Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 12 - Soaring Potential

Chapter 12: Soaring Potential

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The genetic potential actually rose up!

It increased by 10% directly and that was equal to a full day of tough cultivation.

Feng Lin thought it over and understood the essence of it.

According to the theory of the mythological genes, the path of cultivation could change the body silently over time. Yet, this kind of transformation had a very slow rate.

More often than not, a full-day training would only have 11-26% effect on the genes. The rest all acted on some useless attributes of his body…

However, the genetic equation ability could focus all the effects of training into one and store it as genetic potential.

This was the ability of the body to record data like the experience level gained from killing monsters in video games. Feng Lin could then use the genetic potential to strengthen his own body.

As for real combat, it was also a type of cultivation. And it was actually the most effective method.

After figuring things out, he began to anticipate the following fights even more.

Following the clearance of the Level 1 pagoda, the lights changed again.

Hong Gang appeared again with the condensation of lights. He did not start fighting directly but performed his fist technique systematically and in full detail.

“Hong Fist is the fist technique of Southern Huaxia. There are twelve aspects to the Hong Fist. The twelve aspects are named ‘tough, soft, forced, straight, split, fixed, inch, lift, flow, transport, organize, locked’. Hong Fist is a close-combat-oriented fist technique which strengthens the inner and outer physical aspects of the body. This fist technique emphasizes on the transmission of inner force inside the body, accumulating it in order to exert the potent Qi externally. The stance was named the Six-six Stance which naturally transforms pure Yang into Yin. Basically, the moves can be divided into the so-called Three Shoulder Shrugs: the first shrug is extremely quiet, the second shrug is incorporated with Taichi moves, and the third shrug is exploding with Qi. The different elements of this technique coexist and superimpose one another, taking its explosiveness to another level. And as for the accumulation of Qi, it would be kept in Dantian. While the fist also had the name of Six-Steps Stance, it was actually based on the horse stances. Thus, It was highly versatile as it could be used in both attack and defend altogether—it was absolutely unique…” An explanation could be heard in the air.

There was a benefit like this?!

Feng Lin silently pondered.

In fact, after clearing each level of the martial pagoda, he could learn the martial arts of the combat master of each level. That was an unforeseen surprise.

It was as if every level was a checkpoint and this was the reward of clearing it.

All in all, one would not necessarily have a great combat prowess with high vitality stats alone; decent mastery of martial abilities was essential in any case.

That was precisely what Feng Lin was lacking.

Although Hong Fist was just the most basic fist technique, Feng Lin started to learn the stances one by one.

This martial art was not too complicated which was why Feng Lin could memorize it almost instantly. Up next, he had to practice more to fully master it.

The martial pagoda was only open for a limited period. Therefore, he did not stop for too long and moved on to Level 2.

“Shaolin Seven Star Fist, please enlighten me!” A formidable martial monk stood in the field, directly rushing over after his introduction.

Shaolin Seven Star Fist, the initial palm forms resembled the flower petals. This technique had unique moves which involved walking on a straight line and crossing diagonally, capable of reacting to attacks from all directions. The hands formed claws to lock the opponents, and the legs walked in consecutive steps like chickens, allowing the user to move swiftly and overcome obstacles. The fist struck in three directions, while the leg swept and kicked the opponents simultaneously. Its powerful elbow attacks were also essential to break through the opponent’s defense. Although the battle prowess of Shaolin Seven Star Fist was decent, its main strength was still the ability to escape swiftly upon meeting a strong enemy with the lightning-like footwork. All in all, there were definitely more undiscovered potentials in this technique…

This was a set of fist technique with great footwork and quick attacks.

Feng Lin did not retreat but chose to fight head-on.

Using the Twelve Aspects, he acted first to take control of the situation.

This time, he was using the Hong Fist.

To master a fist technique, the simplest and easiest way was to practice in an actual fight.

Feng Lin was staggering to find his own feet in the beginning.

Fortunately, this was only at Level 2 and the opponent’s vitality was 0.2. There was a great difference in their vitality stats so he didn’t feel too pressured.

Throughout the fight, he became more and more skilled in the Hong Fist.

Finally, in the 36th round, he used “Embracing The Moon” and defeated the opponent completely.

Genetic potential +11%.

As the genetic potential increased, he learned a new martial art technique, the Shaolin Seven Star Fist!

Later, he applied the technique he had just learned and practiced in the subsequent levels.

Level 3, Level 4, Level 5……

With a vitality stats of 1.5, he smoothly cleared the levels.

Genetic potential +12%, +13%, +14%… it was increasing rapidly.

Eight Trigram Palm, Xingyi Fist, Taichi Fist… One by one, he picked up the martial arts from the Ancient Earth Era.

Feng Lin could sense the substantial transformation in his own body.

As expected of the Illusory Martial Pagoda. Spending one day in it would bring more advancement to himself compared to cultivating on the outside for ten days. No wonder it required ten thousand star coins per entrance.

It was absolutely rewarding this time!


A powerful strike full of momentum descended. Feng Lin’s fist was like a huge hammer as he used the Taichi Explosive Fist. The surroundings seemed to be shattered into pieces, giving out a loud thunderous sound.

Under the shadows of his fist attacks, his opponent was crushed.

Genetic potential +18%!

This was already Level 9 now.

Feng Lin panted. As he advanced up the pagoda levels, the difficulty of the challenge became higher.

Every guardian of the levels was a master of martial arts. Their vitalities became higher and their difference with Feng Lin became smaller progressively. Their skillful fist techniques made him stressed out.

At this level, the illusory martial art master was a small and thin old man. Despite his looks, he had practiced his Monkey Fist to a godly level.

Monkey Fist was essentially a vicious and nimble martial art. The moves were ruthless and sinister. Each of the attacks targeted the opponent’s vulnerable parts, making it hard for them to avoid.

Once being caught, the opponent would be torn into pieces.

In the beginning, Feng Lin hadn’t guarded himself well and had gotten hit by the hand claws several times. Fortunately, he had awakened the Stonebirth Gene and had a tough body like metal and stone.

The elder was powerful, but he could not break Feng Lin’s defense.

Finally, Feng Lin used up a large amount of energy to defeat the opponent.

Hu, hu, hu! (Sound of panting)

Droplets of sweat rolled down his cheek. Feng Lin drew in a long breath, feeling almost exhausted.

He could not go on this way, or he could never break through the following levels at this state.

Up next, Level 10. This was a level of demarcation.

This level signified the vitality stats of the combat master to be at least 1.0, which was the average level of the Interstellar humans. It definitely would be an extremely intense battle.

Yet, there was no rush. Luckily, he had free genetic points that he could spend.

The continuous accumulation of genetic potential in the Illusory Martial Pagoda was around 136%. Adding it up to the original points, he breached the barrier of 200% and achieved 232%. With that amount of genetic potential, Feng Lin had two free genetic points.

He used one genetic point on the Monkey Gene right away.


“Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1.6

Monkey Gene: 10

Stonebirth Gene: 5

Genetic potential: 136%”


The Monkey Gene reached its max of 10 points, and his vitality also increased to 1.6.

At once, his body changed instantly.

The Monkey Gene could improve the body substantially once it reached its peak.

Feng Lin felt unbearably itchy. His muscles became streamlined, presenting a perfect form of muscular strength. His energy was also recovering rapidly.

He began learning the Monkey Fist again.

He had awakened the Monkey Gene, and this Monkey Fist was one of the Xingyi Fist techniques which mimicked the monkeys. It was almost tailor-made for him.

Feng Lin picked this up very fast and mastered it soon.

Subsequently, he headed up to the next level.

The next level had a scene of an ancient temple situated amidst many pagodas.

The Illusory Martial Pagoda was deceptive, nearly every level was a new world.

Feng Lin’s ears moved slightly. All of a sudden, he could hear a Zen poem.

“Buddha’s teachings are propagated in the human world. There are a total of eighteen esteemed Arhats existing perpetually. A person who cultivates his moral character in peace would eventually end up with the fruits of his efforts. Following the fate, allowing the mundane life to wash one’s mortal’s heart.”

A monk with a scar on his head moved over in big steps. He was swift and fierce. His skin was golden like an Arhat who came to the human world. Actually, he looked more like a metal man made from copper. An imposing aura radiated from him as his cassock fluttered with the wind.

“Head Arhat of the Shaolin temple, I’m Fa Jie! Sir, please!”

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