Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 10 - Budding Talent

Chapter 10: Budding Talent

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What, vitality 1.5!

How was that possible?

Everyone who saw this data was dumbfounded.

With such a high vitality, he was just behind Zhao Kai in the class.

If it had been the others, it would be alright. But Feng Lin had been only a trash student of 0.4 vitality previously.

It had been just two examinations away, what kind of world-changing transformation had happened to him?

In such a short period, his vitality increased by 1.1. It was totally unbelievable and unrealistic!

Despite the fraud suspicion, the truth was being displayed in front of them at the moment. A solid 1.5. Everyone had to accept it anyhow even if they could not accept.

“Impossible, this scanner must be spoilt! How could this guy have such a high vitality?” Du Zhiming could not believe it. His vitality had been ranked the second in the class all these while. But now, a low-graded student surpassed him with a difference of 0.14.

What was wrong with this world?

He could only stare blankly.

“Don’t be silly! Unless this vitality scanner is spoilt, it would never be wrong. If that is the case, how come there was no mistake in Zhao Kai’s vitality !” someone analyzed rationally.

“Yea! Some heaven-defying thing must have happened to Feng Lin and changed him?”

All kinds of comments were made regarding Feng Lin.

At the same time, they could not help but admit that Feng Lin would gain a substantial development in his intellect with his high vitality now.

With that, Feng Lin definitely had the ability to achieve high marks in the written exam.

Although they could not accept it, there was no way they could continue being skeptical and deny reality.

Reality would sometimes make people helpless, wouldn’t it?

“Fool!” Zhao Kai clenched his teeth. Before this, he was completely against this guy, yet the ending was such a tragedy.

The result of vitality scan did not prove the opponent to be cheating but instead had proven him innocent.

How could he accept that?

Though he won in the martial exam, he had been the number one in class for a long time and he would not allow anyone to surpass him, not even for one written exam.

“Kid, your nightmare comes next! It’s your fault to choose an opponent you can never win over!” He stared at Feng Lin’s silhouette, his eyes appeared sinister.

“Could it be that this student was so lucky to have a potential-explosion period before the college exam?” The female head teacher could not help but make an assumption after seeing Feng Lin’s stunning results.

As an experienced head teacher who led several batches of graduating students, she knew about this stuff very well. When they approached the senior year, some of the previously unknown students would enter an exponential potential-explosion period. Their results would improve rapidly and gain outstanding progress.

That was because the students had the potential but they were buried before this. When the pre-college exam was approaching, the enormous stress would maximize their full potential and force them to grow speedily.

Could Feng Lin be one of these students?

Then, she must have overlooked it previously.

But… this was too much!

From a low-graded student, he made a leap and became the top few students in the class. The improvement was so great that she had never seen someone like this in her entire teaching career.

Next, it all depended on Feng Lin’s performance. Perhaps, he could show her a more reliable and thorough side of him.

People reacted differently to Feng Lin’s explosive change, but all of them were stunned.

Yet, it was a big mistake to think that that was the end of it.

Feng Lin’s subsequent performance was even more unbelievable.

After vitality test, the strength test and speed test came next.

Speed and strength were the most basic traits of life.

With the vitality index alone, it was pointless if he could not perform well in speed and strength.

Even when the vitality score was the same, different lifeforms would have different speed and strength.

It was most prominent in animals.

According to scientific studies, an adult tiger and an adult elephant had similar vitality scores.

In this case, elephants were much stronger than tigers in terms of strength but much weaker in terms of speed.

The same thing applied to humans. Some were born to be good in running, and some were extremely strong…

Genes defined the essence of lives. Yet, each individual might have a different way to show it.

Speed tester and punch force machine were placed in the class. They were used to test the speed of running and the strength of punching respectively.

Students went up for the tests one after another, all in order.

After getting the instructions, they sprinted abruptly on the speed tester.

The speed tester resembled the treadmill. It would glide along with a person’s pace and stop as it reached a distance of 100 meters.

After that, the students would perform full strength punches against the punch force machine. After a hundred punches, the machine would display the average strength of each punch.

100 meters in 7.12 seconds, punch strength of 0.65 ton……

That was the average data of the students’ results at the moment.

“Next, Zhao Kai!”

Zhao Kai stepped forward amid the envious eyes of the students and the anticipating eyes of the head teacher.

Woo woo woo!

He sprinted with all his strength; his legs moved fast and left traces of shadows behind.

After finishing a hundred-meter run, his face did not turn red at all and he didn’t even pant. Then, he unleashed his strongest punches on the punch force machine.

Bang Bang Bang.

It was as if he was making an explosion in the air. The punch force machine was shaking and nearly fell apart.

100 meters in 5.17 seconds, punch strength of 1.2 tons!

A cheer of surprise was heard as soon as the result data came out.

“As expected of Zhao Kai!”

“It is really monstrous to have such a physical performance. A vitality of more than 2, is it really so extreme?”

“Yes! This is already nearing the limits of a mortal man!”

Zhao Kai smirked in pride and did not look at anyone else but Feng Lin. There was a sense of sneering in his smile.

You wanted to fight with me, but you did not know your limits!

“Let’s see how strong my physical ability is.” Feng Lin did not bother and did not give a damn about others’ provocations. He only wanted to fight against himself.

The journey of cultivation was destined to be a lonely path. His biggest enemy was himself.

Only through continuously challenging himself and breaking through his own limits could he persevere on this endless path and eventually reach the destination.

These acts of shamelessly seeking personal gains would not move his heart the slightest bit.

Standing in front of the machine, Feng Lin closed his eyes slowly and took a deep breath.

Heaving out a long breath as long as a century, his entire body was breathing vigorously and maximized to his full potential. His body condition was also adjusted to the highest optimal level.

“Next candidate, Feng Lin…”

In a loud yell, Feng Lin opened his eyes fully. A white beam flashed in the air.

The next second, his body moved speedily. Everything from static to full speed happened in the split of a second, giving people an illusion that he teleported. A tweaking, sharp sound was made as he sprinted with all his strength. His steps were flying on the track and rubbing against it as if it was on fire, giving out a burnt rubber smell.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds.

Tick, tick, tick… 100 meters sprint results were out, it was 4.21 seconds!

“What? 4.21 seconds?”

Many students witnessed this scene. They rushed over and gathered around the speed tester. They kept rubbing their eyes, thinking that the machine was faulty.

Based on scientific calculations, normal humans would meet their bottlenecks in speed and strength regardless of the vitality.

100 meters in 4 seconds and punch strength of 2 tons, this was the limit. Once you had exceeded this limit, it would exceed a mortal man’s body bearing capability and make the body collapse.

Only by becoming an official cultivator could one break through this limit with the extraordinary force that transformed the body from inside out. This was also known as mortal limits.

Now, Feng Lin’s running speed was approaching the mortal limits. Was that achievable by someone with only vitality of 1.5?

He was faster than someone with a vitality of 2.2!

That was not genetic at all!

Everyone who witnessed the scene nearly dropped his jaw.

Yet, Feng Lin was not surprised at all.

Different genes had a different emphasis on a human’s body.

Monkeys were so agile!

The Monkey Gene that he awakened had no supernatural power, but it would greatly improve one’s agility. Feng Lin strengthened his agility by 9 points which no one had ever achieved. His speed was advanced up to the limit, and it was unimaginable.

However, Feng Lin was confused. He had a superb speed and was faster than Zhao Kai, but why was his vitality so much weaker?

It seemed like there were still undiscovered secrets about the gene strengthening relating to vitality’s improvement!

The exam was still on-going now, thus, it was not the time to think about this. He put this question aside and started the strength exam.

Bang bang bang……

He bowed and bent his body. A loud crackling sound could be heard from deep inside his bones. By focusing his energy to its absolute maximum, he made the punch.

The punch roared like the thunder. In a while, a continuous series of punches hit the punch force machine like a thunderstorm.

The machine shook feebly and squeaked, unable to withstand the great force. A long chain of numbers appeared on the screen. Every candidate had to strike 100 punches within a certain period of time. Besides testing the punch strength, it tested the endurance. Going all out to give 100 punches, he had to keep the consistency of every punch besides using the maximum force. By doing that, he could get high marks in the test.

Feng Lin had a great lung capacity. After 100 thunderstorm-like punches, he was not panting despite feeling tired.

Punch strength 0.8 ton!

The machine was stating the actual data.

“What? Average punch strength 0.8 ton? That is almost 1 ton! Also, his running speed is so scary, 100 meters in 4.21 seconds.”

“How did he train himself!? His vitality is only 1.5, but his speed won over Zhao Kai who is 2.2!”

“His strength isn’t weak too! This is simply not scientific.”

Everybody was taken aback.

“How is that possible?” Zhao Kai was perplexed. Feng Lin’s performance has surpassed all his knowledge about genetics.

His speed was extremely fast, and his strength was not bad too. However, why was his vitality only 1.5?

Did he cheat again?

This was impossible!

The machine was an object, how could it help him to cheat!?

“Darkhorse, he is definitely a dark horse. He is the second cultivation genius in our class!” Another genius had appeared in the class. Thus, the female head teacher could only put all her prejudice aside and looked highly upon Feng Lin now.

As a head teacher, it was a massive fortune for her to have a new genius in the class.

The previous prejudice?

It was not important!

The key point was the present moment.

As long as you were capable, who would bother about how you had used to be like?

And this was the transformation caused by an examination.

Feng Lin had just shown his budding talent. He made everyone acknowledge that he, who was previously unknown, low-graded student, was finally on his way rising to the peak.

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