Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 24 - Final Result

Chapter 24: Final Result

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Once the final result was shown, an uproar happened in the monitoring room.

He actually got the third place!

The illusory martial pagoda would rank the participants according to their achievements. It was based on the number of levels they had passed, the time they had taken, as well as the difficulty factor. There was no way for anyone to cheat.

This also meant that Feng Lin depended completely on himself and displayed genuine talent!

A brat with only 1.5 vitality stats actually reached the top three of the school. Who would dare to believe this? Who would believe this?

But the reality was before their eyes. It was impossible for the results to be wrong; they could only believe in it.

For this batch of graduating students, there were a total of fifty classes in the Earth High School. Yet, a brat like Feng Lin actually managed to get to the top three. Other than Duan Yunliu and Jess Klot, all other students were suppressed beneath him.

Even Zhuang Ziming, Fang Yun, and the rest which the headmaster had evaluated, all of them failed to make it to the top three.

Dark horse, Feng Lin was an absolute dark horse!

“Congratulations to you for producing a genius in your class. Seems like your guidance isn’t bad.” The headmaster spoke to the female head teacher.

The other head teachers had unsightly looks on their faces. When they thought of their earlier evaluations of Feng Lin, they couldn’t help but feel a burning sensation on their faces.

“Thank you, headmaster. It’s all due to headmaster’s guidance and Feng Lin’s own hardwork.” the female head teacher humbly replied, not coveting for credit at all. Although she spoke like this, she couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

No matter what, her class did produce a true genius. She would still be credited regardless, and nobody could take that away from her.

Even if she always had a strict expression, right now, her smile was like the blossoming of a flower. She had completely forgotten her past disregard for Feng Lin.

The other head teachers still had looks of contempt, yet they were silently admiring how lucky the female head teacher of the 17th class was. They felt extremely complicated in their hearts.

However, the words spoken by the headmaster next made her unable to smile and caused the other head teachers to laugh joyfully.

“Feng Lin might have a very high combat prowess, but his vitality stats is simply too low, not even at 2. Vitality stats are fundamental for cultivation. Next, none of you is allowed to disturb him! We will just monitor his future development and see if he is a dragon or nothing but a worm!” The headmaster made a decision and slammed his palm down on his desk. He then continued, “If his vitality stats can breakthrough to 2.0, he will immediately become a college exam candidate and we will nurture him heavily!”

“Headmaster is brilliant!”

“A vitality stats of 1.5 is simply too low. Just depending on his martial arts, he can at most amount to being an ordinary man. Increasing vitality stats are the true crux of becoming a cultivator!”

“If one doesn’t become a cultivator, their life would only be a waste. Without enough vitality, what’s the use of having a high combat prowess?”


Those people nodded respectively, each having the look of thinking for the bigger picture plastered on their faces.

Yet, all of them sighed with relief in their hearts. This meant that temporarily, the geniuses from their classes wouldn’t be threatened by Feng Lin.

The female head teacher was even more angered when she saw this. Her colleagues were all clearly gloating, tossing stones when she was down.

But she had no solution to this since the headmaster had already spoken.

It was true that vitality was fundamental.

If one didn’t become a cultivator, their lives could be considered to be hopeless and wasted.

No matter how high your talent and how strong your combat prowess was, everything would still be like flowers in the mirror; the moon reflected on the surface of the water.

What made her angered was that Feng Lin’s performance had been so outstanding, yet the headmaster still chose to do this. This clearly meant that he had no confidence towards Feng Lin and wasn’t optimistic about his potential.

The headmaster obviously knew that his decision was a little unfair to Feng Lin. He said to the female head teacher, “Feng Lin’s performance is truly incredible. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that I’m not regarding him highly. It’s just that his past achievement records are too weak. Now, it’s possible that this burst in potential is only temporarily, and it isn’t clear if he has enough value to be nurtured yet. We have no idea if this is actually a sudden outburst of his potential or did he receive some heavenly encounters, resulting in this scenario. Hence, I would like more time to monitor him. If he can continue to soar higher, he will definitely become someone that our school will nurture heavily. Hence, if he needs anything for his cultivation in the future, you can try your best to fulfill it.”

The other head teachers were shocked, they didn’t expect the headmaster to actually give Feng Lin such preferential treatment. This was simply unprecedented.

After hearing the headmaster’s explanation, the female head teacher could only accept it.

The cultivation building was dark and silent. After a long time, a voice rang out, “Only the third place?” Feng Lin lay on the ground, gasping for breath. He struggled to incline his head and look at the score as a look of contemplation appeared on his face.

He was very clear on the standard of the trials in the illusory martial pagoda. If it were based on the number of levels cleared, he’s definitely the one with the most.

However, this was because he had to start from the 1st level. This meant that the grade of his opponents might not be as high as compared to the other participants. Hence, the points he obtained also wouldn’t be too high.

In the end, he lost to second place by three points and was ranked third.

At this moment, as the illusory martial pagoda disappeared, the A.I. of this place generated a three-dimension image before Feng Lin, with data and numbers on it.


Name: Feng Lin

Identity: Senior Year Three student of the Earth High School

Number of levels passed: 20

Age: 17

Vitality stats: 1.5

Gene: Body-strengthening type

Strong point: Extremely high combat prowess, able to jump levels to battle…

Weakness: Genetic potential isn’t fully developed, lacking in nutrients, lifeforce overdraft discovered…


This was clearly a human body’s attribute diagram that was similar to his skill, the genetic equation. But there were some differences.

This was the data which the illusory martial pagoda projected after scanning him. The vitality stats listed here was still 1.5; it didn’t discover that Feng Lin’s current vitality stats had already broken through to 1.9.

Also, this scanner seemed to have no way to scan one’s gene attributes. It was far inferior to the genetic equation in this aspect.

“Warning, warning! Student Feng Lin’s genetic potential isn’t fully developed. The required amount of nutrients in the body is far too deficient, and there’s excessive overdraft of life potential. Please hurry and replenish your nutrients!” the warning voice of the A.I. rang out in Feng Lin’s ears.

His genetic potential wasn’t fully developed? What did this mean?

Clearly, his two genes had been strengthened to their limits and had surpassed all his predecessors, and yet the A.I. said that his genetic potential wasn’t fully developed?

Although Feng Lin was puzzled, he didn’t feel that the A.I. had made a mistake.

One must know that the A.I. of the illusory martial pagoda was created from the collection of experiences of the data gathered by the countless powerful cultivators of humanity. Its understanding of the martial path and the human body would result in its scan being 99.9999999999% accurate, infinitesimally close to 100%.

There must be some other reason for this.

The A.I. was intelligent, and you could converse with it just like with a normal human being. Hence, Feng Lin attempted to talk to it.

“Hi, hope you are doing fine. Student Feng Lin, the A.I. of the illusory martial path is happy to be of service to you!” A female robotic voice rang out.

“I wish to ask a question. What do you mean by my lifeforce overdraft and that my genetic potential has yet to be fully developed?” Feng Lin asked.

The robotic voice was extremely cold, and it said something that gave Feng Lin the chills.

“The A.I. scanner is unable to fully analyze the miraculous changes to your body. The cells in your entire body are now extremely active like they are stimulated by something. However, because of the lack of sufficient nutrients, the cells might have expanded but they are in a state of long-term starvation. Recently, your vitality stats surged up so quickly due to the fact that your cells are devouring your life potential. If you do not take in enough nutrients to sustain the cell growth process, your muscles will wither as this goes on and you will die from your life potential being overly consumed…”

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