Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 29 - Earning A Huge Load

Chapter 29: Earning A Huge Load

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With the Vajra Subduing Devil Fist for defense, Feng Lin took the initiative and attacked with the Monkey Fist.

Although Feng Lin wasn’t like Klot who could unleash two types of genetic energy simultaneously through his profound genetic martial arts, he could still depend on his own method to unleash great power due to his strengthened Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene.

His qi and blood surged as warm currents circulated within his body, dispelling the cold.

With his stone skin and iron bones, the ice blades that were as sharp as sabers all shattered upon impact.

His own fingers were like swords, pierced effortlessly through the air, moving towards his target.

“What?” Klot suddenly felt an immense sense of crisis.

This scene was completely out of his expectation.

In the past, once he unleashed his genetic energy, the cruel cold wind and a violent storm of ice and snow would definitely be sufficient to suppress his opponent, making them unable to move and could only obediently wait there to be subdued by him.

However, this brat didn’t seem to be affected at all. His attack was as tyrannical and domineering as before.


The sound of something sharp breaking the air rang out.

The snow and frost were broken through as a pair of sword fingers sped over.

Klot dodged instinctively, but at the next moment, he felt a piercing pain in his cheek as fresh blood flowed. His handsome face was instantly marred.

He touched his face gingerly as he stared at the blood on his fingers. He howled with rage, “You actually dared to disfigure me!”

To cultivators, strength was the most fundamental thing. What was the use of being handsome?

Feng Lin shook his head. Although Klot’s vitality stats were extremely high, he actually couldn’t see through something as useless as external appearances.

Just for this point alone, Feng Lin wouldn’t view Klot as a true opponent.

The cold wind was extremely chilly as frost and snow filled the skies.

However, Feng Lin didn’t seem to be affected. His movements were as smooth as before.

Because of the lack of nutrients, his vitality stats couldn’t compare to his opponent. But if one was speaking about the usage of genetic energy and the strengthening of his awakened genes, Feng Lin wouldn’t lose to anyone in his age group.

His two genes were strengthened to their limits. This meant that for those who had awakened only basic genes like him, not many people would be able to contend against him.

Even Klot’s Ice Gene and Cold Wind Gene were useless.

Feng Lin took a huge step forward, stomping on the frost and snow on the ground.

“What?” Klot’s eyes narrowed, resembling a needle.

Feng Lin acted instantly; how would he give up on such a good opportunity? He lunged forward again, like a hungry tiger preying on sheep, with a speed as fast as lightning.

Klot hurriedly evaded, moving to the side. A ruthless expression flashed in his eyes, “KILL!”

His fingers took the shape of claws as he lashed out with it. Frost qi gathered within his palm, causing three ice spears to manifest, shooting outward suddenly.

If an ordinary human were to be hit by these, a bloody hole would definitely appear.

Bang, bang, bang!

Feng Lin’s punches were like thunder; his tough fists that were like iron shattered the ice spears.

Klot unleashed the technique again as the coldness radiating from him intensified.

Feng Lin didn’t change his stance. He lifted his hands up and smashed them down while giving a huge roar, “HONG!”

His fist slammed right down on Klot’s head. The power of his roar could shake the hearts of those who heard it.

Klot’s body instantly tensed as he involuntarily trembled. At this exact moment, Feng Lin had already closed in the distance. Feng Lin easily blocked his claw attacks. With a twist of his arm, Feng Lin’s punches were akin to a poisonous dragon rushing out from a cave.

The ice armor protecting Klot instantly crumbled apart.

Klot screamed in misery as he was flung through the air.

Just a single move was sufficient to determine the disparity between them.

Klot was slammed onto the ground as his body convulsed involuntarily, lying there unmoving.

Genetic potential +8%!

Feng Lin only felt a dull feeling. There was only an increase of 8% to his genetic potential? He fought against so many students alone, wasting his time and energy, yet the reward gained was so pathetic.

From this, one could see that defeating these people didn’t bring about much pressure to Feng Lin.

This battle was simply too easy!

If just comparing vitality stats, these people didn’t lose out to the combat masters of the illusory martial pagoda. In fact, their vitality stats were even higher than the combat masters.

However, those combat masters, who had experienced countless battles, were completely different from them. These people’s personalities were too weak and cowardly, and thus their martial arts were soft and without force as well. They had no way to unleash their true complete strength.

This was especially so for Klot. His vitality stats was as high as 2.5, and his genetic energy was very strong too. Sadly, because his background was too well-off, he was too pampered. The Ice Gene and Cold Wind Gene were two kinds of high-grade basic genes with immense power. Yet, he could only use them in far-range attacks and didn’t develop any techniques for close-combat. Clearly, he was fearful of fighting head-on.

Most likely, he had obtained such high points in the illusory martial pagoda by using the genetic abilities of his two genes and had attacked from afar, slowly grinding down the combat masters before he achieved victory.

If it was a true fight against a human, his combat method had simply too many flaws.

No wonder he could never win against the top genius of the school, Duan Yunliu.

Geniuses who grew up under too much care couldn’t be considered a genius!

If this continued on, Klot would never be able to surpass his opponent.

Was this really the second-ranked genius of his school? He was merely so-so…

Feng Lin felt dull and insipid.

The trial of the illusory martial pagoda was a transformative experience to him. He ignored the dangers and challenged his limits to defeat his opponents, sustaining himself by adding genetic points to strengthen his gene at crucial moments, allowing him to gain combat experience, greatly boosting his battle methods.

If just based on fighting instincts, he was far above almost everyone in his age group.

In the entire school, other than Duan Yunliu, whom he had not met before, no one else would be able to give him pressure.

Without pressure, that would mean that he would lack the motivation to improve further.

Earth High School was one of the most common high schools in Huaxia City. Now, Feng Lin felt that this school was truly extremely tiny.

“You dare to hit me?!” Klot had a face filled with humiliation as he inclined his head.

“You are reluctant to accept reality?” Feng Lin continued. “So what if I hit you? What can you do? Will you call the police to arrest me? Can you make the school expel me? No. You cannot do shit. You can only endure…”

His words were like knives stabbing into Klot’s heart. Klot involuntarily shuddered when he heard that.

It was true. The disparity between them was too great.

If he wanted to call for help every time he lost, what a joke would he be? What would be the difference between him and a kid calling out for his mom every time he lost his lollipop?

How could Klot bear to do such an incomparably embarrassing thing?

If he did this, it would undoubtedly mean that he was telling everyone that he wasn’t Feng Lin’s opponent. Despite the number of his subordinates, Feng Lin fought against them alone and crushed them all. From now on, Klot wouldn’t be the number two genius of the school anymore.

Compared to this degree of humiliation, Klot wanted his glory and fame for being a genius more.

If he lost everything, how could the always prideful him be able to accept it?

Hence, he could only endure!

“Just wait, Feng Lin, we are not finished yet!” Klot clutched his face as he stood up. His body was shaking like he was suppressing his anger. However, he was helpless against Feng Lin. At the very least, he could only keep all his grievances pent up.

Because, after crossing blows, it was clear that he definitely wasn’t Feng Lin’s opponent.

How humiliating was this?

He felt rage and sorrow in his heart. He turned and departed, wanting to leave here as quick as possible.

He didn’t want to cast another glance at this man who brought him shame and humiliation.

“Hold it right there,” Feng Lin’s silhouette flashed as he appeared in front of Klot, blocking his path.

“What do you want to do.” Klot was extremely wary against him.

Feng Lin revealed a harmless smile, yet his words made Klot and his cronies feel as though they had just fallen into hell. “You guys want to leave just like this? All of you suddenly gang up on me wanting my secret and attacked me together. If I don’t receive some compensation, how can I allow you all to leave? There isn’t such a good thing in the world!”

“Are you planning to extort me?” The eyes of Klot and his group widened, not daring to believe what they had just heard.

“What are you talking about? How can this be considered extortion?” Feng Lin smiled calmly. “This is just compensation for my mind and spirit being disturbed, as I was frightened too badly. I also need some medical fee to restore my strength which had been wasted in defending against all of your attacks!”

His words caused Klot and his subordinates to be so angered that they almost coughed out blood.

“Stop dreaming!” They roared in anger.

“Oh, I have no other solutions then.” Feng Lin shook his head; he activated his personal microchip and projected a scene in the air.

“Your current explosive improvement led to your domineering performance. You must have encountered some heavenly good fortune right? If you tell me the secret, I’ll give you 10,000 interstellar coins! You little country bumpkin, I bet you’ve never seen such a large fortune like 10,000 interstellar coins before, right?” In the scene, a familiar voice and figure could be seen. Klot and his subordinates almost had their eyes fall out of their heads; they all had an expression of terror on their faces now.

Their earlier extortion of Feng Lin was actually fully recorded by him. Could it be that he had predicted such incidents would happen to him and was long prepared?

“There’s no choice, you guys assaulted me, I have to receive some compensation for that. This is a lawful request. If you guys refuse to pay, I will bring this recording to the school and tell them to put it up on the interstellar web. At that time, everyone in the Interstellar Era would be able to admire how heroic you guys are, ganging up to bully a single student. Don’t blame me if I really do this then…” Feng Lin was smiling meaningfully the whole time.

“How sinister, you are so venomous!” Klot and his subordinates wanted to cough out blood.

They tried to steal a chicken but ended up losing the bait to lure it! They wanted initially to extort Feng Lin for his secret but was now being extorted instead. They could only obediently pay up.

If this recording went up, their futures would be over and their reputation in the school would forever be tarnished.

“I will give you 1,000 interstellar coins to destroy the recording!” Klot glared at Feng Lin with an ugly expression on his face.

“Are you treating me like a beggar?” Feng Lin shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to talk more with them, choosing to rush forward instead.

“What do you want to do?!”

“Let go of my coins!”

“You dare to snatch my high-grade nutrient fluid?”


Ignoring all objections, Feng Lin ruthlessly made his move, seizing all the valuables from Klot and his subordinates.

These people were evidently not a match for Feng Lin, and he even had a recording that could be used against them. They could only howl in rage but they dared not resist.

In total, Feng Lin’s harvests were a total of 100,000 interstellar coins, twenty bottles of mid-grade nutrient fluids, two bottles of Green God Type-3 nutrient medicine, and three portions of super protein. The majority of these were all obtained from Klot alone.

What a good man! Feng Lin was extremely satisfied. Even these lackeys were rich. Since they wanted to deliver themselves to him, he might as well take this chance to earn a huge load.

After obtaining his harvest, he no longer paid any attention to these people and left here with a satisfied smile on his face. He wasn’t afraid that these people would cause a commotion.

Klot and his subordinates stayed where they were. Their faces were completely red as their bodies trembled violently from their suppressed emotions.

If it weren’t for the fact that they had all awakened mythological genes and had high vitality stats, they would truly be so angered as to cough out blood…

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