Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 23 - To the Bitter End

Chapter 23: To the Bitter End

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“Damned carbon-based bug. You deserve to die!” The silicon giant kept spinning around on the spot without a sense of direction. It kept bellowing out, punching out all over as if it had gone crazy.

Feng Lin’s figure kept on flashing, appearing and disappearing, making it hard for the other party to catch him.

Each time the silicon giant punched out, its force would be redirected. Some attacks were a waste of energy, and some attacks strangely ended up with it hitting itself.

Feng Lin’s strength was a far cry from his opponent’s, but he ended up miraculously taking over command of the situation, leaving people in great bewilderment.

Taichi returned the opponent’s force onto themselves, allowing the weak to win against the strong.

Feng Lin knew his own limitations, and no longer forcibly took his opponent head-on. Instead, he tried to sense the other party’s force and then use his own to change the opponent’s, causing the opponent’s attacks to be unable to achieve any success.

It took enormous effort to forcibly clash with the head of the train that was moving at rapid speed, but it only required the removal of a chunk of rail in order to let the train divert from its course.

The idea was the same.

The silicon giant relied on its talent in battles and didn’t have many techniques. Therefore, it was now wrapped around in Feng Lin’s fingers and was unable to resist at all.

“Damn it! Damned bug!” The more the silicon giant bellowed, the more helpless it felt. It could only feel that this damned carbon-based lifeform was like a flea, jumping around on its body, but it was unable to catch him at all.

“This kid has really done it!”

“Unbelievable! How does he manage to restrain a silicon giant in battle?”

“His battle instincts are too terrifying!”

No matter what prejudices they had toward Feng Lin, these head-teachers all had great praises toward his astonishing performance. At the same time, they also felt great shame.

Why was such an outstanding student not in their class?

To be able to put up such a great fight against the silicon giant on the 20th level when he only had a vitality of 1.5…. Although it was impossible for him to win, with him already possessing such a great battle prowess, what would happen if his vitality continued to advance?

They would definitely put in great effort to nurture this student and not let him be wasted like he was being treated now.

Strong emotions of talent appreciation rose in their hearts.

“He’s using the Taichi method of returning the opponent’s force onto themselves! Smart choice!” the principal spoke up with great admiration.

“But what’s the use of doing that?”

“That’s right! This silicon giant’s constitution is different from humans. It won’t be defeated so easily!”

“This method of battling would only be a form of restriction. It won’t be able to deal any intrinsic harm to the silicon giant at all!”

Everyone shook their heads.

In fact, they had brought up a crucial point.

Feng Lin had also noticed this. Although he appeared to be having the advantage, he didn’t seem to be able to deal any lethal damage to the giant.

The silicon giant’s body was far too hard, comparable to alloys both inside and out. Physical attacks were almost useless to it. Maybe the only way to kill it would be to use the energy impacts for an extended period of time and slowly wear it down.


Feng Lin kept panting, feeling as if his stamina was going to be depleted soon. Although he was using martial arts to divert the opponent’s force, it was still exhausting.

Things mustn’t be allowed to carry on like this!

The other party was a silicon-based lifeform and had a strong and sturdy physique. If the battle dragged out, there wouldn’t be any benefits for him.

He must try to think of a way to restrain his opponent and clinch victory as soon as possible.

Feng Lin kept running ideas through his mind.

That’s it!

As Feng Lin observed the silicon giant’s heavy body that seemed as if it was carved from rocks, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Vajra Subduing Tiger!

Feng Lin arched his body, assuming a tiger subduing stance. He suddenly leaped up and kicked out toward the opponent’s heart from the air.

“Seeking death!” The silicon giant bellowed furiously, stomping its leg heavily on the ground and then kicking out with its left leg.

However, it hadn’t expected that Feng Lin did a spin in the air and then quickly plunged down. He swept out with one leg and kicked fiercely onto its left knee from the side.

Having missed its kick just to suffer from a heavy blow, the silicon giant lost its balance. Its massive body suddenly collapsed abruptly, causing a great stir. Its massive body that weighed five tons pressed down heavily on its weak left leg that was distorted in an opposite direction.

A crisp ‘kacha’ sound rang out.

It sat down awkwardly on its left leg, crushing it. The silicon giant immediately cried out in heart-wrenching pain; its blood gushed out like spring water, tainting the ground with its blue-black color.

This was a good chance!

It hadn’t been easy for Feng Lin to grasp this chance. How could he possibly let it slip by?

He charged up and grabbed onto the silicon giant’s broken leg, pulling at it with all of his might. His green veins popped up as if he was tugging at a small mountain while concentrating all of his strength on it.

The giant bellowed with pain and lashed out its hands and foot.

Feng Lin, making use of his small and nimble body, kept on dodging.

In the end, with a furious bellow, Feng Lin used up all of his strength to pull off the silicon giant’s broken leg that was as thick as a stone pillar.

Then, raising it high up in the sky, he used the broken leg as a hammer and kept smashing it down fiercely toward the giant’s head.

There was nothing on this planet that was tougher than the silicon giant, except itself.

This broken leg was like a ready-made weapon.

Dong dong dong!

Deep stifled sounds rang out like that of the sound of drums, causing one’s heart to palpitate.

Feng Lin appeared as if he had gone crazy, raising that leg and kept smashing it down the silicon giant’s head. The ground was crushed as banging sounds rang out.

No matter how tough the giant’s skull was, how could it possibly be able to withstand the repeated smashings?

Kakaka cracking sounds rang out. The silicon giant’s skull shattered, and blood as well as murky brain plasma splattered all over, drenching Feng Lin.

Feng Lin stood in a pool of blood; he was like the yaksha amidst a sea of blood—wearing a savage expression while exuding a ferocious and bloodthirsty aura, making others shrink from fear.

In a battle to the bitter end, Feng Lin didn’t hold back at all and smashed the silicon giant to oblivion.

Its massive body scattered into energy and started to dissipate. The surrounding environment also started to break down.

It was only then did Feng Lin heave a sigh of relief, falling limp to the ground, unable to get up to his feet again. He didn’t have a single ounce of strength left in him.

When the teachers saw this scene, they exchanged a glance of great astonishment.

They had never thought well of Feng Lin from the beginning but also hadn’t expected to be given a slap in the face from the outcome. Right now, this kid had successfully cleared the 20th level. This was… awkward.

“To think that he really did it!”

“Unbelievable kid!”

“He actually found a second method to defeat the silicon giant.”

The teachers were all very shocked.

The 17th class’ female head-teacher wore an exhilarated expression as if she had been avenged.

“This isn’t something simple. In fact, only Feng Lin is able to do something like returning the opponent’s force onto themselves. It requires extremely high battle instincts and martial arts mastery. Most importantly, it also requires a harsh mindset—to be vicious to the enemy and to be even more vicious toward yourself!” the principal said this as he watched Feng Lin’s performance in great marvel.

Everyone nodded, completely convinced by the principal’s comments.

They thought of Feng Lin’s earlier crazy actions that were just simply self-torture. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to do something like this.

Genetic potential +46%.

This was the end!

After defeating the silicon giant, Feng Lin fell down weakly to the ground, smiling bitterly.

He really had no more strength left in him.

Having conquered the 20th level, he obtained an unprecedented huge amount of potential points, reaching the total amount of 98%.

He was just a little bit short from obtaining a genetic point. He was only 2% short.

However, a little short was still short.

Without new genetic points to recover his stamina, he was unable to hold on anymore.

Sensing that Feng Lin had lost his battle prowess, the illusory martial pagoda closed down slowly and the surroundings returned to the dark and empty scene.

He was unwilling to accept this!

Feng Lin opened his eyes and looked up.

It was as if he was trying to see what was there one level higher.

At this moment, a robotic voice rang out in the illusory martial pagoda, “We’ll be announcing the final results now. First place: Duan Yunliu, 392 points; second place: Jess Klot, 371 points; third place: Feng Lin, 368 points…”

Feng Lin’s name was placed third.

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