Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Detection of Spiritual Power

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“Next, Jian Meng’er!”

When the lovely girl in a snow-white dress went up the platform once again, the entire Drill Ground was awed into silence by her beauty.

She was still so cold and arrogant. Though Jian Wushuang’s performance had suppressed hers, it was not enough to overshadow her brilliance. What truly impressed everyone was her Heaven defying talent for cultivation.

She was a mere 16-year-old girl who had achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm!

This was something unprecedented in the history of Sword Marquis Mansion. Next, the Detection of Spiritual Power would be the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her peerless talent.

On the arena, Jian Meng’er inched her palms closer to the Spiritual Power Gem, gently touching it.

Everyone held their breath.

“Has she really achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm?”

Those famous experts from various spheres of influence were watching with earnest attention. Though they had heard that Jian Meng’er had such an achievement, this time they would be able to witness it themselves.

They would only dare to believe it if they saw it with their own eyes.

A harsh violent light lit within the ten-layered Spiritual Power Gem. The light filled the seventh layer without any suspense, then the eighth layer lit up as well.

The eighth layer represented the Initial Spiritual Sea Realm. It still lit up with that dazzling violet light like the rest of the layers. Then came the ninth layer…

It lit up as expected, the light just as brilliant.

There were distinctions within the different layers of the Spiritual Power Gem, and they were determined by the brightness of the violet light.

Take the previous contestant, Jian Lin, as an example. When he reached the Seventh Step of Spirit Path, he managed to light up the seventh layer of the Spiritual Power Gem. However, it was very dim as he was still new to the realm.

But now, through the infusion of Jian Meng’er’s Spiritual Power, the ninth layer had lit up with the most brilliant of lights. What did this mean?

“The Peak! The Peak of the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm!”

“She has already achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm and she is not just a newcomer to it?!”

All of a sudden, the Drill Ground was in an uproar.

“Good! Very good!” On the grandstand, Jian Xinhong rose to his feet and applauded, excitement evident in his eyes.

Jian Lan laughed heartily, unable to conceal his joy.

“She not only achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm, but even its Peak?!” Everyone else on the grandstand also looked exceptionally amazed.

Their amazement was because, even within the same level, there was a tremendous difference between the early stages and the Peak of it.

It would take an ordinary Warrior at least several years to accumulate enough Spiritual Power to achieve the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm. For some, it may take even longer. Yet Jian Meng’er was only 16 years old!

It was already unbelievable enough that she had achieved the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm at that age, never mind reaching the Peak!

Everyone felt like they were in a daze.

“Jian Meng’er…”

On the Drill Ground, numerous disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion were staring at the peerless and beautiful person on the platform. Besides Jian Wushuang, none of them had any desire to compete against her.

The chosen one!

The most beautiful one!

It was none other than Jian Meng’er!

Bai Chong squinted and said, “Shui Hanxin, you’ve really accepted a great disciple! For her to achieve the Peak at 16 years old, she really has an extraordinary talent for cultivation.”

“She’s not bad.” Shui Hanxin nodded, smiling. “This girl does have an extraordinary talent for cultivation. Even among the many talented disciples in my Tianyuan Sword Sect, she’s among the best. With my guidance, it won’t be a problem for her to achieve Gold Core before turning 20. If she’s willing to work hard and has good luck, perhaps another peak existence will come out of my sect!”

“A peak existence?!” Everyone was stunned.

“Elder Shui, are you saying that Jian Meng’er will be able to achieve the Yin-Yang Void Realm in the future?” Jian Xinhong seemed somewhat excited.

No one doubted that Jian Meng’er was capable of forming a Gold Core before turning 20. However, the Yin-Yang Void Realm was truly the Peak of cultivation. Even among the powerful Tianyuan Sword Sect, there was only a handful who had achieved it. Within Bashui Commandery, there was not even one!

Was there any hope for Jian Meng’er to achieve it in the future?

“With her talent, nothing is impossible as long as she’s willing to work hard,” Shui Hanxin replied placidly.

Though she sounded indifferent, it was difficult for the audience to calm themselves down.

On the arena, Jian Meng’er was being watched by everyone, but her eyes were directed at Jian Wushuang. Her gaze turned chilly and she said to him, “Jian Wushuang, I’ve warned you. I’ll let you feel complete devastation in this battle today! You’re not qualified to surpass me in your entire life!”

“Can you see it now?”

Leaning on the corner, Jian Wushuang raised his head with his hands folded. His eyes turned as acute as electricity when they met Jian Meng’er’s.

Though no actual conversation took place, he could understand what she wanted to say through her eyes.

“The Peak of the Profound Spiritual Sea Realm? Very good! Things will be more interesting this way.” He touched his parched lips, his eyes darkening as a fire raged within him.

The battle continued, yet compared to Jian Meng’er’s results, the Cultivation of Spiritual Power of the other disciples seemed even dimmer than a firefly’s light.

“The last one, Jian Wushuang. It’s your turn!” Jian Lan called, voice cold.

Leaning on the corner, Jian Wushuang rolled his eyes and slowly made his ways towards the arena.

His steps were slow as he put his foot one after another, attracting everyone’s attention.

All eyes were on him, including the famous experts.

The most eye-grabbing people in this battle were doubtlessly Jian Meng’er and him.

In the first round of the battle earlier, Jian Wushuang shocked everyone with the Eleventh Move of the Wave Superposition Sword Art. Though no one had any expectations for him in this second round, no one dared to belittle him anymore at the very least.

“He’s up on the arena?”

Watching Jian Wushuang walk towards the platform, a smile appeared on Jian Meng’er’s face. “You achieved the Peak of the Sixth Step of the Spirit Path a month ago. Now let’s see how much progress you’ve made!”

“Show me what you’ve achieved during these so-called two months!”

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