Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Spiritual Power Forms the Foundation

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What a shock!

Everyone was shocked at the unprecedented movement.

“The Eleventh move?”

“H-He really achieved it?”

“How is that possible?”

If they had found Jian Meng’er performing the Ninth Move of the Wave Superposition Sword Art amazing, then they could only describe Jian Wushuang’s performance of the Eleventh Move as being unbelievable.

It was incredible!

He was, without any doubt, incredible.

“He really pulled off the Eleventh Move.” In the grandstand, the esteemed Elder Shui Hanxin of Tianyuan Sword Sect looked stunned. After all, there was not a single person his age capable of doing that, even in her sect.

That meant his talent for Sword Principle was unrivaled by even those in her sect.

“This young man!” The Sword Marquis Mansion Master, Jian Xinhong, rose and stared intensely at Jian Wushuang. “I’m the Mansion Master, but I didn’t know his gift in Sword Principle had become this great.”

Situ Qingyue and the others beside him were beyond shocked.


The organizer of the battle, Jian Lan, snorted and turned around to face the famous experts. “Perhaps you all don’t know this. Though Jian Wushuang’s talent in Sword Principle is Heaven defying, he’s trash that can’t even gather Spiritual Power. Without a corresponding Cultivation of Spiritual Power, what use is his excellent swordsmanship?”

“Oh? You mean the boy can’t gather Spiritual Power?” asked Situ Qingyue and several people, their expressions turning odd.

“That’s right. In Sword Marquis Mansion, everyone knows Jian Wushuang is trash who has been unable to gather Spiritual Power since he was 12. Even though he succeeded and became a Warrior at last, Jian Wushuang lost the golden four years for a Warrior to lay a solid foundation. So, learning about this, what accomplishments do you think he can achieve in the future?” sneered Jian Lan.

“Is this true?”

“He just formed his Spiritual Power two months ago?”

“What a pity!”

Situ Qingyue and several excellent famous experts shook their heads and sighed.

In the Way of Martial Arts, the years from 12 to 16 were the most crucial stage, being the years of puberty. It was the best time to lay a solid foundation for cultivation. Once a person missed this golden stage, his achievements in the future would be limited.

Of course, this was only applicable to ordinary practitioners, not for defiant cultivators who have cultivated a Deviant Cultivation like Heavenly Creation Skill.

“Spiritual Power is the foundation of the Way of Martial Arts, while Martial Arts Technique and swordsmanship are external factors. Even if he has excellent swordsmanship, he can’t achieve much with weak Cultivation of Spiritual Power. What a pity for this boy!” Shui Hanxin glanced Jian Wushuang and shook her head. “Even with ordinary cultivation, he has the right to be one of our disciples like Jian Meng’er with his gift in Sword Principle. Yet the fact is, he has missed the best time for his cultivation. He has basically no chance of breaking through the Spiritual Sea Realm. He doesn’t have the qualification to be an expert.”

Several famous experts beside her nodded.

Though Shui Hanxin’s explanation was half-hearted and sloppy, she was right.

They could only shake their heads and sigh, feeling sorry for a wasted talent in Sword Principle.

On the Drill Ground, many disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion had also recovered from the shock and were sighing before long.

Jian Wushuang’s unparalleled gift in Sword Principle had given everyone present a shock. But what could it prove?

In the world where everyone bowed down to Warriors, Cultivation of Spiritual Power was the foundation.

“The Eleventh Move.” Jian Meng’er fixed a cold glare at the lonely figure descending down the arena. She had long known about Jian Wushuang’s gift in Sword Principle. After her use of the Ninth Move of the Wave Superposition Sword Art, she thought she had finally surpassed him, even if it was just by a hair, but the gap between them was still huge. Either way, the Cultivation of Spiritual Power formed the foundation of the Way of Martial Arts. She vowed to crush his confidence in the second round of the battle.

On the grandstand, Jian Lan commented, “Cultivation of Spiritual Power is the foundation to cultivating Martial Arts. Our disciples shouldn’t neglect the Cultivation of Spiritual Power for Martial Arts Technique. That’s simply a fool’s way.”

Jian Lan’s words resounded throughout the Drill Ground. It was obviously meant for Jian Wushuang.

“We’ll start the second round of the battle next! This round tests your Cultivation of Spiritual Power. Please place the Spiritual Power gem here!”

Someone lifted a huge transparent gem, placing it on the arena. The middle of the gem was divided into ten layers of microgrooves.

The Spiritual Power Gem was used to test Cultivation of Spiritual Power, with ten layers representing the ten Levels from the First Step of the Spirit Path, up to the Exceptional Spiritual Sea Realm.

“First, Jian Lin!”

Jian Lin remained the first participant.

“Do your best to instill your Spiritual Power in the Spiritual Power Gem!” Jian Lan said.

“Yes.” Jianlin nodded, took a deep breath, and put out his palms, displaying his ability. Soon, a cluster of Spiritual Power flowed into the Spiritual Power Gem.

With the infusion of Spiritual Power, a bright light surged from the Spiritual Power Gem.

A dazzling violet light surged from the bottom to the top of the ten layers of the gem, putting his Cultivation of Spiritual Power at the peak of the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path. It did not end there. A fleck of violet light lit the seventh layer. The light was still dim, but the layer was still lit.

“The seventh layer was lit up?”

“The Seventh Step of the Spirit Path!”

“Jian Lin finally broke through the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path after so long!”

People on the Drill Ground praised him and many of them looked at Jian Lin with envy.

When he withdrew his palms, Jian Lin noticed the attention on him. His mood turned better. He had been mortified ever since he was defeated by Jian Wushuang a month ago, but he had now finally recovered some of his dignity.

“So what if Jian Wushuang has an excellent gift in Sword Principle? He’s probably still in the Sixth Step now.” Jian Lin sneered at Jian Wushuang and stared at him provocatively.

But when he saw Jian Wushuang, his anger flared up.

“This bastard dares ignore me!” Jian Lin raged. He saw how Jian Wushuang had his eyes closed as he leaned against the wall the whole time. His attitude naturally irritated Jian Lin.

What he did not know was that Jian Wushuang had never concerned himself with him since the very beginning.

Jian Wushuang had never cared about him, not back then and certainly not now.

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