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Chapter 980 - 980 If You Can't Get It, It's Because You're Incompetent (1)

Chapter 980 - 980 If You Can't Get It, It's Because You're Incompetent (1)

980 If You Can’t Get It, It’s Because You’re Incompetent (1)

“Shi Changsheng, is this what you mean by you can run, but you can’t hide?” Diao Moye seemed to have something against Shi Changsheng as she looked at the empty courtyard.

Wang Xuanyi’s expression was as usual. Apart from Diao Moye, it was as if nothing could tug at his heartstrings.

Shi Changsheng clicked his tongue. “If I was only thirty percent confident before, I’m already seventy percent confident now.

“What seventy percent?” Diao Moye frowned. “We’ve worked so hard and offended so many people. In the end, all our efforts were in vain. Shi Changsheng, don’t you think you owe us an explanation?

“My husband doesn’t want to argue with you, but I’m a woman, so I’m not afraid of losing face.”


Diao Moye was generally an extremely gentle person, but for some reason, she was always confrontational when she met Shi Changsheng.

“Madam Wang, what explanation do you want?” Shi Changsheng shrugged helplessly. “What should I say to make you believe that the fall of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain has nothing to do with me?”

“Don’t talk about irrelevant things.” Frost covered Diao Moye’s face. “I’m talking about this operation now! You invited us to take action and said that you were one hundred percent confident. You also invited those two ancient race members. Now that they’ve taken away the Heavenly Dao True Bead, don’t you think you need to take some responsibility?”

“How can there be a one hundred percent chance when it comes to snatching treasures?” Shi Changsheng rolled his eyes inwardly. Those are just words. Anyone who understands will understand. Madam Wang, you’re being too serious.

“You’re a man. Is what you say nonsense?” Diao Moye didn’t give Shi Changsheng any face.

“I’m not a man. I’m just a sword now,” Shi Changsheng said proudly. Face? When did I, Shi Changsheng, care about my reputation? Benefits are the most practical. As for face, who cares?

“Alright, Moye, I think Shi Changsheng should be confident,” Wang Xuanyi suddenly said. There seemed to be a hidden meaning in his words.

“Wang Xuanyi, you’re the number two expert in the world. You’re smarter than some people.” Shi Changsheng gave him a thumbs up, not forgetting to tease Diao Moye.

Shi Changsheng had never been a gentleman, and demeanor had nothing to do with him.

“Is it so easy to take advantage of me, Shi Changsheng?” Shi Changsheng smiled. “He can’t escape.”

Shi Changsheng looked up with a smug smile.

In the Origin World, dozens of kilometers away from the city of the outsiders’ alliance, a few figures appeared. They were Zhou Shu’s incarnation, Feng Jing, Feng Wu, and Ling’er.

The wind blowing across the wilderness carried the stench of blood and whistled under the dark red sky.

The environment felt extremely oppressive.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation carefully observed the surroundings. After confirming that there were no Heavenly Dao monsters or others, he said solemnly, “Ling’er, Feng Wu, get ready. When the Bai Ze King arrives, I’ll send all of you out first.”

People who had entered the Origin World normally could leave whenever they wanted.

But after leaving, they would never be able to return.

Feng Wu, Ling’er, and Bai Yue were different. They didn’t enter this place normally.

Stowaways naturally couldn’t enjoy the official benefits. It was also because of this that they had been trapped in the Origin World for thirty years.

Otherwise, Bai Yue would have brought the two of them out long ago.

Although there were many opportunities in the Origin World, there were also many dangers. Not everyone was willing to risk their lives here.

While they were talking, Bai Yue appeared not far away and was quickly running over.

Previously, when he was snatching the Heavenly Dao True Bead, Zhou Shu’s incarnation had secretly sent a voice transmission to Bai Yue, asking him to meet here.

They just didn’t know what Bai Yue had encountered that made him arrive later than them.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation and Feng Jing had even returned to the city to pick the others up.

“You?” Bai Yue rushed toward them and immediately saw Feng Wu and Little Ling’er.

“Are you really Lord Zhou Shu?” He looked at Zhou Shu’s incarnation in surprise.

This person’s appearance was completely unfamiliar. No matter how he looked at him, it had nothing to do with Zhou Shu, who had forced the bai ze race to become a vassal of the giant spirit race.

If not for the fact that Ling’er was here, Bai Yue wouldn’t have believed it.

“You’re not sure who I am, but you still dared to come?” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said indifferently. “Bai Ze King, you’ve done very well in the past thirty years. After leaving this place, your bai ze race will be free.”

“I…” Bai Yue had mixed feelings.

Back then, in order to let the bai ze race survive, he had chosen to bow down to the giant spirit race and even made the bai ze race a vassal of the giant spirit race.

Originally, it was an extremely embarrassing matter. But in the Origin World, Bai Yue had come into contact with many people from the future.

The current him naturally knew what would happen in the future.

In the future, the giant spirit race would become the ruler of the world, the strongest race among all the races in the world.

Under such circumstances, it didn’t matter if the bai ze race was still a vassal of the giant spirit race.

On the contrary, severing their relationship with the giant spirit race wouldn’t do the bai ze race any good.

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