Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 9 - Testing Vitality Stats

Chapter 9: Testing Vitality Stats

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The atmosphere suddenly turned silent, growing tense and awkward.

There were observing cameras set up to provide a 360-degree vision at the exam venue. There was no dead angle at all. No strange behavior was observed, and there was no bug with regards to the monitoring equipment… So what did this mean?

This meant that Feng Lin had truly used his own capabilities to achieve the highest scores. This was why the atmosphere was now so awkward…

Those students, who caused a big fuss earlier, all silently left as though nothing had ever happened. Nobody apologized for their earlier behavior.

Zhao Kai, who was among the crowd, had a face filled with the utmost reluctance.

However, the truth was before his eyes. There was irrefutable evidence.

If he tried to create more trouble, he would become nothing but a joke.

Ultimately, he could only grit his teeth and bear it. What the eye didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over. He wanted nothing more than for Feng Lin to move away from him as far as he could.

Upon seeing the sullen faces of everyone, Feng Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was just merely the top score of the written exam, was such a huge commotion necessary?

The originally noisy classroom finally quietened down. Everyone went silent, preparing for the next test, the martial exam.

Feng Lin also began to seriously prepare. He stretched a bit to warm up, stimulating his body to its utmost potential so as to ensure that he would get the best result in the martial exam.

After an hour passed, the sounds of a robotic voice rang out in the school once more. “The second exam is about to start, each class please be prepared to participate…” Everyone understood that this was the school informing them that the exam was starting.

The female head teacher of their class walked up to the rostrum again and began to speak.

“The martial exam is about to begin. If your vitality stats has not reached 1.0, you don’t need to participate to embarrass yourself. Even if you have a very high score in the literature exam, you would ultimately still score 0 for the martial exam!”

Her words were filled with the intention to target someone. Everyone understood she was talking about Feng Lin.


The crowd started laughing uproariously. That’s right, all of them started to cheer up, sweeping aside the depressing feeling they had earlier.

You might have stumbled upon some dogshit luck and obtain the top score in the literature exam, but there was no way to fake one’s vitality stats. The martial exam will definitely make you show your true form. Let’s see if you can still act so nonchalant later!

Almost everyone had an elated look on their faces as though wanting to see Feng Lin making a joke out of himself.

Feng Lin noted down all of his classmates’ expressions. A mocking smile curled up his lips. They wanted to see him making a fool out of himself? I’m sorry! I’m going to disappoint you all.

The first test of the martial exam was the test of one’s vitality stats. Vitality was the most basic embodiment of life. It was the state of health, strength, speed, constitution, and endurance… All of these aspects were included. It was also a very important indicator of one’s genetic potential.

Someone with strong vitality would definitely surpass an ordinary person in all aspects.

The classroom was extremely spacious and right now, there was a pure metallic strange-looking machine right in the center. The machine released rays of red light and continuously scanned. This machine was precisely a vitality scanner.

“Du Zhiming!”

A student walked towards the machine. A ray of red light scanned him as a number appeared on the machine.

Vitality: 1.36!

If one wanted to participate in the college exam, their vitality had to exceed one, or it would basically be impossible to enter any colleges.

Upon seeing his vitality stats exceeding an average person by 0.36, that person excitedly walked back and even purposely cast a glance at Feng Lin.

“Zhao Kai!”

Zhao Kai was cheered on by the crowd. He stood before the scanner as the red light flashed.

Vitality: 2.2!

The evident number on the scanner caused a commotion in the crowd.

“As expected of Zhao Kai, his vitality stats are so shocking!”

“In previous tests, he have already reached 2.0. But now, his vitality is already at 2.2. What a fast improvement speed!”

“If he continues to develop himself, he might truly gain enough power in the future to leave the solar system and enter those interstellar colleges. One must know that in the boundless starry sky of the universe, our solar system exists in the most remote corner!”


A countless number of voices filled with admiration and envy rang out.

Even the female head-teacher, who always had a strict face, now actually had a smile on her face. Clearly, she was very satisfied with Zhao Kai’s score.

Zhao Kai then walked back to his seat. His gaze penetrated the crowd and stared at Feng Lin while a cold smile appeared on his face. It was like a wolf staring at its prey.

Feng Lin didn’t really care about it. His eyes glowed as a thought flashed through his mind.

Interstellar colleges?

After that, the female teacher continued reading out names, and the students went to take the vitality test one after the other.

Vitality: 1.12!

Vitality: 1.06!

Vitality: 0.95!


The majority of students had vitality stats around 1.0.

Only a rare few had a vitality that exceeded the 1.4 marks like Du Shiming. So far, only Zhao Kai, a single person had exceeded 2.0 in the vitality stat.

One couldn’t help but say that although this man was arrogant, he did have the qualifications to do so.

As the teacher reached the end of the name list, she directly announced, “The vitality test has ended, the result is…”

Before she ended her sentence, a voice echoed out, “Teacher, I have not yet taken the test!”

Feng Lin raised his hand.

The teacher was extremely unhappy with her words being interrupted. She glared at him and didn’t say anything. The other students also felt extremely impatient.

Your vitality stats was only at 0,4, but you still want to take the college exam?

What if you got the lowest score here, wouldn’t you have thrown the school’s face completely?

The head-teacher don’t even want you to take this test. Can’t you understand?

“You think you can pass the martial exam with a vitality stats only at 0.4?” the teacher rudely snorted.

It was tough to break one’s prior impression. Even his head-teacher didn’t believe in him.

But for the sake of obtaining the qualifications to take the college exam, it was impossible for Feng Lin to give up!

“That’s right!” Feng Lin replied neither in a servile nor overbearing manner. He then continued, “Teacher, back in Huaxia on the Earth, there’s an old saying. ‘A scholar who has been away for three days, have to be looked at anew!’ It has been so long since the last mock test. How do you know I’ll fail for sure?”

“You still don’t want to give up?” The female teacher frowned. But as he was a student of the school, Feng Lin’s request was not an unreasonable one. She could intentionally disregard this student, but she couldn’t intentionally obstruct him. No matter who she was, she didn’t have the authority to stop Feng Lin from participating in the martial exam.

It was ultimately because of her impression of Feng Lin as the last-ranking student which caused her to belittle him.

The female teacher shook her head but eventually relented. She then activated the vitality scanner while signaling Feng Lin to go over.

In any case, as the head-teacher of a class, it would only serve to have many advantages and no disadvantages in the off-chance that a new genius was discovered in her class.

“Fine then, I want to see how high your vitality stats are.”

However, they had all neglected a point. If one’s vitality stats were too low, it would mean that that person’s intellect wouldn’t have been too advanced. In that case, it would be impossible for that person to become the top scorer in the literature exam.

Feng Lin didn’t bother to reply. He had argued and managed to gain the chance to prove himself. Cold gazes shot towards him from all directions, akin to thousands of sharp swords wanting to pierce him.

Enduring all the mocking and sarcastic looks of his classmates, Feng Lin steeled himself and walked towards the vitality scanner.

The red light flashed, scanning his body. His internal organs, cells, genes, and everything were scanned and transformed into data.

“What???” The female teacher and students in the class were all completely stunned as they stared at the number on the vitality scanner. They even blinked their eyes, suspecting that they had seen wrongly.

The number shown on the vitality scanner should be an impossibility.

Vitality: 1.5!

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