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Chapter 1192 - Deva

Chapter 1192: Deva

Although this was only the antelope’s guess, Zhou Wen felt that it made sense. Since An Tianzuo and company had entered the Asura Realm, it was a form of double insurance if he headed for the Deva Realm.

The antelope led the way into the Deva Realm as Zhou Wen followed, carrying Ya’er as he led Chick.

The Deva Realm’s door was like water. The moment Zhou Wen’s body touched the door, he sank in and arrived in front of a huge mountain.

How big could a mountain be? In Zhou Wen’s imagination, the largest was an existence like the Himalayas.

But the mountain in front of him gave Zhou Wen the feeling that there was no end or peak. Looking left and right, he couldn’t see the land beyond the mountain. Looking up, he couldn’t see the top that penetrated the clouds.

Then, Zhou Wen realized that he was actually very far from the mountain. It was only because the mountain was so huge that it gave an oppressive feeling, making him feel like he was at its base.

With a thought, Zhou Wen used teleportation to arrive near the mountain. However, despite doing so several times, he was astonished to discover that the mountain remained so far away. It was as though he hadn’t approached it in any way.

“Walk over.” The antelope wrote on the sand.

Zhou Wen nodded and carried Ya’er forward. After walking for a short distance, he suddenly saw a figure fly over.

“A Fairy?” Zhou Wen sized up the figure in the air—an extremely beautiful woman. Her clothes fluttered like an otherworldly fairy, but she had the aura of a dimensional creature. She was somewhat similar to the Fairies Zhou Wen had seen before.

There was a strange glow over the Fairy-like woman’s body, making her skin look moist and crystalline like milk.

“It’s a Deva.” The antelope wrote on the ground.

“You’ve really been here before?” Zhou Wen asked the antelope.

The antelope didn’t answer, but the female Deva had already flown over. Before Zhou Wen could decide what to do, Chick spat out a golden flame and burned the female Deva to ashes.

An Essence Energy Crystal dropped from the sky and landed in the sand.

Zhou Wen picked up the Essence Energy Crystal and looked at it on his phone. He realized that it was a 64-valued Essence Energy Crystal. Clearly, the female Deva had been at the Mythical stage.

The group continued walking forward and soon saw a few more Devas. There were men and women among them. All of them were extremely handsome, and they were Mythical creatures.

Unfortunately, Chick thought nothing of the beauty. It spewed out golden flames and burned all the Devas it saw to death. Two more crystals dropped. One of them was an 80-valued Constitution Crystal, allowing Zhou Wen to boost his stats.

Although he had advanced to the Mythical stage for quite some time, his stats hadn’t maxed out. Up to now, only one of his stats had reached 81 points.

“These Devas are clearly at the Mythical stage. Why do they look so weak?” Zhou Wen asked the antelope in puzzlement.

Although Chick was very strong, those Devas were at the Mythical stage after all. It didn’t seem reasonable for them to be burned to death without any resistance.

The antelope curled its lips and wrote on the ground, “Weak? In a while, you will know if they are weak or strong.”

When Zhou Wen asked again, the antelope didn’t say anything else and walked towards the mountain.

Along the way, they encountered a few more Devas which were burned to death by Chick. These Devas weren’t the fastest nor were they strong. They lined the bottom of the Mythical stage, similar to the Mythical fake immortals in Deer Terrace Pavilion, only weaker.

Zhou Wen previously hadn’t managed to come close to the mountain despite teleporting several times, but he was now getting closer and closer to the foot of the mountain. Just as he was about to reach the foot of the mountain, he suddenly saw a red-dressed female Deva surrounded by red flowers.

After discovering Zhou Wen and company, the female Deva flew over. Chick spat out a golden flame without any mercy.

However, this time, Chick’s flames failed to burn the female Deva to death. She actually dodged Chick’s flames.

Chick flapped its wings angrily and rushed forward to spew out more golden flames.

However, the female Deva’s movement technique was outstanding. She danced in flight, dodging all of Chick’s flaming attacks.

When she danced, the red glow over her body flowed like petals. It looked extremely beautiful. When Chick rushed over, it touched the red light petals, causing the petals to automatically vanish like bubbles.

The female Deva only dodged without counterattacking. She didn’t seem to take the initiative to attack.

After watching for a while, Zhou Wen became more and more puzzled. This female Deva’s movement technique was very good, and even on par with Zhou Wen’s former Transcendent Flying Immortal movement technique, but Chick’s movement technique and speed were higher than female Deva’s. With them both being at the Mythical stage, it didn’t make sense that Chick failed to finish her after so long.

However, the truth was that the female Deva easily dodged all of Chick’s attacks, making Zhou Wen frown.

This was no longer a matter of movement techniques or speed. Zhou Wen had already noticed that the female Deva had strangely dodged Chick’s attack several times in virtually impossible situations.

Chick looked like it was about to succeed several times, but still failed. Its ferocious nature was immediately triggered. It raised its head and let out a long cry as golden light emitted from its mouth. Golden flames spewed out like a tidal wave, turning into a surging sea of flames that enveloped a large area, burning the female Deva to ashes on the spot.

Unfortunately, the female Deva didn’t leave anything behind.

How strange. Do the Devas here not hurt people? Zhou Wen frowned in thought.

From the battle just now, the female Deva hadn’t launched any attacks from beginning to end. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had a chance, but it was as though she had no intention of attacking. This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen such a dimensional creature.

“She has already attacked. It’s just that you didn’t see it. If it were any other Mythical creature fighting her, this wouldn’t be the situation you’re seeing.” The antelope wrote on the ground.

She’s not at the Terror grade. There’s no reason why I can’t see her attack. Even if she is at the Terror grade, I should be able to see her… Wait… Could her attack be the red light over her body? Zhou Wen immediately understood that there was definitely something wrong with the red light. It was only because Chick’s physique was too strong that it hadn’t been affected.

“This is just the beginning. The fun lies ahead.” After the antelope finished writing, it headed for the mountain.

Before long, he saw another Deva that emitted a red glow. However, this time, it was a man. Chick went up to fight again.

Just like before, the Deva dodged the attacks that certainly should have hit several times. It infuriated Chick to spew out a sea of flames, burning the Deva to ashes.

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