Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 13 - Genetic Martial Arts

Chapter 13: Genetic Martial Arts

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Arhat in the human world, a copper man!

After exchanging greetings, Feng Lin surveyed the other party meticulously.

Shaolin temple!

As a human of two lifetimes, he was not unfamiliar with this name.

All the martial arts in this world originated from Shaolin.

This had been a great martial sect in the Ancient Earth Era. However, Its name silently faded away after the Interstellar Era started. Yet, with the discovery of mythological genes, this ancient martial art, which had the strengthening effect, flourished once more.

Shaolin temple had a thick cultural background. After successfully merging with the theory of mythological genes, they turned the seventy-two absolute skills of Shaolin into genetic martial arts. Since then, they became popular again.

This monk was wearing a cassock, but he had technological equipment on his body. He was obviously an Interstellar human. Thus, this meant that he knew about genetic martial arts.

He had to be careful about this!

Then, reality turned out as he had expected.

Vajra Subduing Devil Fist!

Sweeping his huge sleeves backward, the monk dashed like a fierce tiger running downhill, with a golden light radiating from all over his body.

His palm technique stirred up a wind, and his forceful fist broke through the air.

His palm had yet to reach, but his force arrived first!

Feng Lin could not avoid it. He was hit by the powerful air strike and took several steps back.

This was the wonder of Illusory Martial Pagoda. It was a condensation of virtual energy, but it exerted actual effects.

“Eight Trigrams Palm!” Feng Lin stabilized his stance. He applied his new skill which he learned from the Level 6 pagoda. Stepping on the Eight Trigrams, he manipulated the agile trait of Eight Trigrams Palm. He moved around the opponent swiftly.

Palm clashing against palm.

Feng Lin’s figure shook, but the monk was forced back ten consecutive steps before he halted.

Although he was the head Arhat in the Shaolin temple, he was obviously restricted by his vitality stats of only 1.

The difference in vitality made it hard for him to face Feng Lin in a head-on fight.

Yet, it was tough for Feng Lin too. His hand hurt badly; it felt like being struck by a huge hammer.

“Is this the power of genetic martial arts?” Feng Lin was secretly surprised.

There were two types of martial arts. One was the ancient martial arts, and another was the genetic martial arts.

The ancient martial arts strengthened the body and focused on the technique of force exertion. It was a pure art of attack and defense. It was also known as kungfu, wushu, wrestle… and so on in the Ancient Earth Era. Every country had a different name for it.

However, genetic martial arts were different. The martial arts theory was incorporated into the genes, allowing the genes to unleash their greatest abilities. They were truly transcendent martial arts.

This Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was a type of genetic martial arts. It was capable of awakening the Vajra Gene and enabling one to form the Vajra body which was invulnerable to ordinary attacks.

The monk continued to launch attacks. His body seemed to be made of copper, his palm technique was violent, and his momentum was able to strike the target from afar. He could even leave traces of his palm strike on the hard walls. How painful would it be if his palm strikes landed on a human body?

“Monkey Staring at the Moon!” Feng Lin used the Monkey Fist, and in tandem, the Monkey Gene maximized the agility and fierceness of the martial skill.

A greyish stone-like luster appeared on his skin. As his hand came in contact with the monk’s, a loud and clear sound of metal and stone clashing was heard.

The Stonebirth Gene and Vajra Gene were both genes which strengthened the body.

Though the opponent was using genetic martial arts, Feng Lin’s vitality stat was 0.6 higher than his. Thus, Feng Lin was not inferior at all.

In terms of speed and strength, Feng Lin was stronger.

Finally, he found a flaw and defeated the opponent with the “Sword Dance of the White Ape”.

Genetic potential +36%.

This time, the genetic potential increased tremendously. Clearly, it was more beneficial for one’s cultivation comprehensiveness and mastery to fight against a genetic martial master.

Vajra Subduing Devil Fist!

Feng Lin saw the technique’s walkthrough again.

The genetic cultivation arts could be classified into different grades, and there were different tiers as well. They could be classified into low-tier martial arts, mid-tier martial arts, high-tier martial arts, and supreme-tier martial arts. Each of the different tiers can be further classified into initial-grade, mid-grade and high-grade.

The Vajra Subduing Devil Fist was only an initial-grade low-tier martial art. It could only control one kind of genetic power, the Vajra Gene.

Although Feng Lin did not have this gene, the Stonebirth Gene was quite similar to the Vajra Gene in the aspect that it was also a body-strengthening type gene. The genetic effect would not completely be the same when he trained in this technique, but it was 50 to 60% applicable.

It was indeed the genetic martial arts. Even with only 50 to 60% power, those normal ancient martial arts weren’t comparable to it.

If it was not for the higher vitality, it was impossible for Feng Lin to win against this monk.

Feng Lin practiced seriously and memorized the moves of Vajra Subduing Devil Fist. Then, he continued up to the next level.

In a flash, Feng Lin appeared in a serene bamboo forest filled with fallen flowers. Without him realizing it, an immortal-looking elder walked out from the bamboo forest. He was not that tall, but he gave out a serene, distant aura. He seemed mysterious and unpredictable.

“Come!” The elder did not greet Feng Lin; he only waved. It was as if the ancient master of martial arts had reemerged in the human world. This elder projected a lofty, unyielding sense of grandeur.

The battle officially began!

Feng Lin skipped the talking and took the initiative.

After Level 10, the vitality of the Illusory Martial Pagoda masters exceeded 1 and became closer to his. Besides, they also mastered all sorts of genetic martial arts.

Losing the advantage of stats superiority, Feng Lin could only go against the opponent with his own martial skills. It was gradually getting harder to win against them.

The elder stood in the center without moving. He seemed to be shocked by Feng Lin’s ferocious attacks.

“Good chance!” Feng Lin’s steps were light and quick like a monkey hopping over the mountain streams. He went circling around the elder, looking for a flaw in his defense.

All of a sudden, his eyes flashed as his figure went behind the elder. He then grabbed the elder’s head from the back with a move from the Monkey Fist.

This move was extremely vicious, as the opponent would have his skull broken if he got hit.

Yet, it was like the elder had eyes behind his head. With a gentle and soft movement of his wrist, he negated Feng Lin’s attack.


A waterturbo-like energy twirled Feng Lin and made all his exerted force miss the target.

The elder’s body revolved in a gyroscopic motion as if he were boneless. His body twisted freely and his hands were moving towards Feng Lin; they were unavoidable.

Boneless Taichi!

This was another genetic martial art.

Feng Lin knew of this martial art.

Boneless Taichi was able to use the Boneless Gene in the human body and make one’s bone as soft and as supple as the water. With this genetic martial art, the bones in the user’s body could be liquefied, making it seem as though no bones existed in the first place.

This was a genetic martial art optimized from the basics of ancient Taichi Fist.

In fact, all the genetic martial arts in the Interstellar Era evolved from the ancient martial arts. They kept the original martial theories and added the knowledge of mythological genes. Besides strengthening the body, it could refine the genes as well.

Taichi countered toughness with softness; it produced a big payoff with a small effort.

The elder had soft bones which were so flexible that he could simply bend them. He exhibited the softness and gentleness of Taichi Fist to its maximum.

Parry Punch!

His body twisted together and made three circles like a spring. Suddenly, he released the tension and blasted out a single power punch with the counter-twisting momentum.


With the punch released, the sound of violent wind and thunder roared!

It was incredibly forceful.

“No!” Feng Lin let out a yell. He felt a massive power smashing into his body like a propelling huge mountain. He blocked it out of instinct but was still flung through the air.

Landing on the ground, he stomped his feet hard on it and could hardly stabilize his stance. His arm was hurting so bad as though it was broken.

The opponent did not have a vitality stat that was as high as his, but the instant explosive power which the elder could unleash was too ferocious.

Feng Lin’s sweat dripped all over him.

Had he reached his limits again?

He was not satisfied and recovered his energy using his genetic point. After another two more ferocious rounds of exchange of moves, he was completely exhausted and had reached his limits.

However, he was not willing to let it end this way, Feng Lin wanted to find out where his true limits lie.


At once, he exhaled and made a loud voice. His muscles were bulging out and appeared greenish gray like pieces of tough scales.

“Vajra Dragon Claws!”

One of Feng Lin’s hands took the shape of a dragon’s claw and performed the killer move of Vajra Subduing Devil Fist. His entire body soared in the air. He turned and grabbed towards a vital part—the neck of the elder—with his ruthless attack!

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