Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 4 - Genetic Equation

Chapter 4: Genetic Equation

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“This is…?” Feng Lin narrowed his eyes as he looked at the strange thing before him. He was extremely shocked.

In the desolate and empty void, a transparent silhouette could be seen immersed in starlight. This transparent and shiny silhouette actually looked identical to him.

On the chest of the shiny silhouette, two conspicuous balls of golden light could be seen. They resembled the blazing sun and were extremely dazzling.

These two balls of golden light were surrounded by dots of dim silvery light. They looked as scattered and as numerous as stars in the sky.

These dots of light flickered between brightness and dimness, and looking at the silhouette in its entirety was like looking at a figure.

A figure that resembled the starry skies.

At the head of that figure, a row of numbers could be seen.

Vitality: 0.4

What was that ball of golden light…?

Feng Lin willed his intention there, and two rows of information appeared in his mind.

Monkey Gene: 2

Stonebirth Gene: 1

Could all these be genetic points? Were they some kind of energy that was transformed by one’s physical data?

Many thoughts flashed through Feng Lin’s mind. But when he crossed-reference it to his own situation, he was certain that he was right.

To awaken the potential of one’s genes, the cultivation of genetic points was required. There were three aspects to it: Awakening, Strengthening, and Evolving.

Gene awakening was the stage in which genes changed from recessive state to a dominant state.

When the gene awakened, it controlled the life elements of the human body and produced new organs and abilities.

Originally, the human body couldn’t control extraordinary abilities. But once someone awakened the Flame Gene, they would be able to control the power of fire. If they awakened the Ice Gene, they would be able to control the flow of water and condense it into ice…

However, the process wasn’t just a single step but rather, a course of events that slowly progressed on and transformed. This was what gene awakening meant.

After a gene was completely awakened, it would mean that one’s body had adapted to its own transcending mythological gene.

Next, one had to use a certain method of cultivation to undergo the gene strengthening process, to stimulate the gene’s greatest potential.

The number of times in which different genes could be strengthened was also different.

The higher the tier, the more the number of times it could be strengthened.

The two golden balls of light clearly represented the two current mythological genes that Feng Lin had awakened.

One of them, the Monkey Gene, had already been strengthened twice, while the Stonebirth Gene had only been strengthened once.

After gene strengthening was completed, gene evolution would begin.

And gene evolution was the process of synthesizing two different, albeit, same-tier genes together, evolving them into a higher tier mythological gene set.

Once evolution was completed, the cultivator would be able to reach a higher realm.

In that case, what did those dots of dim silvery light mean?

Feng Lin sent a probe of his will over, and a burst of information instantly appeared in his mind.

Muscle Gene: 0

Turtlebreath Gene: 0

Tigerfang Gene: 0

So it turned out that these dim dots of silver light were recessive genes in his body that had not been awakened.

Feng Lin finally understood in his heart.

So this transparent and shiny silhouette was a genetic map of his body!

Given the vast numbers of genes a human had, they were truly like stars in the sky. No matter how strong science had developed to, it was impossible for science to detect everything accurately.

But now, all this information was clearly displayed before Feng Lin’s eyes.

This scene caused him to think of a national-level treasure back in ancient China—The Illustrated Manual of Acupuncture Points of the Bronze Figure.

That simply showed all the position of acupuncture points and meridians, but what Feng Lin was seeing, was the entire genetic map for his body!

Genes were as numerous as the stars, maybe there were over billions of them. Feng Lin felt a headache coming when he looked carefully at them.

Although each gene was clearly visible, it was impossible for him to probe all the information about it.

With the intention of his will, he shifted his attention to his Dantian that was located two inches below his navel. A cluster of nebulae could be seen swirling in there; there were roughly about fourteen of them. Does this mean that I have 14 free genetic points to spend as I like? The cluster of nebulae was glowing brightly, resembling a mixture of cloud and mist and was flowing continuously as its form changed.

There were also wisps of star fog floating at the side, currently converging together. They were in the midst of forming a star cluster.

The cluster of nebulae he saw earlier joined together with the star fog, resembling large sheets that extended forever into the distance. Altogether, they propped up this entire stretch of starry skies that represented the transparent figure before his eyes.

Genetic potential: 1468%

Feng Lin inexplicably understood the meaning when he saw this.

Most likely, the transparent figure could transform the genes in his body into data.

And Feng Lin’s current data was:


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 0.4

Monkey Gene: 2

Stonebirth Gene: 1

Genetic potential: 1468%


There were no stats like strength, speed, and constitution. All of those were rubbish. The only data available were his vitality stats and his awakened genes.

The reason for this was because genes were the origins of life, and vitality was the comprehensive embodiment of life’s strength, speed, and constitution. They were simply different aspects that made up vitality.

As one’s vitality increased, these other aspects would similarly be increased in accordance as well.

However, the genetic map wasn’t merely this. Under the repeated probing of his will, a wonderful feel of control over the genetic points surged in Feng Lin’s heart. It seemed like his will had a mysterious connection to these genetic points. It felt as though he could control them.

Let’s try it!

With his will, he linked three irrelevant genes together.

Inside his Dantian, a ball of star fog from his nebulae’s cluster split off and was infused into the three random genes he linked.

Genetic potential -15%

The three silvery points of light expanded and contracted, linking together as miraculous changes occurred. Continuous different combinations appeared, each showing a different sequence.

Ding ding ding…

Five chimes rang out.

The three random genes were finally linked, but the starlight radiating from them continued flowing forth in lines towards the depths of the starry skies inside the transparent figure, reaching out to five previously unknown silvery points as they formed the shape of a genetic tree.

Airflow Gene x2 + Cloudmist Gene x3 + Moisture Gene x 1 = Frost Gene

Airflow Gene x3 + Cloudmist Gene x4 + Moisture Gene x 4 = Rain Gene

Airflow Gene x4 + Cloudmist Gene x2 + Moisture Gene x 1 = Hurricane Gene

Airflow Gene x2 + Cloudmist Gene x5 + Moisture Gene x 4 = Thunder Gene

Airflow Gene x6 + Cloudmist Gene x7 + Moisture Gene x 5 = Storm Gene

A total of five formulas!

Feng Lin was completely stunned. He actually learned a total of five genetic formulas all of a sudden!

There were different tiers for genes, and they could be classified into tier-0, tier-1, tier-2…

0 was the starting point for numbers. Hence, all tier-0 genes were known as basic genes.

1 was the basic element of all numbers. All numbers were derived from 1 and hence, tier-1 genes were known as primeval genes.

Different-tiered genes had different abilities. They could complement each other and evolve into higher-tiered genes.

Tier-0 genes could be synthesized into tier-1 genes. Tier-1 genes could be synthesized into tier-2 genes, and so on and forth…

These were known as a genetic formula.

When genetic formulas of similarly-tiered genes were grouped together, at the end of the process, a genetic tree diagram would be formed. Because it also looked like a pyramid, some cultivators also termed it as a genetic pyramid.

Genetic cultivation arts = Genetic tree + Genetic formulas + Gene development.

A genetic tree showed the evolution path for genes and would point to the overall direction of future cultivation. The genetic formula was a method for synthesizing low-tiered genes to turn them into higher-tiered ones.

And as for gene development, it referred to the subtle methods one used to train and stimulate the potential of each and every gene.

From top to bottom, from a macro-view to a micro-view, one had to involve all these aspects. Only then would the content be complete enough to name it as a genetic cultivation art.

The wind blew and rain fell, water vapor could turn into frost when the temperature was cold enough, and when all the correct factors converged together, even a thunderstorm could occur…

The Airflow Gene, Cloudmist Gene, and Moisture Gene were three tier-0 genes that could control the weather. When synthesized together, they could become either the Frost Gene or Rain Gene, both tier-1 genes. This was already an open secret to the humans of the Interstellar Era.

However, Feng Lin didn’t expect that under the simulation of his genetic points, if the strengthening tally of the three tier-0 genes was different, three brand new set of genetic formulas would actually appear.

Wind could become a hurricane, rain clouds could produce thunder, and when the airflow was fierce enough, a storm would appear when all three tier-0 genes of varying strengths were mixed together…

Who could have imagined that these three most common tier-0 genes could be synthesized into the powerful hurricane gene, thunder gene, and storm gene?

These three genetic formulas might seem incredible, but they all followed the laws of nature and it was impossible for them to be false.

“Oh my god! I wonder how much would these three genetic formulas be worth if I sold them.” Feng Lin started panting.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t calm. It was just that these formulas were simply too valuable.

A genetic formula was a critical component of a genetic cultivation art. The appearance of new genetic formulas basically meant that the embryonic forms of new genetic cultivation arts had appeared.

Knowledge was priceless!

And as for knowledge about cultivation, they were more priceless than priceless!

Although these were three basic formulas, Feng Lin was very clear that if he sold them, he would instantly be able to get a huge amount of star coins.

Each genetic formula was worth at least a million star coins. Added together, if he sold them, his proceeds would be sufficient for his family to buy a luxurious home on the market, and they could move into a more comfortable environment.

However, unless it was the last resort, Feng Lin wouldn’t do so.

Selling genetic formulas was too conspicuous. After all, only those genomic masters at the very peak could create new genetic formulas.

Right now, Feng Lin wasn’t even a cultivator. He simply didn’t have enough strength to protect his own secrets and might even bring trouble onto himself and be devoured by others.

Feng Lin didn’t stop. He continued to experiment swiftly.

The dim silver points of light were linked together under the control of his will as more and more formulas appeared.

Flame Gene x7 + Rock Gene x3 = Magma Gene

Muscle gene x5+ Hormone Gene x1+ Protein Gene x3= Bodybuilding Gene

Fishskin Gene x3+ Respiratory Gene x5+ Diving Gene x3= Amphibious Gene


More and more formulas were derived, and he began to push the boundaries, attempting a reversal.

He already gained the knowledge for a few high-tiered genes and was now attempting to break them down.

Divine Movement Gene = Muscle Gene x2 + Speed Gene x6 + Airflow Gene x3

Fiery Eyes Gene = Flame Gene x3 + Vision Gene x5

Giant Gene = Bone Gene x3 + Muscle Gene x3 + Growth Gene x5 + Hormone Gene x3

Brand new formulas were deduced, and his genetic potential was rapidly being exhausted. Very swiftly another 30% was deducted. Feng Lin gradually understood how great the effect of this ability of his was.

This might be because of a mutation of his soul when he crossed-over worlds. The effect was simply beyond imagination and was similar to mathematical equations.

Yes, these were genetic equations!

Similar to mathematical equations, the solution could also be deduced.

Genes became the variable in genetic equations. A higher-tiered gene set could be generated from exhausting one’s potential to deduce the end result, or one could simply reverse engineer the process and breakdown the components of a high-tiered gene to see which low-tiered genes were synthesized to form it.

Genetic equations. This was precisely my ability!

Feng Lin silently mused. To him, the ability to obtain genetic equations was not just limited to this.

If others obtained his ability, they might only be able to deduce genetic equations. However, things were different from him.

Every legend was a path leading to Godhood. Through ancient myths and legends, he would know of his future direction in cultivation, but the step by step process would still have to be grasped by him repeatedly and gradually.

Feng Lin had the required knowledge. Based on his understanding of the ancient myths and legends, as well as his ability to deduce different genetic equations, he might really eventually be able to extrapolate the cultivation path of a God or divine being in the past.

This was the greatest effect that the ability to create genetic equations had on him.

If he could really reach that step, one could very well imagine what it entailed.

Maybe he could…become a God?

Naturally, the prerequisite was that he had to have enough genetic potential.

Genetic equations, although powerful, they were not to be used so lightly. One had to exhaust their body’s genetic potential in order to utilize it.

According to the rate of genetic potential consumption, he estimated that he would run out of genetic potential once he activated his abilities after a hundred or so more times.

However, where did genetic potential originate from? Feng Lin temporarily still had no idea.


At this moment, Feng Lin’s eyes suddenly brightened as he thought of a point which he previously neglected.

Since this is the case, why don’t I extrapolate what my future path should be?

Everyone said that there were no genetic formulas that could synthesize the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene into a higher-tiered gene. Therefore, he was always considered as trash that had no way of advancing.

However, now that he had acquired this ability to deduce new genetic formulas, there might really be a way to synthesize the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene together.

It was worth a try!

Feng Lin’s heart was pounding. If he succeeded, his future path of advancement that was deemed a failure would be limitless.

Ancient poems mentioned, “Clouds will obscure one’s vision and there’s nowhere to go when the land is fully explored. However, there’s always a glimmer of hope at one’s darkest hour.”

Wasn’t this precisely his situation?

Under the huge computation power of his ability, even a crippled path could lead to a grand path connecting to heavens!

His heart told him loud and clear. “Just do it if you want to do it.”

Feng Lin was clear that this was his only chance. He controlled his will and started to link the two genes together.

Genetic potential -10%, -10%, -10%…

Very swiftly, another 60% from his remaining genetic potential was consumed. However, this new genetic equation was being extrapolated at an extremely slow rate.

The Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene continuously combined, yet they seemed inharmonious, like water and fire. There seemed to be no way for them to be fused together at all.

“Could it be that it’s truly impossible for me to walk on the path of cultivation?” Feng Lin felt anxiety shaking his heart.

It wasn’t easy for him to come to this magnificent world. If his path had already ended before it even began, how could he be willing to accept it?

No, he would never give up!

Feng Lin was staking it all. He continued to pour his genetic potential into the two genes, trying to stimulate them.

Finally, after a total of 360% was consumed from his genetic potential, four nebulae in his Dantian disintegrated. Furthermore, a unique and brand new genetic formula appeared before his eyes.

Feng Lin stared at it in surprise, but his expression soon turned bizarre followed by shock, immense joy, and bewilderment…

Monkey Gene x10 + Stonebirth Gene x10 = Stone Monkey Gene???


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