Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 27 - Class’s Number One

Chapter 27: Class’s Number One

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The flames blazed fiercely as dense as rain, and the attack had the speed of shooting stars.

Feng Lin stood his ground unmovingly; it was as though he was too frightened by the attack and couldn’t move.

The flames instantly enveloped Feng Lin as his silhouette completely vanished within.

“Haha, that brat is going to be burned to death!”

“As expected of the number one character beneath Young Master Klot. Zhao Kai’s Blazing Meteor Fist is as ferocious as before!”

“This brat talks a tough game, who would have thought that he would be so weak!”

These lackeys all started cheering like they wanted nothing more but to watch the skies burn.

Klot stared at this scene as he furrowed his brows.

This brat suddenly rose up and obtained the third-place ranking in the illusory martial pagoda. Was his strength really so weak?

But how can he obtain such a good result if he’s so weak?

Could it be that the A.I. had made a mistake?

“Zhao Kai, take note. Don’t burn him to death.” He frowned and reminded him.

“Young Master Klot, don’t worry. I know what to do. The intensity of these flames can at most char his skin; there’s no need to worry about permanent scarring given the medical technology we have today. If we don’t scare him a little, he wouldn’t be obedient!” Zhao Kai laughed malevolently.

Klot nodded after he heard that. This made sense to him.

In any case, he was rich. As long as Feng Lin didn’t die from the burns, he would be able to heal him. It was good to let this brat suffer a bit, or he wouldn’t know the immensity of heavens and earth.

“You want me to submit? Your fist is so tiny, what a beautiful fantasy.” A burst of cold laughter suddenly rang out.

“What?” Everyone exclaimed in shock.


An explosion occurred within the flames. Feng Lin walked out slowly; he was completely uninjured. There were no traces of burns on his skin at all.

“How can this be. You are actually completely fine?” Zhao Kai was stunned. He had unleashed his strongest attack, yet it didn’t even injure this brat? How could he accept this?

“You speak too much nonsense.” Feng Lin shook his head.

Since the other party had already acted, why did he still need to be polite?

It was impolite not to reciprocate!

What a coincidence. He had just finished consuming the Green God Type-3 nutrient medicine, and he was extremely energetic with nowhere to vent. He might as well use this chance to digest the nutrients.

Feng Lin moved according to the eight trigrams stance, causing after-images to appear after him.

At the same time, his fists blasted out in a torrential rush.

Zhao Kai rushed forward as he executed a technique.

Fire Burns The Wilderness!

His entire body was immolated in fire, becoming a burning man.

If his opponent was someone ordinary, then they would definitely tremble and feel fear.

However, Feng Lin wasn’t an ordinary person. The exterior of his skin shone with a luster, isolating that fearsome heat away from him.

His fists were like bolts of lightning, not retreating at all, choosing to clash head-on with Zhao Kai.

“HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?” At the instant their fists collided, Zhao Kai’s expression drastically changed. He felt as though he had slammed his fist into a stone pillar and felt extreme pain from the impact.


The flames produced were completely extinguished by the wind generated from Feng Lin’s punches. An immense force blasted Zhao Kai backward, pushing him back at least three meters away.

Within a single move, the stronger one was revealed.

“Too weak!” Feng Lin shook his head. He didn’t show mercy and continued pressing forward.

Eight Extremes Fist!

Taichi is kept hidden for ten years, eight extremes can kill within a year!

Feng Lin abruptly unleashed the ancient martial arts from the earth that was famed for being the most ferocious and tyrannical. His fists and legs were like terrifying weapons. Not only that… his elbows, his knees, his head. Every part of his body was a weapon, and his attack was like the relentless tide, capable of crushing everything.

Zhao Kai suffered attacks after attacks and had no way to stop the chain of combos. His body trembled as he fell back.

The flames he was so proud of couldn’t even damage Feng Lin’s stone-like skin. All of his flames were easily extinguished.

“What? Zhao Kai is actually suppressed?”

“I thought the vitality stats of this brat is only 1.5? How can he be so domineering?”


A series of exclamations of shock could be heard from the people around. Not only was Zhao Kai shocked, even Jess Klot and his other lackeys felt that this was too unbelievable.

Zhao Kai wasn’t a weak chicken. His vitality stats were at 2.2, and he had awakened both the Flame Gene and Metal Gene. Once he displayed his abilities, his strength was impressive and he did have solid capabilities.

Zhao Kai could be considered an expert in the school. His Blazing Meteor Fist was extremely famous; each of his attacks was as tough as metal, as fiery as fire. Even someone with a vitality of 2.0 wouldn’t be able to stop him, let alone someone with a vitality of 1.5.

Yet now, he was actually being suppressed. This was simply unbelievable.

“Go to hell!” Zhao Kai missed his attack once again, yet his opponent’s attack hit him. Unbearable pain could be seen on his face. Killing intent gushed forth from him as he began to unleash his full power, preparing to kill Feng Lin.

Although he couldn’t be considered anyone remarkable in the perspective of the entire school, he had always been the number one in the 17th class. Nobody could shake his position.

However, everything changed after the illusory martial pagoda’s trial.

This brat Feng Lin actually explosively burst forth with his potential, becoming the third-ranked student. Not only did he suppress the vast majority of the school’s geniuses under him, but he left them far behind in the dust.

How could he endure this?

He could even sense that the female head teacher’s attitude had changed.

If this continued on, his position would surely be affected. The number one in the 17th class would be this brat instead of him.

How could he allow someone like Feng Lin to climb on top of his head? Hence, he reported the information about Feng Lin to Young Master Klot, wanting to borrow Klot’s strength to force Feng Lin to give up his secret.

However, he was actually the one being suppressed instead.

“YOU SHOULD DIE!” Zhao Kai howled in anger as his features contorted. He suddenly changed his stance.

Golden Bell Iron Cloth!

He stood erect as a violent aura gushed forth. Zhao Kai’s entire person turned a brown blackish color, like a man made from rusted metal.

“Metal Gene!” Feng Lin mused.

This gene allows the user to control metal.

This was the reason why Zhao Kai was so arrogant, feeling that no one in his class could threaten his position as he boasted about his strength.

This move, the Golden Bell Iron Cloth, was something Feng Lin had heard before. This technique required the Metal Gene before it can be utilized. With it, one could control the metallic ions in their body, gathering them and provide a layer of incomparably tough metallic shell that covered one’s body.

Vajra Carries the Cauldron!

Feng Lin wasn’t willing to back down. He changed his technique to the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist and clashed head-on with Zhao Kai.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Their fists collided, creating a thunderous noise akin to when a rock hits metal.

One had the Metal Gene, and the other had the Stonebirth Gene.

The two different types of body-strengthening genes collided, creating a bloody scene that caused the hearts of everyone to pound as they looked at it.

Feng Lin advanced valiantly, moving forward step by step.

Zhao Kai repeatedly retreated.

Actually, both the Flame Gene and Metal Gene were considered high-grade genes among basic genes. Their grades were far above the Stonebirth Gene. However, during the battle earlier, the flames produced had been extinguished, and the Golden Bell Iron Cloth technique from the Metal Gene had crumbled apart. To sum it up, Zhao Kai was completely suppressed.

As to why such a situation occurred, there were no other reasons. Zhao Kai was simply too weak.

Just a high vitality stats was useless. Vitality stats could be boosted by consuming large amounts of nutrients. But because Zhao Kai hadn’t strengthened his genes properly, he was extremely weak.

Mighty Vajra Palm!

Feng Lin’s palm blasted out, generating a fiery wind. As it slammed into Zhao Kai, it sent Zhao Kai flying through the air.

Too weak!

Although Feng Lin was the victor and had become the number one in the 17th class, he didn’t feel any satisfaction after defeating such a weak opponent.

Feng Lin wished to continue fighting. Shaking his head, he glanced at the rest of the lackeys as he coldly spoke, “Come at me together!”


“Do you really think that after you defeat Zhao Kai, you are invincible?”

“Courting death!”


These lackeys had always acted like a tyrant in school. When had they ever been disregarded like this before? All of them were filled with rage.

“You guys speak too much crap!” Feng Lin couldn’t stand their blabbering. He actually took the initiative to rush them, fighting all of them alone.

Those who come have no kind intentions, those with kind intentions wouldn’t come!

These people all emitted sinister auras. Clearly, they didn’t intend to spare him.

Since that was the case, he would chop through them like weeds!

Feng Lin didn’t have the patience to waste time with them.

For a battle between cultivators, strength was still everything. No matter how good you are at talking, it wouldn’t injure anyone at all.

Feng Lin rushed forth, emanating a domineering might, wanting to sweep through this bunch of people, completely crushing them!

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