Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 30 - Virtual Female Sales Assistant

Chapter 30: Virtual Female Sales Assistant

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The scenery outside flew by. Feng Lin was seated on the maglev train on the electric rail. He was filled with anticipation for this journey.

Initially, he was prepared to return home after he left the school.

But who would have thought that Klot and his subordinates had ‘given him a gift’ of 100,000 interstellar coins? Since they had such good intentions, how could Feng Lin not accept it?

He immediately changed his mind. If he didn’t spend this money, their value to him would be the same as scrap papers.

Feng Lin was lacking in nutrients. He wondered how many nutritious items could he buy with 100,000 coins. Klot’s actions could truly be described as sending him coal during winter!

What a good person!

He felt so happy that he wanted nothing more than to give a bunch of red flowers to Klot and his gang to serve as encouragement.

Feng Lin suppressed the joy in his heart.

Very swiftly, he came to his target destination. Before his eyes, a majestic building of a thousand levels high could be seen. This was like a heavenly pillar, so tall that it touched the sky. It felt interesting and appealing and gave off a feel of science and technology.

This was the symbol of the Huaxia City—the Thousand Gold Building!

This building was the largest business center in the entire city. It had a thousand levels, and there were countless commodities and merchandise within, coming from the entire solar system.

As the level grew higher, so would the value of the products in it.

“Respected customer, welcome to the Thousand Gold Building. There are different varieties of items for you to choose from. Rest assured that they are all genuine goods at fair prices. We wish you a happy trip here…” The sensors sensed Feng Lin’s arrival. An automatic door opened as a gentle and melodious female voice rang out.

The moment he entered, Feng Lin only felt that this place was incomparably imposing and majestic.

Every level had a ring-shaped corridor filled with merchant shops. There were also many tourists and shoppers entering and exiting at every moment.

Feng Lin used his identity microchip to access the limitless net of the Thousand Gold Building.

Numerous messages flooded his mind, with pictures of various products such as the newest-styled clothings, different types and different-flavored nutrient fluids, the latest virtual games…etc. Also, all of these weren’t expensive at all.

The interstellar coin was a strong currency jointly issued by the different governments of humanity. Its purchasing power was shockingly high.

For gold, silver, make-up products…all these kinds of extravagant items, just hundreds of interstellar coins would be sufficient to purchase them.

In fact, with the development of humanity’s science and technology, these valuable items of the Ancient Earth Era could now already be artificially synthesized and had become common commodities. The truly valuable items were those cultivation resources.

Those items that could transform one’s innate vitality, strengthen genes, and extend life…

These items were extremely rare; the vast majority of them were naturally generated, and they could only be found in planets with the worst environment. The price of obtaining them was extremely high.

Right now, only a few tens of types could be artificially synthesized. But despite so, the cost for such items were also sky-high. An example was super protein. Just a can of it would already cost thousands of interstellar coins.

The more demand a product had, the more expensive it would be!

Even common cultivation resources had a sky-high price!

With regards to luxurious items, Feng Lin had no interest. What he wanted were those cultivation resources.

“What a good person.” He mumbled as he scanned the catalogue of items, involuntarily praising Klot and his gang again. For Jess Klot, not only did his family own a mine, but he even loved to help others and gave him such a huge present.

If not, given Feng Lin’s ordinary background, how would he have money to shop here?

“Welcome, respected customer. A grand welcome to the Thousand Gold Building. There are products that come from all corner of our solar system. As long as you want to shop, you can find almost everything here!” A gentle voice rang out. A beam of light flashed as a virtual human silhouette appeared before Feng Lin.

This virtual simulation seemed incredibly real. It was an eastern beauty with black hair and eyes, and she was robed in ancient garb. Her limpid eyes were like autumn water and her features exuded elegance, causing it to be tough for someone to forget her the moment they had seen her once.

“I’m an intelligent virtual sales assistant, I will be happy to assist you. Fulfilling your needs is my life’s greatest ambition!” The virtual beauty smiled, her words causing his heart to tremble as he couldn’t help but fantasize.

However, something virtual would always be something virtual. No matter how beautiful this assistant was, she wasn’t real.

Feng Lin didn’t feel surprised. This was one of the unique points of the Thousand Gold Building. They had these virtual beauties to serve the role as their customers’ shopping assistant.

Things were different compared to the Ancient Earth Era. Shopping in the Interstellar Era could be an extremely miserable matter.

The Interstellar Era was too vast. There were countless resources, and new commodities would appear at every moment. If an individual wanted to browse through things one by one, one might not be able to finish browsing even if one dedicated his/her entire lifetime for it.

There were simply too many items for sale here in the Thousand Gold Building. If Feng Lin depended on himself to find the items he wanted to buy, he wouldn’t even be able to find them.

It was very difficult for the human brain to remember accurately the details of every items. Hence, the Thousand Gold Building made use of their virtual tech and created virtual sale assistants.

These virtual assistants were extremely intelligent and capable of normal speech to interact with humans. They had different genders according to the customer’s preference and would even have different personalities when they were interacting with different people. But undoubtedly, all the virtual assistants were extremely handsome and beautiful, allowing the customers to feel joy when they looked at them. They could lead the customers to the items they wanted to purchase and introduce a summary of the origin and details of the product, allowing everyone to buy freely with no worries.

Feng Lin glanced over. He could see that each customer in the building had a specific virtual assistant aiding them. Since Feng Lin was from ancient china, his mind automatically projected an eastern woman that was dressed in clothing of the past earth era. This virtual assistant was a beauty of extremely high standards in his vision.

The science and technology of the Interstellar Era were incomparably developed. They penetrated all aspects of human lives and provided countless conveniences. Before Feng Lin came, he had already done his research and had enough understanding of the Thousand Gold Building. He didn’t feel surprised and asked the virtual beauty in a natural manner, “Hi, can you tell me where can I buy cultivation resources?”

“Please come with me!” The virtual beauty smiled sweetly as she led the way. As they walked, she smiled and introduced the building to him, “Everyone in here knows that the higher they go, the more valuable the products would be. Below the 200th level, everything sold here are common products. Only after the 200th level would one be able to find the various type of cultivation resources and valuable items such as cultivation arts, medicine, and monster flesh… There’s everything. As long as you can think of it, we would be sure to have it for sale! But even so, there are 800 levels here that are selling such items. If you search blindly, it would simply be a waste of time. Hence, you can just let me know what items you are looking to buy, and I can recommend you shops that have the best quality-to-price comparison!…”

The voice of the virtual beauty was as melodious as the chirping of birds. She clearly summarized the situation of the Thousand Gold Building for him.

Feng Lin nodded after he heard that, appreciating the knowledge.

This was the first time he came here; thus, he was inexperienced and didn’t know much. With such a capable virtual assistant, there would be no need for him to worry.

As to what he wanted to shop…

Feng Lin had long thought about it. The most important thing now was to resolve his deficiency of nutrients which led to the overdraft of his lifeforce. This was of paramount importance, he could push the other matters back for now.

He suddenly thought of a famous gene potion used by cultivators. It was known as the potion of life!

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