Legend of Xingfeng

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Sworn Brotherhood

As I am lying still on the small rattan chair, I take a look at the garden filled with pears which gives off a tranquil feeling to my mood. As the traces of breeze sweeps over, a few pieces of the pears unhurriedly falls of from its branches.

As of me, I am totally enjoying this serene environment and my spirit is totally absorbed into this tranquil and forever eternal environment. I slowly close my eyes as I slowly immerse myself into a place far from the secular world while spectating on the sideline on the entire world mysterious realm. In this silence, all there is in this garden is only one person which is me…. Slowly, it seems like time has passed for a quite a moment but it is only just an instant. I break off from my current state. I can feel the caressing, fresh and cozy breeze. Revealing a trace of smile as I am truly able to perceive the current state that I am where the Xiantian true qi is revolving even faster than ever.

“Three young master, the boy that you have brought back is already awake but he keep insisting that he has to find his mother and we are unable to block him. You should quickly go and see.” says the green-clothed maid which is standing behind the garden’s gate wearing an extremely anxious face. This is mainly due to the fact that I have long ago fixed this particular rule that no one is permitted to enter the rear gate of the garden with their own initiative so long that I have not given the permission to do so.

Oh! He has woken up and is still clamoring to look for his mother. Fortunately, that Ouyang Liang has already send his mother to here already. HeHe!

I smiled as I turn my head facing the Xing Feng Pavilion then running to the east direction. “Chun Yu, Hurry up! I will see him first. You go and take care of the person that has been sent by Ouyang Liang. Are you clear with it? Hurry up!”

“Yes, this servant will go there at once.” Chun Yu immediately runs toward the west direction of Xing Feng Pavilion. While running, she mutters, “What is going on with the third young master? Why is he so concerned with regards with these kind of people? It has ever happened before that the third young master showing such concerns towards other people?’

Walking along the corridor, at such a distant place and I already hear the sound of Lang Feng speaking. “Please, I am begging you all, allow me to find for my mother. My mother is at the Ouyang’s residence and at the moment her health condition is not that good which will be in dire needs of medical treatment. As for this time, I have lost. Young master Ouyang will not provide any more medical treatment for my mother. Please, I am begging you all. After I see of my mother, I come back here to express my thank you to the third young master.”

“No, we have no right to let you go. Please wait for the third young master to arrive to give the decision” This voice, it has to be Uncle Wang. The tone that he use to speak will forever be the same style.

I immediately stride forward to the room. As soon as I stride over to the room, Uncle Wang notices me. With his head immediately bowing down, he speaks, “Third young master, this Lang Feng young master keeps on insisting that he wants to find for his mother.” As soon as he finishes speaking, he moves to one side, ready to receive the next order.

“Third young master, I, Lang Feng is extremely grateful that you did not kill me and even brought me back to allow me to recover. Furthermore, you also has taken care of me, However, my mother is still in need of my care. I implore that the third young master let me go to my mother,” says Lang Feng as he is standing in front of me while cupping his hands together.

I laugh as I provide him the support and pull him up then saying, “ Big Brother Lang Feng, you do not have to worry. As for your mother, I have already taken it from the Ouyang’s residence all the way to here. I have already sent a famous doctor to provide the medical treatment. You can be at ease.”

“I am really grateful for the third young master’s grace. I, Lang Feng is not even sure how I am going to repay this grace back. Yet, you, the third young master is addressing me as the elder brother. How do you expect me to dare to accept such an address?” Lang Feng speaks with his whole face blushing red in color. It appears that he is emotionally moved as he continuously cupped his hand.

Turning towards Lang Feng as I speak, “Big Brother Lang Feng, it is obvious that your age is definitely older if compared with me. To address you as a big brother is a right and proper thing. You should absolutely not deter it.” This is actually one of the tricks that I employ in hope of recruiting him. It’s awesome right? It is does look a little like what a vile person would have done. Forget about it, for those who have wanted to have big accomplishment will not bother with such trifling matter.

“Third young master…” Lang Feng appears to be emotionally moved by it. A ten years old kid in the end is played around by me. “Third young master, from now on, if there is any errand, I , Lang Feng will unconditionally comply with it.” Lang feng replies with a solemnly with a dignified expression on his face.

I laugh as of everything is in my grasp. Giving off a laugh as I look at Lang Feng then speaking, ”Big Brother Lang Feng, let’s go. I will accompany you to visit your mother.” I pulled Lang Feng’s hand as we head towards the direction of the west side then running. Look like Lang Feng has extremely wanted to visit his mother. With zero resistance, his hand just follows along with me pulling him while following me to the west side.

Crossing over the bridge that is connecting the east and the west side, we have arrived at the front door of an elegant room. At this moment, Chun Yu is actually standing at the front door awaiting for our arrival.

“Meet the third young master. this young master’s mother is already fully awake. Her health is much better now. “ says Chun Yu whom is standing at the side.

“Oh, she’s awake. Chun Yu, you go the kitchen and take a look and tell them that tonight to make a few more tonic. Big Brother Lang Feng’s mother still need a lot of supplement for her body. That’s all. Are you clear with it?”

“Third young master…” Lang Feng is once again emotionally touched. With nothing being able to be done as my hand is pulling onto his hand. “Don’t be like this as we are like brothers in one family and this kind of thing is not worth mentioning it at all.“ Let’s go and take a look at aunty.” I immediately then said. Or else, Lang Feng will not know how is he going to express this gratitude to me. It appears that he is dearly missing his mother. Without waiting for me, he directly enters to take a look at his mother. .

An extremely benevolent middle-aged married woman is now lying on top of a bed. Vaguely, one is able to tell that when she was young, she is exceedingly beautiful. Those few decades of labour have made her regressed to her current form of grey hairs falling through. Her complexion is no longer that good as well. At this moment, she appears to be in a cheerful state. On her face, there it emerged of a smile and it appears at this moment is conversing with the cheerful Lang Feng. Apparently, there is endless conversation between the mother and the son . With them continuing conversing, it seems that they are finally aware that their benefactor is still currently standing at the side of the door.

“This ordinary woman seen the the third young master.” Lang Feng’s mother appears to be extremely grateful. Also, it might be due to seeing me as one of the upper class people has made her to be nervous that she immediately wants to get off the bed. I am alarmed for what am I going to do with her getting of the bed. I am very surprised and get up from the bed because I know what she will do even with my knees thinking. Without a doubt, I definitely allow this kind of matter to occur. I am indeed wanted to make friend with Lang Feng as the same generation. If she was to kneel, how am I going to conduct myself?

I immediately run as fast as possible to assist her her with both her hands. “Aunty, Big Brother Lang Feng is my brother. It is a must for me to take care of aunty. Aunty, please don’t be like this. Just, nurse your health. Leave all of the arrangements to me.”

Gazing towards Lang Feng then speaking, “Big Brother Lang Feng, you can just stay here and continue to talk with aunty. Afterwards, aunty can stay here and there is no need for you to leave later. Afterwards, do follow me. Are you clear?”

“Third young master….”

“Big Brother Lang Feng, don’t be that argumentative To a man, what are these regarded as? Just accompany aunty properly. As for the night, you can stay at the room that you are at just now. As for the food, I will call the servants to prepare Ha! I am leaving then.”

Within the room, Lang Feng takes a glance at Zhang Xing Feng’s rear view. In his heart, he is moved as from since young till now, besides his parents, there is no such person that have given such a concern towards him. Receiving the concern of another person for the first time, he feels warm from his inner side. Talking to himself, “Third young master, I, Lang Feng, will be entirely loyal to you for this life and will never ever betray you or else I will be strike by lightnings.” From fearing Zhang Xing Feng, Lang Feng did not expect that he will easily to have the unswerving loyalty towards Xing Feng.

Mainly is due to the fact that Zhang Xing Feng didn’t know the feeling that one had never be concerned by others till now and of now the feeling of Lang Feng whom is concerned by another person.

The dim light of night is compared to the water. I stand in front of the window. That fresh and clean air is indeed a pleasure to breathe it in. Carrying traces of moisture in the air is brought forward by the night breeze to my face. My skin naturally absorbs the tiny little essence of moisture. Looking at the heart of the distant sky with the immobile stars, The numerous stars that are arranged in a chaotic way that is compared to the the way of the natural law that no one is able to fully understand.

Strand after strand of Ling Qi is entering the my inner body then circulating around the channels in my channels. Slowly, transforming into the liquid state. The liquid state of the Xiantian true qi is still as the same as before which is still continuously revolving…

It’s no longer early any more. I extend my body in turn ready to close the window. All of a sudden, I discover that the lamp in Lang Feng’s room is still shining. Although faintly, there is the shadow of a human at the edge of the window. That Lang Feng is still not asleep yet. Just what is he exactly doing?

With my curiosity piqued, I walked out of my room and then heading towards his room.

I stand outside of the window and gaze towards Lang Feng that is currently reading a book. Oh! This Lang Feng also knows how to read a book. Not bad.

Stealthily I enter the room through the door. Standing still behind his back. He appears to be extremely concentrated. Just what book is this for him to be deeply engrossed into it? Extending out my head. Oh! It is just the Shaolin secret manual-Chang Quan. This Shaolin Chang Quan is the most ordinary collection of martial art in the Ming Dynasty. The entire servants of my clan all know about it and at the same time also know the Shaolin Lou Han Quan. It is just that the Lou Han Quan is not that easy to grasp its essence. Nevertheless, the Shaolin Chang Quan when compared, it is much more faster to have the desired effect and it is very easily learned. As a result, all of my clan’s every side room’s bookshelf also has the Shaolin Chang Quan and the Shaolin Lou Han Quan secret manual. (TL Note: Quan means fist and all of this are like the shaolin techniques. Here is the link for you to understand more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaolin_Kung_Fu)

After standing here for a moment, Lang Feng is able to perceive that there is someone behind his back. (Such slow response) Turning his head over, he speaks, “Third young master!”

“Oh! Seeing that your room is still lighted, thus, I head over here to take a look. Never have I expected that you are looking at the Shaolin Chang Quan secret manual” I speak while smiling.

“Third young master, I am so sorry. I should not have rummage through your stuffs. I hope that you do forgive me.” Lang Feng immediately replies with fear.

“It’s nothing. These things here, you do not need to hesitate to use them. It’s just that I am marveled that how is it that you do not know of the Shaolin Chang Quan for this martial art is practically known by the whole martial artists” I immediately explain.

“Oh, it is just that since young, me and my mother learn how to read the words and as of the remainder of the time is used to go for hunting at the mountain. Since young, me and my father will always go for hunting together but afterwards, my father meets a mishap for he encounters a pack of wolves surrounding him. In order to save me, he has been bitten by the wolves a few times. As we return back to home, he is dead due to the excessive blood loss and at of that time, I am just six years old. My father has died for me.” Lang Feng speaks with his eyes apparently starting to be moist.

“After the death of my father, me and my mother are mutually dependent of each other. I practice diligently the breathing exercise that had been previously taught by my father but it is a pity that this breathing exercise is just a very ordinary secret art. Or else, my father also would have not die just like that. However, nevertheless, I am still practicing the it and still going to the mountain to hunt. I would have never dare to go to the interior of the mountain and will always remain at the outside region hunting. Just like this, me and my mother have been continuing our livelihood. That day when I am returning back home, a fierce white tiger is eating on a human.

The villagers are all fleeing away while my mother is still waiting for my arrival. For she was waiting for my return back home, At the moment when I found her, her is being eaten by the tiger. I was feeling afraid for I may lose my mother. I only have one idea to save my mother which is to slay the tiger. I am not aware of what has happened but when I am conscious at the moment,that tiger has already turned into mincemeat. The villagers feel fear towards me and then starts to move to be distant from me. All that is left is just my mother looking at me nevertheless with the benevolent gaze. All I wish for is to be forever together with my mother. No longer need to separate and will always be able to take care of her. Until forever. Until forever…. However, at that day, at the moment when I have reached home, my nightmare has started. My mother continuously suffer from high fever. I seek help from the people but no one is willing to help out. Nevertheless, finding a doctor, it will require a lot of money. I could only beg the people to help me out.

Afterwards, finally, there is an elder that is willing to take a look at the condition. At that moment, I was filled with hope but in the end, the result was that although my mother’s illness is not that terrible, it still do need a continuous proper care and still need to eat tonics which most of the things are very expensive. However, how am I able to have these kind of things? Later, I saw that the Ouyang clan is hiring Shi Dou and I went for it hoping that they are able to take care of my mother. The requirement is that one must be able to kill a life fierce tiger. Ever since the day where I kill the tiger to save my mother, The qi in my inner body is revolving at a much faster speed. Killing a tiger was no longer a difficult thing. With no difficulty, I pass the test. That Ouyang clan also at once agrees that they will attend to my mother. Then, I meet the third young master.”

Looking at him, there is this indescribable soring feeling as my heart tightened up. I am able to imagine him giving all of his best and everything just for his mother. Just how old was he? I could not help that the rim of my eyes starts to reddened. My heart is able to truly feel the thick bond shared between the mother and the son and I feel grieved that he is under so much mental pressure in his childhood. Ha! What’s going on with me? If it was my previous life, I am sure that I will not be emotionally moved with it. As of now, I am finding it hard to control my emotion. This is due to me turning to be more childish or is it that I am turning to be more humane? Regardless of what it is, I am who I am, I am to live out a new style and to begin a new start of life, also never to be affected by how I have live in my previous life.。

“Big Brother Lang Feng, how about we become sworn brother?” I deeply admire and also respect him. Henceforth, together with Lang Feng will go through life and death situations as brothers. I look at Lang Feng with an unflinching gaze.

“Third young master, you.” Lang Feng appears to be astonished. This sworn brotherhood thing is just not verbally but also comparable to real brother.

“If big brother is to look highly on me, let us be sworn brother. If we are brothers, do not speak anymore.” i say firmly with my eyes unblinking gazing towards Lang Feng.

Lang Feng takes in a deep mouthful of breath then speaking, “Good! Today, I have my resolve.”

“That’s good, big brother. We might as well as become sworn brother at here in front of the bright moon.” I say while laughing.

“Good, as a man, I will not bother about such trifle. Let’s do it here.” Big brother is also exceedingly delighted.

We walk till the outside of the room then standing on the meadow. Kneeling down side by side, the forefinger and the middle finger of the right hand rise upwards.

“I, Zhang Xing Feng, today, with my big brother here under the bright moon shall become brothers to go through thick and thin. Do not wish that to be borned at the same year, same month and same day but only to wish for the death on the same year, same month and the same day.The heaven and Earth to be the witness and if there is any betrayal to the brother Both the spirit and body are to be relinquished.”

“I, Lang Feng, today, with my big brother here under the bright moon shall become brothers to go through thick and thin. Do not wish that to be borned at the same year, same month and same day but only to wish for the death on the same year, same month and the same day.The heaven and Earth to be the witness and if there is any betrayal to the brother Both the spirit and body are to be relinquished.”

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