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Chapter 979 - 979 He's Not From An Ancient Race (2)

Chapter 979 - 979 He's Not From An Ancient Race (2)

979 He’s Not From An Ancient Race (2)

Zhou Shu glanced at Shi Changsheng and Wang Xuanyi. He didn’t want them to know his true identity, so he couldn’t use Martial Dao techniques.

This way, he could only use his divine power.

“I can’t. I’m so weak. How can I help you?” Feng Jing said in a low voice. “I can’t even withstand a single move.”

“Alright, stop pretending to be weak in front of me,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said with a cold expression. “You don’t have to deal with him. Take me and fly into the sky.”

His appearance was now in the form of a giant spirit. The giant spirit race couldn’t fly. Moreover, he had yet to grasp the Martial Dao on the surface, so he naturally couldn’t fly in front of Shi Changsheng.


Although Shi Changsheng couldn’t do anything to him even if his identity was really exposed, Zhou Shu’s incarnation had a feeling that if he didn’t reveal his identity, it might play an unexpected role in the future.

“Little Brother, can you do it or not?” Feng Jing was a little frightened. He said uneasily, “If you can’t do it, let’s wait for these people to take care of the Heavenly Dao monster. When they kill this monster, we can just wait to get the benefits. There’s no need to fight it to the death.”

“Don’t say such things again.” Zhou Shu’s incarnation didn’t turn his head. He kept staring at the Heavenly Dao monster and said coldly, “There’s nothing in this world that I can’t do.”

Without waiting for Feng Jing to refuse, Zhou Shu’s incarnation flashed and arrived on Feng Jing’s back. “Let’s go!”

Feng Jing opened his mouth. He couldn’t understand how things had developed to this extent.

He was an ancestor of the griffin race. Why did he seem to have become Zhou Shu’s mount?

This shouldn’t be the case. I’m working with him, not his subordinate.

Why did I become his mount just like that?

Do I, Feng Jing, look so easy to bully?

Feng Jing was puzzled, but his body involuntarily flew up.

Among the ancient races, as long as a race had wings, they could fly. The griffin race was born with wings and had the innate ability to ride the wind. Before they learned to walk, they could already fly.

As an ancestor of the griffin race, Feng Jing’s flying ability was even more perfect.

Even with Zhou Shu’s incarnation on his back, he was still like a gust of wind in the air, constantly flying around the Heavenly Dao monster.

The attacks of the surrounding people continued, leaving wounds on the Heavenly Dao monster.

The Heavenly Dao monster let out furious roars, and the sound waves injured many people.

But now, it seemed that both sides had entered a stalemate, and neither could do anything to the other.

Wang Xuanyi frowned. “Shi Changsheng, it’s about time.”

“Wait a little longer,” Shi Changsheng said. “If we do it now, it’s still uncertain who will get the benefits.”

It turned out that Shi Changsheng was planning this.

“If you don’t make a move, the help you invited looks like he’s going to finish it.” Diao Moye pointed at the air.

“Impossible,” Shi Changsheng said. “The ancient races are all fools. How can they know the weakness of this Heavenly Dao monster?”

“Shi Changsheng, never underestimate someone,” Diao Moye said meaningfully.

“Madam Wang, never underestimate me, Shi Changsheng,” Shi Changsheng said.

The two of them faced each other head-on. Wang Xuanyi didn’t seem to hear them. He looked at Zhou Shu’s incarnation and Feng Jing flying in the air, and there seemed to be flames burning in his eyes.

At this moment, Zhou Shu’s incarnation, who was riding on Feng Jing’s back, suddenly moved!

He stood up on Feng Jing’s back, bent his knees slightly, and suddenly jumped up.


Zhou Shu’s incarnation leaped high into the air, and Feng Jing fell from the sky under the force of his leap. He flapped his wings desperately. Finally, he managed to fly again when he was close to the ground.

He naturally cursed in his heart.

But before he could finish cursing, he heard exclamations around him.

Then two giant heads descended from the sky and almost hit him on the head.

With a gust of wind, Feng Jing dodged the two heads. But he couldn’t dodge the monster’s spilling blood, and the blood covered his entire body.

In a miserable state, Feng Jing cursed.

But no one present cared about his sorry state.

No one even looked at him!

At this moment, everyone’s gaze was on Zhou Shu’s incarnation standing on the headless corpse of the Heavenly Dao monster.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation’s hands were covered in blood. He was withdrawing his right hand from the blood-gushing neck of the Heavenly Dao monster, and in his hand was a crystal-clear pearl the size of an adult’s head.

Heavenly Dao True Bead!

“Shi Changsheng, who said that it’s impossible for the ancient races to know the weakness of Heavenly Dao monsters?” Diao Moye’s mocking voice sounded in Shi Changsheng’s ear.

Shi Changsheng’s expression was solemn, and a light flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t look embarrassed or angry.

“It’s impossible for a member of the ancient races to know the weakness of Heavenly Dao monsters, unless he’s not from an ancient race!” Shi Changsheng said in a deep voice.

“You said he’s not from an ancient race?” Diao Moye frowned. “Shi Changsheng, is there any point in doing this?”

Shi Changsheng didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Zhou Shu’s incarnation, his eyes flickering.

“Madam, he’s not wrong,” Wang Xuanyi suddenly said. “Although this person is trying his best to hide it, when he attacked the back of the Heavenly Dao monster’s neck just now, he didn’t use a move that ancient races usually use. That move is unusable without a solid Martial Dao foundation.”

Diao Moye frowned. “There are also ancient race members who know the existence of the Martial Dao and are proficient in it in the Origin World.”

Wang Xuanyi shook his head. “It’s not as simple as just being proficient in the Martial Dao.”

“Hey, you, hand over the Heavenly Dao True Bead!”

Before Wang Xuanyi could finish speaking, he heard a loud shout from the crowd.

The Heavenly Dao Monster was already dead. Now that the Heavenly Dao True Bead had appeared, it was time to obtain it.

“Brother Shi, Brother Wang, I’ll leave these people to you. I’ll leave with the Heavenly Dao True Bead first. We’ll split it later!” Zhou Shu’s incarnation shouted expressionlessly. “Feng Gou!”

Feng Jing, who was disheveled, felt that he was bewitched. He clearly didn’t want to, but every time he heard Zhou Shu’s words, he couldn’t help doing as he was told.

This awkward feeling made him feel as if he was about to go mad.


Feng Jing rode the wind and caught Zhou Shu, who had jumped off the corpse of the Heavenly Dao monster. Then he flapped his wings and turned into a gust of wind to escape into the distance.

Shi Changsheng: “…”

Wang Xuanyi: “…”

“Brother Wang, are we being used?” Shi Changsheng said unhappily.

“It’s a collaboration to begin with. What do you mean we’re being used?” Wang Xuanyi said indifferently. “He’s the helper you found. I hope you can still find him.”

Before Wang Xuanyi finished speaking, a sword beam slashed out, and a several-hundred-meter-long sword mark appeared on the ground.

“The Heavenly Dao True Bead belongs to the fated. Please wait,” Wang Xuanyi said coldly.

“Who do you think you are? Why should we listen to you?” shouted a person who was neither human nor from the ancient races. He seemed to be a demonic beast.


What answered him was a sharp sword beam.

The man’s expression changed drastically as he retreated explosively. He felt a pain in his glabella, and blood was already flowing down his forehead. If he had reacted a little slower just now, he would probably be a corpse now.

“With the sword in my hand, anyone who crosses the line will die,” Wang Xuanyi said coldly.

“The Heavenly Dao True Bead has no fate with you. You should give up.” Shi Changsheng’s voice also sounded in the air. His figure was illusory and real. Sword qi filled the air, emitting an air-tearing sound.

The two of them were considered among the strongest in the Origin World, and the others were frightened by their might.

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