Legend of Xingfeng

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5- To Punish

Standing at the meadow located behind the garden, I start to brandish the Shaolin Luo Han Quan with extreme happiness. It is said that Lou Han Quan is the origin of the external martial art and that the Shaolin 72 Consummate Martial Art style is evolved from it. A lot of martial artists have taken this hypothesis as a type of joke. As for me, when I reached the strength of the late stage of the Pigu realm, I could distinctly feel the formidable might of the fist technique. According to my conjecture, this set of fist technique is very likely to be the “Arhat Subduing Devil Fist” prevalent in the Buddhism sects of the cultivation world. Both the Arhat Subduing Devil Fist and the Vajrapani (Warrior Attendant) Subduing Devil method are the protected treasures of these sects. However, the latter method is the most wonderful since it is said that the technique is divided into eighteen levels and if one could practice till the end they would be able to directly enter the God’s World bypassing the Immortal’s World. The most extraordinary thing is that there will only be tribulations at the eighteenth level while the rest of the time it is completely safe! As for those cultivation methods which are faster, there are certainly many calamities lying around. With them, a single misstep could cause the scattering of one’s soul which results in one never being able to reincarnate.

Arriving in this era, the happiest thing for me is precisely that I am able to learn this fist technique. The more I use it, the more insight I gain from it. Gradually, the more I practice the slower I move but everything around my surrounding moves along with my fist’s momentum. I am not sure how much time has passed. As I slowly restrain the momentum,I am amazed to discover the sudden state of my inner body. Xiantian True Qi is already beginning to condense! Indeed, this is the sign that I am approaching the Golden Core stage and I am extremely happy. These two days appear to have been extremely lucky days for me. HaHa….

Suddenly, I hear Chun Yu anxiously yelling from in front of the garden: “Young master, young master, it’s not good! The old man from the Ouyang clan has arrived and still wants to settle the previous days matter with you. He is saying that yesterday, you beat his son. Young master, you have to be careful!”

Ai! I shouldn’t have celebrated so soon since things can still go wrong. I was just saying how lucky I was a moment ago! Currently, the old man from Ouyang clan has arrived. Nowadays, this Ouyang old man is operating a joint business with my clan regarding the mining of minerals at the Far East. Ai! This time, things won’t be going well for me…

What am I going to do? This Ouyang old man is extremely crafty and definitely cannot be compared to that precious son of his in that he is actually very difficult to deal with.

Big Brother Lang Feng was passing by my door and saw me and said: “Second brother, what is the matter that has made you distressed? Speak and I will listen and we can see whether I am able to help you think of a solution.” Due to the fact that big brother is my brother,I then agree to allow big brother to enter my sacred land.

“That Ouyang Liang’s father has arrived and is demanding to meet me to settle the matter regarding yesterday. Ai!” I cannot help but to start to be distressed.

“That Ouyang Liang is indeed the first one that you and it Ouyang Liang’s fault. His father is still coming to look for you to settle the matter. This is counted as what and don’t be nervous for why are we to be afraid of him for the truth is with us.” Big brother speaks with him appearing to be indignant. Ai! Such a sincere big brother.

“Big brother, you do not know that this is not that you say we are the truth is with us then the truth will be with us.Just who is coming up forward to be our witness? Furthermore, the conclusion is that I am in a perfect condition while as of his son, he has returned back home yesterday estimated to be in such a weakened state. This battle is going to be difficult to fight it out.” I patiently explain my inner thoughts to my big brother.

“It is better that you think of an idea then as I have no idea I had better go and take for a rest. “ Big brother in the end has displayed his manner of the ten years old.

“Big brother, you just play first in advance as I am going to the main hall.” I then say these sentences directed to him. Walking outwards, I can only rely on myself on confronting this whole matter.

While walking, I am thinking of a countermeasure. Thinking here and there, there is still no much of a good idea. I ultimately decide that I will firmly denied the fact that I have beaten him up. As of the rest, I have to see how the situation is going to turn out.

“Third young master, the head of the Ouyang clan is here. The master is keeping him accompanied. Master has order me to call out for third young master to get here at once and it seems like the matter is regarding the son of the head of the Ouyang clan. Third young master, you have to be careful.” Zhang Zong Guan running towards me then telling me all of this. Zhang Zong Guan is the one has look after me growing up and towards me, he shows extreme care for me. To tell you the truth, of the entire residence, there is only the eldest aunt and second aunt show hostility towards me.

To tell you the truth, I am simply not sure for what reason I am acting in this way? Previously, I had once asked my mother, a beautiful, kind and virtuous woman, but her answer is that I am still too young and it is still not the right time to know yet. Till the moment when I am old enough, she will tell me of it. I had once been distressed about this matter but afterwards, I get over this matter afterwards as it is enough for me to obey the rule and still be in a clear conscience.

At this moment, I abruptly start to think that if I was to go like this, will it be alright? No matter how, I also did not hit Ouyang Liang so why am I so scared for? Humph!

With big strides, I walk towards the hall with nothing to be hidden off.

With neither servile nor overbearing attitude, I enter the main hall.

Raising my head, I take a look at my father sitting upright at the seat of honour together with my eldest aunt. Sitting at the right, is my mother, second aunt, fourth aunt, fifth aunt and sixth aunt. All of my father’s wives are without an exception to be present. It appears that this matter is fully overblown by proportions.

“Seen father, mother, eldest aunt, second aunt, fourth aunt, fifth aunt, and sixth aunt. This child pay my respect to Uncle Ouyang.” I immediately say with me bowing my head.

Why is it that eldest aunt and the rest of the others all here but this matter should not have been that grave. That old man Ouyang is sitting at the left side at the seat of honour. Sitting at below are a crowd of people brought by the old man Ouyang. The old man Ouyang’s frost like face looks towards at me and it appears to have a deep hostility directed at me with practically seem as if he was going to kill me. My mind gives an inner jolt. Don’t tell me that something really happen to Ouyang Liang? Unable to understand, I attentively start to recall back the matter starting from the start to the end. All of a sudden, I start to remember something, a matter that is severely grave which is that the Ouyang Liang is too young. For him to suffer consecutive attack under the influence of the momentum of the chi by both me and big brother Lang Feng, what’s more is that the Ouyang Liang since young has been pampered and spoiled. I can’t say for sure but as of a result, he has collapsed at his home. His wisdom is too frail so how is he able to bear the might of the coercion of the experts. cannot help but to feel a little bit anxious and entirely blaming myself that from the begining, Ouyang Liang and me are speaking to each other with full of deceit. Due to that, it has caused my mind to agree tacitly that his ability to bear ought to be very high. Ai!

“My dear son, it was as if you have threaten, menace or similar conduct towards the young master of the Ouyang clan?” My mother immediately asks as if she is extremely anxious clearly and also her showing of worriness in her eyebrows are what I obtain from my clear observation. In the end, what has happened? Even Ouyang Liang was to be have been ill,it should not have been able to cause my mother to be in such manner. I cannot help but to wrinkle my eyebrows upwards together.

“My dear son, speak up immediately whether or not you have done it or not ,” father asks with an exceedingly serious and cold tone.

I start to have a jolt for this is the first time that my father has said to me in such a manner. After all, as of a child till now my father has been doting after me but as of this time, he has went as far as such in treating me in such manner. I cannot help but to be somewhat angered. Lifting me head up, I speak one word after another with my eyes looking straightforward directly towards of my father, “I did not.”

“You didn’t. Good, the tremendous third young master has forced my son for his entire lifetime to be gone. Haha, and yet you still do not want to admit it. You yourself have said that yesterday my son besides being bullied by you, is there still anyone that has conflict with him? Humph! Humph! I, Ouyang Ming Qing will get my revenge even I am to lose all of family’s fortune. “

“Ouyang clan head, regarding this matter, I will definitely give you an explanation for it. You do not have to worry.Today, the prefecture magistrate of the Suzhou minister is also here and you have also brought out a big group of witness so you do not have to worry at all.” my father immediately replies.

The head of the subordinate of the clan head of the Ouyang clan stands up with his hands held together giving a bow then saying, “I will definitely act justly and I am hoping that both the duke and the earl are to be rest assured.” That old man is the prefectural magistrate of the Suzhou and appears to be have an exceedingly serious expression. It appears that this matter is is awfully troublesome. In the end, what has happened for the old man Ouyang to say that his son is finished. How is he to be finished for he is finished for just contracting an illness? Don’t tell me that my luck is that terrible for I just slightly intimidated the person and this has made him to be ruined.

On the entire Ming dynasty, of those big clans, they are granted with nobility ranks, distinguishing themselves are duke, earl as well as baron and these ranks are merely for the merchants. As for to be the real officials of the five officials of feudal nobility are the duke, marquis, count, viscount and baron.

My father’s eyebrows then wrinkles as he questions, “My dear son, you have to speak the truth regarding in the end what has happened from the beginning as things really are.”

“Third young master, you have to speak as how it really is as at my side, I have many witnesses.” the old man Ouyang immediately say it with an icy cold tone.

“The head of Ouyang clan, for this matter to happen to be like this, all of us are feeling very sorry for it. Please do hear out from my son as he says out the whole matter thoroughly” my father immediately says. My father in any case is still head of the Zhang clan which is one of the big four influential families and therefore, the old man Ouyang will not dare not to give face to my father.

I indifferently say, “Everybody, on that day, the moment when I have arrived at the garden of the western city, the Ouyang young master is right at there. Laterwards, he permits his Shi Dou to come forward to seek for guidance regarding the martial arts. After that, I then defeat his Shi Dou and found out that his Shi Dou is pitiful for he enters the Ouyang clan for his mother. I then allow Ouyang Liang to send his Shi Dou’s mother to Xing Feng Pavilion. Then, Ouyang young master then commanded his subordinate to send his Shi Dou’s mother. Finally, all of you look out for me and it is just like this.”

My father immediately says, “Head of the Ouyang clan, is what my son has said regarding the matter is it true or not.”

“The third young master is indeed tremendous to unexpectedly avoid the important facts but only dwell in the trivial facts only. He simply do not say the details. Does he dare to say that he did not threaten myson.Humph!”

“Uncle Ouyang, I dare to say that I did not even say any little bit of threatening words to him.You can find anyone present at the scene to confirm,” I say with self-confidence. To tell you the truth, from the beginning till the end, I did not even say any threatening words. It is just that I use the momentum of my chi to coerce him.

“Asking those kids to speak out and what do they know? They are just a few years old and their word cannot be taken as real. I got a way to proof that everything is done by the third young master. Ah Tian, tell you how young master’s conduct and bearing was at that day.” the old man Ouyang turns his head towards a person while speaking.

“Yes, master. At that day, from the early morning when young master is awake, I have attended to young master. I still remember the young master’s mood is very good on that day. In the early of the morning, he has eaten his morning meal then giddily heading to the garden at the western city. We the servants were guarding at the outside of the gate. Those group of young masters had said that they do not permit the adults to enter the garden and only permit children to enter. Waiting at the outside of a while for a moment, the third young master has brought his friends. After a period of time, a group of children exit with each one of them having a strained expression then heading back home. A moment later, young master also exit with a pale face. What’s more is that cold sweat was over his face. I am even believed that the young master is ill, Young master immediately commanded to return back to the mansion and also request us to immediately to send the Shi Dou’s mother to the third young master’s Xing Feng pavilion. Later, the young master laid down on top the bed the moment he has returned. That very night, young master suffered from high fever and then a medical saint arrived.”

The old man with a wide body downing a sleeved robe and the hair combed into a shape of bun immediately gets up while speaking, “Your excellency Duke, Your excellency Earl and Your excellency prefecture magistrate, based on my experience for practicing medicine of forty years. Ouyang young master must have suffer from a very strong and dangerous threaten to the point where the state of the mind is unable to defend against. That very night, he has also suffered from the chill wind and together with the complications of the high fever have caused both the inside and the outside to flare-up simultaneously. In addition to that, Ouyang young master’s age is still very young, his capabilities of resisting is still very weak and at that time when he is suffering from high fever until there is something wrong Ouyang young master’s head. Ouyang young master’s age is too young as of me, I am unable to recover the illness for my capabilities is too low. Afterwards, it is estimated for lifetime that his brain is unable to recover back.”

I am blanked for it is impossible, right? His brain is destroyed. How am I having such a bad luck? For I just coerce him lightly with the momentum of my chi. How is it that it has ended to such extend?

“Zhang Tian De, can you tell me that in the end whose mistake is it? Ah! My child is finished just like this and he is but my one and only. You tell me, ah.”The old man Ouyang starts to go a bit mad and he is not to be blame for that he old man Ouyang is already fifty years old this year and this Ouyang Liang is borned as a son when he was quite old. At this moment, his treasure son is at this state and it will have been weird if he has not gone mad.

“The head of the Ouyang clan, you do not have to be worry for everything will soon be clear. There is so many people here and you still scare that you are not given with justice.” my father immediately says as he pacifies the old man Ouyang. This old man Ouyang is definitely to be worthy of one generation’s formidable person. Sitting down, he starts to collect back and control his mood.

“Dear son, is what the person from the Ouyang residence speak of is the truth?” my father turns his head facing towards me as he is asking the question.

“I have not threaten or menace him.” I am to insist that I do not threaten or menace Ouyang Liang. After speaking those words, I am starting to regret it for wouldn’t it admit that the moment when Ouyang Liang exit is that his face is is not that good. All of the other children have run away and wouldn’t have that meant that the result is as of one? Ah! Such headache. What is it to be done?

The old man Ouyang sitting at the chair start to sneer.

My mother starts to look a bit of worried.

First aunt and second aunt’s face are both full of smiles.

Father’s eyebrows immediately starts to wrinkles but he nevertheless speak, “Dear son, you then speak why is that the moment when you all enter and then come out, Ouyang young master’s face pale?”

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