until his saliva began to spit all over with most of it landing on Ling Tian’s face. Ling Tian was completely speechless as he thought, Just laugh if you want, but is there a need to give me free rain?

Ling Tian almost burst out laughing as he thought to himself, I did not laugh out of joy when I saw you. It’s just that your smile was exactly as I imagined, and that’s just too… vulgar. So this is my grandfather in this world.

“Darn old man, you’re going crazy again! What if you scare my grandson with your loud voice? Aiyah, look at your thick and clumsy hands, how will you be able to hold the child? Come, give him to me, give him to me. Mmm, good grandson, let granny hug you. Hahaha, look at how handsome he is. These small eyes and nose are exactly the same as his father’s…” By the side, a kind-looking old lady snatched Ling Tian over and hugged him like a treasured darling.

“Really? Aunt, why does this child have so many wrinkles on his face? He looks like a small old man. I can’t tell where he resembles elder brother…” An extremely annoying voice could be heard.

But before that person finished talking, there was a loud commotion followed by a shriek of pain. The old lady then scolded, “Move off to one side, little brat! Can’t you say something nice

“Fourth brother is right. Aiyah yah, aunt, take a look, why is this child’s head so skinny and long? It looks so ugly…” A young lady whined.

“Haiz, what do you know? Take a look at his nose, eyebrows and eyes. All of these are plucked right off your eldest brother’s face. Old man, do you agree?”

Ling Tian immediately felt that his grandmother was just being unreasonable. He was just born and had used the Divine Bone-Shrinking Art to make his face long and skinny. If she was really able to spot his resemblance to his father, she was definitely seeing things!

“Mm mm mm, that’s right. This child looks exactly like his father, Ling Xiao! With one look, it can be seen that we are grandson and grandfather. Without even looking at him carefully, I can be sure that he is the child of my Ling family! Wahahaha…” Following which, his grandmother let out a whistle as she carried him and cradled him with a tempo.

Admiration! These two old people were just too amazing! They were actually able to see spot so many similarities before the child’s facial features were even developed properly. They are just too… admirable…

Following which, a flurry of heads appeared in Ling Tian’s vision, with an expression as though they were all looking at a rare treasure.

“Aiyah, young master is so handsome…” Just someone spouting nonsense.

“Yes yes, look at his eyes, they look so energetic!” Another one again.

“Look at his small arms, they have so much strength. He will definitely be a general when he grows up!” Another one trying to bootlick.

“No no, look at his eyes, they are filled with wisdom. Young master will definitely be a genius when he grows up. He will definitely be a prime minister at least.” This person is even more amazing, I am still closing my eyes and she can tell that my eyes are filled with wisdom.



A large commotion formed and Ling Tian almost fainted from the noise which his many aunties had created. Just when he wanted to fake a cry, he suddenly felt that something was amiss as though a dangerous aura was approaching him. As he felt that, he immediately opened his eyes.

In front of him was a 27-year-old teen with a face full of smiles. As he looked at Ling Tian’s eyes, words of praise flowed out from his mouth as though it all came from his heart. Be it the tone of his voice or his animated expressions, they all seemed so natural and full of sincere blessings!

Ling Tian could not help but sigh with pity, If this person were to be born in my previous world with his acting skills, he would definitely win the Oscars award! This person is just too good at acting!

No one was able to discover the real emotions which he had hidden in his heart. But when he lowered his head to look at Ling Tian, the hatred to this newborn was completely without concealment! From Ling Tian’s perspective, he was able to clearly see a chilly gaze in the other party’s eyes. That was obviously a large killing intent being born out of dejection.

This person is dangerous! Ling Tian immediately felt alarmed!

After this young man said a few words, he left Ling Tian and continued to socialize with the others in the room. Occasionally, he cracked a joke and was actually able to adjust the atmosphere in the room to one of harmony in a short period of time. It seems that this person has good relations within the family. Furthermore, he also has a certain degree of intimacy and power.’

Ling Tian had already made sure to engrave that person’s appearance into his memories. He was definitely the first one Ling Tian would have to get rid of! Leaving someone like that by his side was definitely too dangerous for him and his family.

Ling Tian snickered, Little thing, you actually dare to reveal your killing intent in front of me. This young master will definitely toy with you to death when I grow up! Perhaps ordinary infants will not be able to detect your killing intent. But this young master is different. This young master spent a full 25 years hiding like how you did. Playing schemes in front of this young master is nothing more than just trying to display your skills in front of an expert!

A maid then walked up and said, “Reporting to old madam, young madam is awake and wants to look at the child.”

“Okay okay okay. Haha, this old lady will carry my beloved grandson over. Haiz, it has been hard on this lass. Such a fat little boy; I wonder how that frail body of hers managed to deal with it. Is the nourishment soup in the kitchen ready yet? Let them hurry up and send it over for Ting’er to replenish her body.” The old lady said with concern.

A short while later, Ling Tian felt a warm embrace. In the hug, he felt a sense of closeness and familiarity. The moment he was in this person’s embrace, Ling Tian felt an unspeakable sense of happiness and reliance. It was as though no storm would be able to touch him as long as he was in this embrace.

Ling Tian knew that this embrace could only belong to a single person: his mother. Ling Tian entered this world from the Yellow Springs Road without reason and brought the memories from his previous life. He even thought that he would feel extremely awkward facing his mother as a 25-year-old soul in the body of an infant.

But when Ling Tian opened his eyes and saw the gentle smile and her uncontained love and

pamper, Ling Tian could not help but feel a sense of closeness to her.

In that instant, it was as though his mind returned to his previous life where he enjoyed the joyful youth with his mother! In that instant, Ling Tian felt his heart ache as tears filled his eyes uncontrollably.

The lady in front of him still had a face full of fatigue and hair filled with sweat. But in Ling Tian’s eyes, it was all so beautiful and gratitude filled his heart. In that instant, Ling Tian decided that he will never let this lady suffer from any heartbreak. Regardless of whom, they must never harm this lady! Because she was the mother of Ling Tian!

“Baby, don’t cry, mother is here. Don’t be afraid, mother will protect you.” Ling Tian’s mother gently cradled him and a strange sense of peace rose in Ling Tian’s heart. A wave of fatigue then swept over and Ling Tian gave a loud yawn, comfortably closing his eyes and falling asleep.

No matter if it was in this life or his previous one, in a total of 26 years, this was the first time Ling Tian was able to sleep without any worries and problems!

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