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Chapter 1193 - Devas’ Ability

Chapter 1193: Devas’ Ability

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Although Chick still wielded the absolute advantage, it was very odd that Chick, who was nearly invincible among its peers, found it so difficult to deal with a Mythical creature.

Although there weren’t many Devas here, they weren’t rare. The glowing-red Devas weren’t a rare species, so Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised that they could fight Chick to such an extent.

Zhou Wen had already noticed that the problem lay with the Devas’ movement technique. After plenty of observation, Zhou Wen still couldn’t figure out what the strange movement technique was.

As he walked up the mountain path, he quickly saw another glowing-red Deva appear. Chick no longer had its previous spirit. Although the expenditure was nothing to it, fighting glowing-red Devas left Chick somewhat depressed. It no longer charged forward eagerly.

Zhou Wen wanted to figure out what was going on with the glowing-red Devas’ movement techniques, so he summoned two Golden Battle God Halberds and made them fly towards the glowing-red Deva in a pincer attack.

The Golden Battle God Halberd was extremely sharp. Its offensive strength was rather good among Mythical creatures, but they were just too clumsy. The two Golden Battle God Halberds failed to touch the Red-Flow Deva in their pincer attack.

At the same time, a strange scene happened. In the battle, red rust appeared on the Golden Battle God Halberd’s golden body. Furthermore, the red rust increased, making the two originally golden divine weapons look like scrap metal that had been thrown in a pile for years.

Is this the glowing-red Deva’s ability? Zhou Wen’s heart palpitated. He had never seen such an ability. Thankfully, Chick could resist this power; otherwise, the outcome would be unimaginable.


A rusted Golden Battle God Halberd smashed at the glowing-red Deva, but it missed him. Then, it failed to stop in time and smashed into the mountain wall beside him. The Golden Battle God Halberd snapped and Zhou Wen lost a Mythical Companion Beast.

Holy sh*t, what’s going on? Zhou Wen widened his eyes. After all, that was a Mythical creature. To shatter from smashing into a rock was somewhat bizarre.

Now, Zhou Wen finally understood what the antelope meant. It wasn’t that these Devas weren’t strong, but their strength was different from ordinary dimensional creatures.

“What kind of power is this?” Zhou Wen retreated a distance to ensure that he wasn’t affected by the red glow before asking the antelope.

He was ultimately at the Mythical stage. Although he had the strength of the Terror grade, he hadn’t reached the Terror grade. It was best to be careful. Before figuring out what the strange power was, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to be touched.


Before the antelope could answer, the other Golden Battle God Halberd broke due to the excessive rust. It made Zhou Wen feel the pinch of losing two Mythical Companion Beasts.

Although it was relatively easy to have Golden Battle God Halberds drop, and Zhou Wen still had two of them on him, their skills were still pretty good. No one would complain about having too many of the necessary skills in a combined attack.

After the Golden Battle God Halberds died, the glowing-red Deva flew towards Zhou Wen again. Now, looking at the red glow that appeared to be dancing like flowers over her body, Zhou Wen didn’t find it beautiful. He felt horrified.

Not daring to let the glowing-red Deva approach, Zhou Wen summoned Banana Fairy. She blew out a gust of Supreme Yin Wind, freezing the glowing-red Deva in midair before she slammed into the mountain wall. Her body was reduced to ice shards and she died on the spot.

A Companion Egg that suffused a red glow dropped. Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly picked it up and incubated it.

A Mythical Companion Egg wasn’t enough to delight Zhou Wen. However, with this Companion Egg, he could know what stats and skills a Deva had. It would be of great help to his future plans.

Zhou Wen refused to believe that there wasn’t a Terror-grade Deva in a place like this. If he could figure out what the abilities a Terror-grade Deva had before encountering one and the way to restrain them, the danger would be greatly minimized.

With the injection of Essence Energy, the glowing-red Deva Companion Beast transformed into a red stream of light that rushed into Zhou Wen’s body, forming a picture of a Fairy on his shoulder.

Although Zhou Wen had already received some information from the Fairy, he still looked at the mysterious phone’s data. He was more used to getting direct data.

Crimson Deva: Mythical

Life Providence: Deva Blessing

Life Soul: Crimson Body Glow

Wheel of Destiny: Lesser Deva’s Five Signs of Decay

Strength: 63

Speed: 78

Constitution: 62

Essence Energy: 71

Talent Skill: Fairy, Luck, Fortune

Companion Form: Deva Robe

After Zhou Wen had studied all the abilities of the Crimson Deva, he finally understood why Chick had failed to hit her so many times.

Not only was a Crimson Deva’s movement technique good, but what was even more terrifying was that it had powers like Luck, Blessings, and Fortune. Although these abilities didn’t seem to have any offensive power, their effects were definitely terrifying.

As for the Wheel of Destiny ability—Deva’s Five Signs of Decay—became even more ridiculous when combined with abilities like Luck and Fortune.

Deva’s Five Signs of Decay could make an enemy unlucky. Not only would they be unlucky, but they would also age and perish.

With the enemy becoming unlucky, while they enjoyed good luck and fortune, it was obvious how difficult it would be for an opponent to hit them.

Although this Crimson Deva isn’t strong in combat, these skills and abilities are really strong. If skills like Luck and Fortune can be transferred to a combat pet, it will be even better. Zhou Wen finally understood why a Crimson Deva could sometimes dodge attacks in an unbelievable manner. It wasn’t because their movement techniques were good, but because their opponent was unlucky while they were very lucky.

The only pity was that the Luck and Fortune skills of a Crimson Deva were only effective on themselves and wouldn’t affect the people around them.

Everything else is fine. No matter how lucky she is, she won’t be able to dodge area-of-effect attacks. However, this Deva’s Five Signs of Decay is somewhat troublesome, Zhou Wen thought to himself.

Legend had it that Deva’s Five Signs of Decay was an ominous omen before the death of a Deva. It was also divided into a Lesser and Greater Deva’s Five Signs of Decay. Now, it had become the Wheel of Destiny ability of a Deva.

Just the power of the Lesser Deva’s Five Signs of Decay was strange enough. If he encountered a Greater Deva’s Five Signs of Decay or a Terror-grade Deva, perhaps a single Deva’s Five Signs of Decay would plague them with bad luck. They would be unlucky and die without knowing why.

What kind of power can crack the Deva’s Five Signs of Decay? Zhou Wen carefully ran through the list of Companion Beasts he had.

Among the few at the Terror grade, Banana Fairy likely didn’t have a promoting and inhibiting relationship with Deva’s Five Signs of Decay. Ice Maiden was about the same. Jade Rabbit and the Seven Seas Dragon King were most likely going to be inhibited.

There didn’t seem to be any power that could restrain the Deva’s Five Signs of Decay. Truth Listener was the one most likely to inhibit it.

Among Zhou Wen’s few powers, perhaps only the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder was useful.

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