Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 5 - Strengthening and Increasing Points

Chapter 5: Strengthening and Increasing Points

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Stone Monkey Gene!

To think that it was the Stone Monkey Gene!

To Feng Lin, this wasn’t a pleasant surprise, but a great shock.

The genetic equation depleted a large amount of genetic potential only to derive with this one formula. This meant that the Stone Monkey Gene was the only evolutionary gene from the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene.

Stone Monkey Gene: The stone monkey has no parents and is brought up by the heavens and earth. It has a body of stone and bones that were as tough as steel. It also has extraordinary strength…

With the new Stone Monkey Gene lit up, information about it also started to appear.

Feng Lin got to know about this Stone Monkey Gene’s abilities.

After the Stone Monkey Gene had been awakened, not only would the cultivator possess an ape’s agility and strength, but he or she would also have an indestructible body that was tough as steel, reaching a level where one would be impervious to weapons.

The Stone Monkey Gene caused a lot of thoughts to run through his mind.

In the myths and legends of ancient Huaxia on Earth in the past, that monkey was very well-known. All people of Huaxia knew of its name.

Flowerfruit Mountain’s Great Sage Equal to Heavens, Sun Wukong!

It was a stone monkey that was nurtured by heavens and earth.

However, its actual identity was Spiritual Stone Monkey. Although there was the additional ‘spiritual’ word, a stone monkey was still a stone monkey!

With Feng Lin’s understanding of myths and legends, it was very likely that the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene might be the future direction of the Stone Monkey Gene’s evolution.

He could use this as a foundation to slowly probe the direction he should be working toward.

From the Stone Monkey Gene to the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, then to the Monkey King Gene and so forth…

Every single legend was a path to Godhood!

Myths and legends contained the path to Godhood for each and every mythical or legendary character. Deciphering them and then allowing them to evolve was the essence of the genetic cultivation arts.

Could it be that the path I have to take is that of the Great Sage Equal to Heavens, Sun Wukong’s?

Then…wouldn’t I become a monkey?

Feng Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

What proper person would think of becoming a monkey?

However, for the sake of cultivation, he was going to go all-out!

To gain strength, Feng Lin wasn’t going to be tied down by morals.

That monkey was an unrivaled existence in Huaxia’s myths and legends. If he could really take this path, it would definitely be a path with unlimited possibilities and brilliant future prospects.

As long as he knew the direction he was progressing toward, in addition to the existence of the genetic equation, everything was filled with possibilities.

Feng Lin was firmly believed in this and when he calmed down, he noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

To think that the Stone Monkey Gene’s synthetic formula required both the Monkey Gene and the Stonebirth Gene to be raised into ten points.

This was impossible!

At this moment, there was only this thought in Feng Lin’s mind.

Although genes were powerful, there was a limit as to how much they could be strengthened.

Genes of the same tier were further classified into different grades, namely low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, variation-grade, and perfect grade.

The worse the grade of the genes, the harder it would be to strengthen them.

As for the Monkey Gene which was the most inferior low-grade gene, no one had heard of it being strengthened to anything that was higher than three points.

No one had been able to do the same for the Stonebirth Gene, another low-grade gene, either.

Based on common sense, it was only possible to strengthen a gene to ten points or higher if they were superior variation-grade genes.

However, this genetic formula required one to strengthen both the Monkey Gene and Stonebirth Gene, which were both ordinary genes, to ten points. This was something that was impossible to achieve.

If this genetic formula was real, it could be because of this requirement that no one had been able to discover this path.

Feng Lin solemnly thought about it.

Over countless years, despite there being so many geniuses, no one had been able to attain this.

Feng Lin knew his own limitations. He was merely an apprentice and wasn’t even considered an official cultivator. Therefore, it was even harder for him to meet this requirement.

Since this impossible genetic formula was derived from the genetic equation, then he might have to find the answer to it from the genetic equation.

After all, the existence of the genetic equation was to break the common sense to begin with.

He kept on experimenting and discovered that he seemed to be controlling the two balls of golden light.

With a single thought, his genetic potential started throbbing and the nebulae were seething. It was as if they were going to enter one of the golden balls of light at the next moment.

Could it be that these genetic potential weren’t only able to derive genetic formula but also strengthen and raise the points of his genes?

With a single thought, those genetic potential flowed out from the human-shaped Dantian. As if blood had flowed into the heart, one of the golden ball of light kept on swelling up non-stop as if it had eaten something extremely nourishing.

Feng Lin felt a lot of emotions toward the changes that were happening to his body. His genes had clearly gone through an intense change.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 0.5

Monkey Gene: 3

Stonebirth Gene: 1

Genetic potential: 1008%


Unknowingly, his gene’s strengthening tally had changed from 2 to 3. Everything had happened so naturally in just an instant as if it was a matter of course.

This was marvelous!

Feng Lin was full of emotions. With just a single thought, his genes had been strengthened by one point. There was clearly no reason to it at all.

It was an extremely domineering strengthening.

After the gene had been strengthened, Feng Lin had noticed that his vitality had increased from 0.4 to 0.5.

Genes were the source of vitality, and the strengthening of one’s genes would result in one’s vitality increasing as well.

However, at the same time, his genetic potential had changed from 1108% to 1008%. There was a decrease of 100%.

Feng Lin gave it some thought and then understood the crux here.

Other than depleting genetic potential to derive genetic formulas, each 100% of one’s genetic potential could be used to refine some genetic points of choice that could be added to the genes.

This was like one of those skill trees in the games, with each nebula being one genetic point, and the points would be added to the necessary areas!

He needed to add more of them!

After ascertaining the evolutionary path to his genes, Feng Lin wouldn’t feel pain in using his genetic potential anymore.

He must first strengthen the two basic genes and then get them to evolve into the Stone Monkey Gene. This would allow him to take the first step to become a cultivator.

As for those genetic formulas, although they were very valuable, they were useless to him for now. Therefore, there wasn’t a need for him to waste his precious genetic potential on those.

He was too weak now. In this Interstellar Era where competition was intense, he had nothing to back him up for his survival, and he would still need to take care of his family.

The thing he needed the most right now was power.

Once he evolved into the Stone Monkey Gene, he would be able to officially become a cultivator, toss away the shackles on him, and obtain more freedom.

Although genetic potential was very precious, and he was unable to understand where its source was from at the moment, getting stronger was what mattered the most. He would be able to find ways to obtain more genetic potential in the future.

Feng Lin immediately put his thoughts into action, continuously adding points to his genes.

The first one he strengthened was the Monkey Gene.

Based on scientists’ inferences, the ancestors of Earth’s humans had been evolving from monkeys. Thereafter, they obtained intelligence from evolution and separated themselves from animals, taking on different paths from chimpanzees and gorillas.

Apes and monkeys possessed a similar body structure with human, but their strength and agility were both above that of a human.

Strengthening this gene would allow Feng Lin’s physical attributes to be raised in all areas.

With a single thought, his genetic potential immediately decreased by 100%.

A nebula was channeled into the Monkey Gene. The strengthening tally instantly changed from 3 to 4, and his vitality increased by 0.1 once again.

Feng Lin didn’t stop and continued to add on.

The Monkey Gene flashed without stopping, instantly increasing to 4 points, breaking the theoretical limits of genes.

Everything appeared to progress so smoothly.

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