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Chapter 739 - 739 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (2)

Chapter 739 - 739 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (2)

739 Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique Failed, Fooling the Qin Emperor (2)

The Qin emperor was silent for a moment before slowly saying, “I don’t know much about the grotto-heavens. So far, all I know is that they’re powerful, far above the Ten Nations.

“From the looks of it, they appeared to resist the demonic beasts of the Demon Realm…”

“Qin Emperor, you don’t naively think that they’re resisting the demonic beasts to help the Ten Nations, do you?” Zhou Shu said.

No matter how one looked at it, the people of the grotto-heavens didn’t look like selfless people.


It was true that they were resisting the invasion of the demonic beasts of the Demon Realm, but it might not be to protect the Ten Nations.

From Tang Mao’er’s attitude toward Xu Shi and the others, it was evident that the people of the grotto-heavens thought highly of themselves and didn’t take the people of the Ten Nations seriously at all.

The Qin emperor hesitated. “We’re all humans after all…”

“Qin Emperor, if you really think so, then I’m leaving,” Zhou Shu said angrily. “You’re right. We’re all humans. If you’re willing to submit to the grotto-heavens, they definitely won’t kill you easily.

“At most, there will be no Great Qin and the Qin emperor in this world.”

Zhou Shu stood up to leave.


Just as Zhou Shu took a step, he heard the Qin emperor shout from behind him.

“Qin Emperor, I’m the Side-by-side King of Great Qin. You can’t control me,” Zhou Shu said.

“You don’t have to emphasize this to me. I know you’re Great Qin’s Side-by-side King!”

How could the Qin emperor not hear the sarcasm in Zhou Shu’s tone? If Great Qin was gone, so would the Qin emperor and the Side-by-side King.

“As long as I don’t die, Great Qin will never become anyone’s vassal!” the Qin emperor said solemnly.

“Do you think it’s hard to kill you?” Zhou Shu asked.

“So what? There are no men in Great Qin who are afraid of death!” The Qin emperor finally regained some of his domineeringness.

“I know you’re deliberately provoking me. Don’t worry. Even though I’ve lost most of my cultivation, I’m still the emperor of Great Qin. I won’t give up so easily.”

“You’re thinking too much. Your life and death has nothing to do with me. The rise and fall of Great Qin has nothing to do with me.” Zhou Shu shook his head.

“We both know what’s with the Side-by-side King title. If I really had to work for Great Qin just because of an undeserved reputation, I’d have to worry about nine of the Ten Nations.”

Zhou Shu looked at the Qin emperor. “I said so much because I wanted to ask you if you want to recover your cultivation or even improve further.”

“Of course! I dream of it!”

Originally, when he heard Zhou Shu’s words, the Qin emperor was a little unhappy. But after hearing Zhou Shu’s last sentence, he immediately said firmly, “If you can help me recover my cultivation, then from now on, you will be the true Side-by-side King of Great Qin!”

Zhou Shu naturally understood what the Qin emperor meant by this.

Although he carried the title of ‘Side-by-side King’, he could at most command Wang Mu and the others. He would never be able to stand side by side with the Qin emperor.

Now, the Qin emperor’s words meant that Zhou Shu would truly have the same supreme authority as him.

But Zhou Shu didn’t care at all. Not to mention being a side-by-side king, he wasn’t even willing to be an emperor.

How many things would he have to worry about? He wouldn’t be as carefree as he was now.

“That’s not important,” Zhou Shu continued. “If you just want to recover your first-rank Martial Dao cultivation, it’s not difficult. But if you want to improve further, there’s the biggest problem.”

“What?” the Qin emperor asked.

“I just learned not long ago that the Martial Dao of the Ten Nations is lacking, and it’s impossible to cultivate to the Earth Immortal realm,” Zhou Shu said.

“If you want to improve further above the first rank, the first thing you have to do is to complete the Martial Dao you cultivate.

“Ji Lutian should know this. When he said that the power of the Demon Realm would allow you to become an expert above the first rank, he must have fooled you.”

The Qin emperor’s face turned black. He had actually not blamed Ji Lutian before. After all, he was the one who made the choice back then.

But now that he heard Zhou Shu say this, anger rose in his heart. Ji Lutian clearly knew that this was impossible, but he still encouraged him to do it?

This was different!

The Qin emperor really wanted to find Ji Lutian and grab his collar to ask him what Great Qin had done to him and why he had done this!

“Of course, it’s hard to say what Ji Lutian might have planned. We don’t know either,” Zhou Shu continued.

The Qin emperor was a straightforward and decisive person. He didn’t dwell on this problem for too long. He looked at Zhou Shu and asked solemnly, “How do I complete my Martial Dao?”

Zhou Shu raised an index finger. “There’s a way. The various grotto-heavens are about to open their doors to recruit disciples. As long as you become a disciple of the grotto-heavens, you can naturally learn the complete Martial Dao.”

“Isn’t that circling back?” The Qin emperor snorted. “If I’m willing to be a vassal of the grotto-heavens, what’s the point of my cultivation recovering?

“What was the difference between becoming a disciple of the grotto-heavens and making Great Qin a vassal of the grotto-heavens?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be willing.” Zhou Shu smiled. “Actually, even if you’re willing, the grotto-heavens might not accept you.

“Therefore, we can only use another method.”

“What method?” the Qin emperor asked.

“A deal.”

“A deal?”

“That’s right. A deal!” Zhou Shu said. “The grotto-heavens suddenly appeared and even sent people to resist the Demon Realm army. There must be something they’re looking for.

“To you, this is an opportunity.

“Qin Emperor, you only need to negotiate with the people of the grotto-heavens. You can satisfy their needs in exchange for a complete Martial Dao cultivation technique.”

The Qin emperor frowned. “If I could obtain the cultivation technique myself, I wouldn’t need your help at all.”

“It’s not that simple.” Zhou Shu shook his head. “Do you think you can satisfy their requests so easily?

“Think about it. The grotto-heavens have been in seclusion for many years. Now that they’ve suddenly appeared, do you think their goal will be something small?

“Without my help, do you think you can exchange for a complete cultivation technique from the grotto-heavens?”

“I see what you mean.” The Qin emperor looked at Zhou Shu. “You don’t want to show your face to negotiate with the people of the grotto-heavens, so you want me to negotiate on your behalf.”

“Of course you have to do your part.” Zhou Shu shook his head. “All I can do is help you.

“If you’re not willing to work hard yourself, how can I help you?

“Qin Emperor, do you think they won’t come to you if you don’t negotiate with the grotto-heavens?

“It’s only a matter of time. Since they’ve already appeared, it’s impossible for them not to deal with the Ten Nations.

“What you have to do now is to take the initiative.”

The Qin emperor looked at Zhou Shu and asked, “What good will it do you if I do this?”

“What good will it do me? I’m just helping you.” Zhou Shu shrugged. “Of course, as long as Great Qin isn’t destroyed, I, the Side-by-side King, will more or less have some benefits.”

“Why do I keep feeling like you’re up to no good?” The Qin emperor looked at Zhou Shu suspiciously.

“Qin Emperor, you’re judging a gentleman by your own standards!” Zhou Shu said righteously. “Tell me. Which of what I’m saying isn’t for your own good? What benefits can I gain from it?

“I’ve said what I needed to say. Whether you’re willing to do it or not is up to you.”

Zhou Shu shrugged. “In any case, having or not having Great Qin doesn’t affect me. On the other hand, as the Qin emperor, how much value do you have without Great Qin?”

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