Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 26 - Demanding The Secret

Chapter 26: Demanding The Secret

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This group of students then spread out, surrounding Feng Lin. They had cold smiles on their faces as they surveyed Feng Lin. It was clear that they came with unkind intentions.

“Zhao Kai, what do you want?” Feng Lin glanced at Zhao Kai who was in the lead. His tone was calm, like he wasn’t in this situation at all.

“Zhao Kai. Is this the new genius ‘Feng Lin’ from your 17th class?” A burst of cold-sounding laughter rang out.

Zhao Kai, who was one of the top geniuses of the 17th class, instantly had an obsequious expression on his face. He glanced respectfully at a tall caucasian youth as he spoke, “He is the one, Young master Klot!”

This youth from the white race was two meters tall; his facial features were striking with a towering eagle-like nose. The aura he exuded felt extremely sinister. His figure was lanky and muscular, like a leopard in human-form. His vitality stats were clearly extraordinary.

The ten over students here, who were his lackeys, all had vitality stats of at least 1.0. These people were actually willing to become the lackeys of this caucasian youth. It seemed like they must have obtained some benefits from this Young Master Klot.

Feng Lin knew this man.

In the Interstellar Era, the various human races of earth had long crossed the limits of their respective regions, traversing large distances and had procreated with each other, giving birth to many mixed-blood.

Although the Huaxia City Feng Lin was in was the territory of the Republic of China of Ancient Earth Era, other than people of the yellow race, there were quite a few from the black race and white race as well although they were a minority.

As for this Jess Klot, he was precisely a famous caucasian genius from the white race. He was very powerful and extremely famous. It was said that he was a young master from a financial group in the Huaxia City, and his clan’s net worth was above 20 billion interstellar coins.

With such a good background, his clan naturally could provide good-quality resources which allowed Jess Klot to have a startling vitality stats, reaching over 2.5. This time, Feng Lin’s result in the illusory martial pagoda was actually only three points lower than his. From this, he could sense that Feng Lin was a formidable opponent.

Feng Lin didn’t know why this person wanted to make trouble for him but even so, he would treat this person politely.

But clearly, the other party didn’t think like him. Klot glanced at Feng Lin and had a scornful expression on his face.

At this moment, Zhao Kai already walked over. He forcefully asked Feng Lin, “What are you still in a daze for? Young Master Klot is here. Why are you not coming over to pay your respects?”

“We are all schoolmates.” Feng Lin almost burst into laughter as he shook his head. “This is already the Interstellar Era, but you are still using this move from the ancient times? Are you guys from a gang? You even want me to pay respect? When did the school have such a rule?”

“You dare to speak to Young Master Klot this way?”

“The ignorant are fearless, you are courting death!”

“How brazen. Young Master Klot, do you want us to beat him up and teach him a lesson first?”


Those lackeys crowded over, surrounding him, and was looking at him like how tigers look at their prey. It was clear this wasn’t the first time they were doing such a thing.

Feng Lin didn’t seem to be bothered. He took up a stance and was prepared to enter his combat mode at any moment.

“Brat, you are truly gutsy.” Klot waved his hand, telling his lackeys to open a path for him. He walked closer, peering down at Feng Lin. “If you thought you could do whatever you want just because of a one-time dazzling performance, you are gravely mistaken. The only true geniuses of the school are me and Duan Yunliu. There’s no place for you!”

Oh? Do you think you are God? Everything will be according to what you say?

Staring at the disdainful look on Jess Klot’s face, Feng Lin also couldn’t be bothered to waste words with such an arrogant person. This was simply wasting his own time.

He was already surrounded by his enemies. If this was the past him, he would definitely feel immense pressure in his heart. But now, with strength comes confidence. He didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “Why are you looking for me? Just tell me what you want, stop acting so wishy-washy if you are a man.”

Klot’s eyes narrowed. Every time he spoke to people, those he was speaking to would always be extremely respectful to him. Who would have thought that this Feng Lin didn’t want to give him face at all?

He was about to blow his top, but when he thought about his purpose, he managed to calm himself down and suppress the anger he felt.

I’ll temporarily endure your words. After I get what I want, I’ll show you who’s the boss.

“Today, I’m looking for you because I need you to do me a favor.” Klot calmly spoke. He then continued, “Your current explosive improvement led to your domineering performance. You must have encountered some heavenly good fortune, right? If you tell me the secret, I’ll give you 10,000 interstellar coins! You little country bumpkin, I bet you’ve never seen such a large fortune like 10,000 interstellar coins before, right?”

“What? You want me to give you the secret of how I grew stronger?” A strange look appeared on Feng Lin’s face. These people were actually forcing him to tell them his secret of growing stronger?

Brains are good stuff, I can only hope that other people have brains too.

Undoubtedly, Feng Lin was very clear about how powerful the genetic equation was. Now, this man actually wanted him to hand it over? Was this person crazy or what?

This involved the crux of Feng Lin becoming stronger. When one’s cultivation base grew stronger, what else could he not achieve? Only a fool would trade with this guy.

In any case, it was impossible to trade away the genetic equation. It was an innate ability that uniquely belonged to him. Even if he could, he would never do so.

10,000 interstellar coins? Are you treating me like a beggar?

Let alone 10,000. Even if it was a million, ten million or a billion, he would never trade it away.

“Hehehe.” Feng Lin started laughing, feeling like this man before him had gone crazy.

“What are you laughing about?” Klot’s eyelids were twitching, feeling like he was being mocked. His expression instantly turned sinister.

“Hehehe…hehehe…hehehe…” Feng Lin didn’t answer and continued to laugh. A clear mocking look could be seen in his eyes.

Other than laughing at Klot’s stupidity, there was truly nothing more to say to him.

“WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?” Klot was angered. Seeing that Feng Lin wasn’t going to tell him the secret, the flames of anger in his heart burned even fiercer.

Since young, he lived like a prince, and as the number two genius in this school, no one had ever viewed him with contempt before.

This time in the illusory martial pagoda, he was suppressed once more by Duan Yunliu. It seemed like no matter how hard he worked, it was impossible for him to surpass the other party.

What made him even more humiliated was that an unknown brat got the third place, and the point difference between them was only three points apart. This was simply too face-smacking.

It was only after Zhao Kai looked for him and told him everything did he realized that this was a perfect opportunity.

Before this, this unknown brat only at a vitality stats of 0.4. Now, for some reason, his vitality suddenly shot up explosively, reaching 1.5. It was clear that he must have met with some heavenly encounters.

Such good fortune would be a waste on this person. Only him, Jess Klot, was qualified to enjoy the good fortune. He might very well defeat Duan Yunliu in a single move and become the number one genius in the school instantly if he could gain the good fortune from Feng Lin.

In order to please him, Zhao Kai immediately made a solemn vow saying that he would force Feng Lin to hand over the secret he had obtained to him.

Jess Klot’s heart was already completely tempted by greed.

But now, seeing that this brat refused to comply, Jess Klot was incomparably enraged as he glared at Zhao Kai. “This is completely different from how you say the situation would go. Take care of matters arising from your own class!”

His tone was ice-cold. It was like if Zhao Kai couldn’t settle this, he would deal with Zhao Kai.

Zhao Kai’s expression stiffened. He took a step forward and roared, “Feng Lin, quickly hand over your secret if you know what’s good for you. Young Master Klot won’t be so polite any longer. This is for your own good, and in any case, it’s a waste for such a secret to remain with you. In the future, if you follow Young Master Klot, you would have endless benefits.”

“If you want to be an idiot, you can go ahead. Are you treating me like a fool as well?” Feng Lin didn’t mask the disdain on his face. “If you want to be a dog, don’t drag me into this as well.”

“You…” Zhao Kai trembled in rage.

As one of the genius in the 17th class, he had always been widely respected. Now that he was being called a dog, how could he tolerate this?

Seeing that Zhao Kai was unable to take down Feng Lin, Klot had also lost his patience. “Quickly!”

“Feng Lin since you want to court death, you can’t blame me for not showing mercy even if you are one of my classmates.” Zhao Kai’s expression turned completely cold. He was looking at Feng Lin like how he was looking at a dead man.

Blazing Meteor Fist!

His fists burned with flames and attacked with no hesitation.

Both his fists punched out rapidly and balls of flames shot over as dense as rain, causing mini-explosions to ring out in the air. The attacks instantly enveloped Feng Lin within…

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