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Chapter 738 - 738 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (1)

Chapter 738 - 738 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (1)

738 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (1)

In the secret chamber of Great Qin’s imperial palace, the Qin emperor looked at Zhou Shu in bewilderment.

Zhou Shu was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, his breathing barely discernible.

His body was enveloped in a layer of faint white light. Those who didn’t know better would think that he was cultivating in peace. It didn’t look like he was using a divine ability at all.

The Qin emperor didn’t know what divine ability Zhou Shu was using, but it was different from what he had imagined. It was also different from the curse abilities he had seen before.


But now that he had already handed Ji Lutian’s blood essence to Zhou Shu, he could only wait for the outcome.


A moment later, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from Zhou Shu’s body, and a powerful whirlwind burst out from his body.

The whirlwind smashed the tables and chairs in the secret chamber into pieces.

The Qin emperor couldn’t dodge in time and was slammed into the wall by the whirlwind. His chest tightened, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, the whirlwind only lasted for an instant before Zhou Shu restrained his aura.

Otherwise, the Qin emperor would probably be seriously injured.

The Qin emperor’s face was full of helplessness. If he hadn’t lost most of his cultivation, he wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state from the force.

Zhou Shu suddenly opened his eyes, his expression changing.

The Qin emperor endured the tightness in his chest and asked, “Did you find out?”

He was also very curious about Ji Lutian’s background.

In the end, although it was his own choice that got him to where he was today, it also had a lot to do with Ji Lutian.

The Qin emperor didn’t hate Ji Lutian, but he still wanted to know what Ji Lutian’s true goal was.

“No.” Zhou Shu shook his head with a solemn expression. “Ji Lutian is stronger than we imagined. My divine ability failed.”

When the Qin emperor heard this, he didn’t have a huge reaction.

But Zhou Shu’s heart was in turmoil.

His Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique actually failed!

Ever since he obtained the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique, this had never happened!

Previously, even when he entered the Demon King Ao dream, it was extremely smooth. But this time, he actually failed!

Thinking of what had happened when he used the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique, Zhou Shu still found it difficult to calm down.

Just now, he had used the blood essence of Ji Lutian that Great Qin had preserved as a medium to use the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique. After entering the dream, he saw a ball of light that was like a sun.

Just as he was about to throw himself into the light, a powerful force erupted from the light and flicked him back to reality.

This unprecedented experience made Zhou Shu realize that Ji Lutian might be stronger than he had imagined. He was so strong that even the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique couldn’t pry into his past.

Of course, this might also be because Zhou Shu’s cultivation was too low. Otherwise, he might have been able to successfully use the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique.

What Zhou Shu didn’t know was that the moment he used the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique, Ji Lutian suddenly opened his eyes in an unknown place.

“What happened?” a middle-aged man opposite Ji Lutian asked.

“It’s nothing.” Ji Lutian shook his head with a puzzled expression. “I felt like someone was spying on me just now.”

“How is that possible?” The middle-aged man laughed. “No one can enter the Sima Grotto-Heaven without alerting me. Even those beasts in the Demon Realm can’t do it.

“Maybe you’re too heavily injured and your spiritual sense is damaged, so you’re uneasy.”

The middle-aged man continued, “If you hadn’t insisted on cutting your cultivation, how could you have been injured to this extent by those demonic beasts?”

“This injury is nothing. With your help, I’ll recover after recuperating for a while.” Ji Lutian seemed unwilling to say more on this topic. He shook his head and smiled.

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly and didn’t say anything. He activated his spiritual essence and continued to help Ji Lutian circulate his energy to heal his injuries.

Great Qin, in the secret chamber of the Qin palace…

Zhou Shu looked at the Qin emperor, who was disheveled with blood on his chest, and said in surprise, “Did an enemy attack just now? How did you end up like that?”

Even with the Qin emperor’s cultivation, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Don’t you know why I’m like this?

So what if your cultivation is high?

If I wasn’t seriously injured, you wouldn’t have been able to hurt me.

The Qin emperor didn’t want to say anything else about this embarrassing matter. He waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. Your divine ability failed, and we won’t be able to know Ji Lutian’s goal. What other plans do you have?”

Zhou Shu was stunned for a moment. “Shouldn’t I be asking you this? Qin Emperor, you are the ruler of a country. Now that the grotto-heavens have appeared, the changes in the world will affect you emperors the most.

“As for me, I’m not bragging, but regardless of whether the grotto-heavens appear or if the Demon Realm invades, even if the worst outcome is that the Demon Realm really occupies the Ten Nations Continent, do you believe that I can still survive?”

The Qin emperor was silent. Of course he believed him.

Although the Qin emperor didn’t know how high Zhou Shu’s cultivation was, he was certain that if Zhou Shu wanted to live, there weren’t many people in the world who could kill him.

“Yes, I believe you,” the Qin emperor said in a deep voice. “But if the Ten Nations Continent falls, is there any point in you living alone among demonic beasts?”

“Heh, Qin emperor, you don’t have to provoke me.” Zhou Shu smiled disdainfully.

“What’s wrong with living among demonic beasts? You might not know, but Ji Lutian has a son with a demonic beast.

“Of course. I’m just saying. I definitely won’t join the Demon Realm. It’s naturally best if I can protect the Ten Nations.”

Zhou Shu was telling the truth. Putting Great Qin aside, Great Xia was the hometown of his body after all. Moreover, one of his two women was a princess of Great Xia, and the other was a female general of Great Xia. It was impossible for Zhou Shu to ignore them.

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