Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 6 - Break the limit

Chapter 6: Break the limit

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The process of achieving a breakthrough in genes was very simple, so simple that Feng Lin almost didn’t dare to believe it.

He initially thought a large commotion would occur, but he didn’t expect the breakthrough to come so easily.

The tyranny of this strengthening method was simply too godlike, refreshing his perspective on it.

His Monkey Gene had broken through to 4 points. His vitality had also reached 0.7.

He had a total of eleven genetic points now and spent 7 on the Monkey Gene while 4 on the Stonebirth Gene.

These two basic genes had respectively broken through their own limits.

Feng Lin felt countless energy coursing through his entire body. It was like each and every of his cell was breathing, radiating with powerful vitality.

He clenched his fist and sensed the warm currents of energy flowing into the depths of his body. The feeling was akin to soaking inside a hot spring.

At the same time, his spinal bone felt extremely itchy, like there were ants crawling inside it. Feng Lin knew that this was a process of his genes changing his body after being strengthened.

The Ape Gene could strengthen the human body’s muscle, while the ‘birth’ in the Stonebirth Gene could also indicate the embryo. Once it was strengthened, it would keep producing embryonic stem cells to increase the strength of the human’s body, causing one’s body to be as tough as stone so one wouldn’t be easily injured.

These were what mythological genes were. One could understand the principle behind it using scientific explanation, but it was also incredibly magical.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1.5

Monkey Gene: 9

Stonebirth Gene: 5

Genetic Potential: 8%


He continued to strengthen his genes, and his vitality rose to 1.5, breaking through the barrier of ‘1’.

This was a critical point. After one’s vitality broke through ‘1’, it meant that that person would have already exceeded the average point for humans in the Interstellar Era. With his vitality now, he would no longer be the last-ranking student in his class.

What was regretful was the fact that his genetic potential was almost completely exhausted, only a pathetic 8% was left. Before he discovered any new methods of gaining more genetic potential, it would be tough if he wished to continue strengthening his genes in the future.

However, Feng Lin had already obtained what he wanted to. This was enough!

It was his fortune to gain it, but it would be his fate if he lost it!

He was a person who had seen two different worlds. Right now, Feng Lin’s state of heart was extremely carefree, taking things as they came, as calm as he could be.

Facing the mirror, he didn’t look any different on the surface, but his body’s internal structure felt completely different.

Through his skin, he could faintly sense the luster glistening underneath. There seemed to be a crystalline layer inside, it felt tough and abnormal.

Reaching out, he pressed his skin. He only felt a layer of steel-like bones under the surface of his skin that was seemingly unbreakable.

Although his body obtained such a large breakthrough, Feng Lin was still as low-profile as ever in the following days. He would follow through all his activities and go to school alone.

Originally, he was considered as someone that was marginalized in school. He had had no strength, no talent, and no background. Who would want to pay any attention to him?

However, such a huge transformation occurred in the span of a single night. It would be tough for him to explain even if he wanted to.

Hence, Feng Lin kept a low-profile, as low-key as he possibly could. He didn’t even tell his parents about this and practiced even more assiduously on the genetic breathing method during these three days.

After finding his future path, he felt an incomparably surge of motivation to cultivate. It felt like he had almost gone mad.

He would soon be sent to the clan’s factory for an apprenticeship after one month.

In order to obtain the rights to cultivate, he had to have enough capital to negotiate with his clan.

After ending a day filled with tough cultivation, Feng Lin’s back was completely soaked by his perspiration. His body was forced to its limit, and he felt intense pain everywhere.

However, after sensing the internal system of his body, there seemed to be no changes to his genes.

It seemed like he had truly reached a limit!

Feng Lin sighed. It was tough to advance even a single step if he didn’t have enough genetic points to spend as he like.

“Eh?” He suddenly sensed something strange. For some reason, his current genetic potential was at 18%. It actually went up by 10%?

His genetic potential actually increased? What happened in this period of time?

Could it be…?

A light flashed through his mind, and Feng Lin suddenly understood. There was nothing complicated; genetic potential could simply be increased through cultivation!

As long as he cultivated ceaselessly every day, his genetic potential would increase more and more. Although the effect was quite minuscule, he could still gain more genetic potential if he persevered and accumulated it over a long period of time.

So the answer was like this!

Feng Lin felt incomparably joyful.

This method was much more straightforward compared to his earlier guess that the genetic equation had to absorb a kind of special energy in order to form genetic potential—this method could be likened to an old saying: the more you sow, the more you will reap!

This was an undeniable logic that wouldn’t change, an eternal truth of the universe.

If one were to grow stronger by absorbing external sources of energy, that would be akin to reaping without sowing.

Cultivation might be arduous, but every point of improvement gained, belonged to oneself. Nobody could take that away.

After understanding this point, Feng Lin worked even harder in his cultivation as though he was a crazed demon.

This scene naturally was seen by his parents, and both of them shook their heads and sighed helplessly.

“Our son hasn’t given up yet. He still wants to take the college exam and become a cultivator.”

“But how can things be so easy. His vitality stat is only at 0.4; he might not even have the qualifications to take the college exam! Let’s hope he doesn’t cripple his body from training too much. If this is the case, he wouldn’t even be able to work at the clan’s factory and would truly become a complete cripple!”

His parents discussed in low voices, their faces even grimmer and more bitter-looking by the time.

Feng Lin heard everything, but he didn’t express his stance. He only chose to work even harder in his cultivation.

One had to cultivate if they sought to change their destiny!

The greatest ability of the genetic equation was to transform the human body into complete data. Also, Feng Lin could see and manage everything personally.

One would only get payback if they worked hard enough!

This was the simplest and greatest happiness to an aspiring cultivator.

How many people pursued this in vain, getting nothing in return?

The owner of this original body must have also suffered a lot and also worked extremely hard. This was the only reason why he could leave behind 14 free genetic points for Feng Lin.

Sadly, he didn’t have the absurd ability which Feng Lin had after he crossed-over.

With nobody providing guidance, the original owner of Feng Lin’s body also didn’t understand how to strengthen his genes. He was bumbling around blindly during cultivation and didn’t know his future direction. Although he had plenty of genetic potentials, he only managed to strengthen the Monkey Gene to 2 and Stonebirth Gene to 1. His vitality was also at a pathetic 0.4.

His ability, ‘Genetic Equation’, allowed Feng Lin to see boundless possibilities, allowing him to walk on a path different from the original owner of his body.

He had to cherish it.

Genetic potential +10%

Genetic potential +12%

Genetic potential +9%

With his daily cultivation, his genetic potential continued to accumulate and would increase by 10% on average every day.

If this continued on, Feng Lin estimated that he would be able to have a new genetic point very soon.

He was already at the senior third year. As the days passed, the atmosphere of his school also grew increasingly heavier.

The students were all extremely tense. The school library was also packed full of people who spent day and night cultivating in there. It was very rare to see anyone being relaxed.

News soon circulated around, so it turned out that the college examination that only occurred once a year was about to begin. However, a mock test would be held before that, and one had to pass the mock simulation test before they could gain the qualifications to participate in the college examination!

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